Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini Powell

This is our mini (totally fake) Lake Powell vacation - actually it is at Lake Roosevelt in Arizona. We took our camp trailer and the boat and the Palmer's (Kens sister and boys) and headed to a campground at Roosevelt Lake for a long weekend. Hurricane Dolly gave us some really pretty sunsets!! Luckily our campground had plug-ins and we had A/C or we would have roasted. It is different at Powell because the water is right there to cool off - here we were in a gravel lot and it was HOT!!
Brenn and Jason on the tube - Jason also skied like a demon but since most of us were in the water helping we got no pictures.
Here is Scott he tried and tried to get out of the huge wakes (when you only go 13 mph they are wide and really tall).
Jason, Sonja and Brenn.
Da' Boys!!! Jonny, Nate, Logan, and Dallin - when you camp with 6 boys things are just a little crazy!!! Poor Brenn - only girl and all.

Logan tore it up!! He skied so well I could hardly believe the change from last year!!!Nate did really great too!! He had really rough water and still did well - it is hard when the water is choppy, it feels like you are being beaten up.Brenn is an amazing skier!! She has to watch out for Logan!

Jonny skied like a champion - I got out the camera and Sonja told me to let him warm up - well he really did not need to he skied all over the lake and then rehurt his foot and did not go again!! So no Jonny pictures!!

My little Achmed!! Dallin was so burned he had to cover up - this is how he choose to do that!!Gotta eat!!Our usual Lake Powell trip was a casualty of the gas prices and the catastrophes that have befell the Cole household this summer. This is the first year in about 10 we have not gone to Powell and we are all suffering withdrawal!! I am grateful my kids understand and are up to just about anything we come up with.

Jason could not figure out the camper - he kept waiting for us to put it in the water!!! After all that is how we usually camp at the lake - on the lake!!

I read Mark and Tamara's Blog http://www.thevoiceofashby.blogspot.com/ she talks of school starting. Sonja'a kids started yesterday - thank goodness we still have two weeks. I am a little scared for Brenn to start her senior year - first because !HELLO! last year totally at home and because then Dallin follows so fast!! 2 years and I am down to one!! That is a good argument for more children (well kinda).

I have felt Tamara's pain at what is right for our really bright kids - schools have such great programs to help those who are behind or who learn differently, which is so important. But they do not do alot for those kids who are super smart. We as parents are responsible to figure that out with out a lot of guidance - and of course try to get the little buggers to pay attention and see the same opportunities we see (after about 7th grade they get a mind of their own and then we have to take a back seat and just try to motivate them). I am rambling but mostly kids seem to learn and grow, sometimes in spite of us. We have the world to beat us up we should give ourselves (the mommies) a break and realize if our kids don't live up to their "potential" they will still be really nice and productive people who will supply us with grandchildren to play with! So chin up!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slip 'n' Slide!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Well the boys wanted to slip and slide so they came up with their own version - Lots of tarps and soap and water - what else would be so much fun?! Dallin in a picture of poetic grace!!
There goes Kai - he told me you have to keep your eyes closed or the soap stings!!!
Jake at his best!!
Whoa whoooo!!!!!
Three handsome men!!! They spent so long having fun they are all sunburnt!!! What a fun day. I came home from shopping and Logan had 2 girls in the house - they wanted to slip and slide too, hmmm is that ok with no adult home?? Grandma said she kept an eye on them but I am not sure she is the best chaperone, after all she told Brenn about seven minutes in Heaven!!!