Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kobus and Zara sitting in a tree....

This is Zara - our Rhodesian Ridgeback

This is Kobus - her new boyfriend

Yes, they look really similar. He spent Friday night at our house romancing Zara, although unsuccessfully. He is such a nice dog and was really sweet to our Zara (not sweet enough) so tonight she is staying at his house. We thought maybe he would be more dominant at his house. We want puppies. All the stories I have heard about male dogs jumping the fence and impregnating females seems a little far fetched right now - these two have no clue what they are doing. Of course it is their first time (ours too, for that matter) so a little bit of which end is which is in order. Hopefully nature will take its course.
Brenn and I keep dreaming about puppies - we are a little excited. Ridgebacks tend to have 12-14 puppies (holy cow!!) so if you want one let us know.
Other than that excited news we are all SICK!!! Dallin stayed home all week, Brenn is iffy, and Ken and I have colds. I am ready to be well - its been about 2 weeks - I have stayed in so I don't spread my germs, but I am bored!!
Also my Sister in Law Lisa Cole is doing some hair at my house on the 28th if you are interested, she does great cuts and really great color, just email me and I will get you in touch with her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Is that a word?
Do you lurk?
I do.

I love to peek into peoples lives. See the kids of my cousins, friends and even people I don't know but have been touched by their writing. Does that make me equal to a peeping Tom?

NO! Please no!
I figure its like a year round Christmas letter, I love those.
So I confess - I am a lurker. I look at blogs everyday. I get a little frustrated when my favorites do not post for a month (of course that doesn't apply to my posting because I think maybe 3 people look at my blog and one is not even my mother!). I like pictures! Seeing how much the kids have changed/grown, what is important for the moment and I really like pictures of food. It makes it seem possible that I can continue to cook for my family for the next 30 or 40 years (YIKES!!) without going insane. Mostly I think in this day with my busy schedule, my friends busy schedules, my family's busy schedule, and the distance between us, I can keep up with what is going on without the hours on the phone, or the writing of letters (which I am really bad at, ask my brother who got maybe 2 letters on his mission).
Although I think I creeped out a lady I know when I mentioned something that she posted on her blog...she looked a little uncomfortable and then her blog went private....hmmm. On a side note, how do you ask someone to invite you to their blog? IF it is a good friend usually I get an excited email, kinda like a birth announcement, inviting me to look. But if it is someone who I know is cool, or heard about this great blog and it is private what is the etiquette of asking? When is is considered creepy to ask? Where is Emily Post when I need her?
Just a few thoughts while I have been laying in bed with the flu and had to pull my self up today to catch up on my daily blog reading!!
Here's hoping for better next week.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What kind of driver are you?

When you see this up ahead how do you feel?
Brenn and I were driving to EVIT (more about that later) and we drove thru the cones...she asked how it made me feel...I love it and usually speed up as I go thru (safely, of course) because I love the feel of having the barricades whiz by my head!!! She said it made her feel tense and she did not like it - me I love it - that is the only time I wish my truck was closer to the ground, something about the speed which they go by my peripheral vision which gives me the buzz. So which are you? Brenn made the comment that is why I love roller coaster, I think she is right.

Here is Brenn being honored at EVIT for being the east rotary student of the month, actually I am not sure I would document this here if not for what happened only moments before...

We entered an empty room at the school board meeting and sat in the back (why is that?) as the room began to fill with people and I was sitting next to Miss O'Connor (Brenn's teacher) the marketing lady for EVIT came in and came over to meet us - she looked at me and without even pausing said "Are you Brenn?"

I said, with a big smile on my face, (my 42 yr old face) "No, but Thank You!!"

Then later in the meeting as they recognized Brenn and had her say a few words, they mentioned it again - I really wanted to ask if this was going on the meeting minutes and could I get a copy, but I thought that my be pushing it a little! Of course when I got in the car I had to look in a mirror - yep still flat hair from the day and no make up - maybe the lady needs glasses.

Anywho, Brenn was honored and the Vice Chairwoman came out of the meeting and shook her hand and thanked us for letting Brenn attend EVIT. Really it is such a good program with a wide range of classes - I wonder if I would have done better earning money for college if I had some kind of training. Luckily Brenn has the opportunity to be a licensed massage much better than selling fries!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Formal 2009

Both Brenn and Dallin went to Winter Formal. It is a girl ask guy dance. So Dallin got asked and Brenn had to do the asking. Both went with different groups (Brenn thinks it would be weird to be in a group with Dallin.)

Dallin went will a cute girl named Taylor:
She was really nice and they had a great time.
Dallin was a little nervous getting "pinned."
Looks like it turned out okay.
Brenn asked a boy named Jack, they were not in her usual group and it was kinda fun to meet some of her other friends.
Brenn and Becca - they had so much fun planning the date. Becca's dress looked like Cinderellas dress!
This is Becca's date Josh. They were really fun. After dinner (they tried escargot) they actually danced at the dance for about 2 hours, and then came to our house for a rousing game of Mad Gab....did I mention LOUD?! It was actually fun to lay in bed and hear the laughter.
Zara was helping Brenn put on her shoes!

I don't think the camera did Brenn's dress justice - it was so sparkly and such a great color on her, Lisa came and did her hair - she looked so pretty. On Sunday at church the little girl in front of us just stared at Brenn all during Sacrament meeting, I know it was the sparkles!