Monday, March 30, 2009

Wrestling Banquet

Yes, I am crazy. I was in charge (with Marilee) of the end of the year banquet for the High school wrestling team. All was planned and we had a lovely venue (King's backyard). Even coming up with tables and chairs for 130 was not so bad (for free, of course). I sent letters for money and it showed up. I ordered the food from a local BBQ place and the food was set. Marilee and I made some cute coaches gifts (t-shirts and pillowcases), got lots of pictures printed and hung on the wall. One of the Dads did an awesome job on the DVD (of which I made 25 copies, 1 copy about 15 mins, this took forever) we had a screen, player and even a sound system!

The tables were set, the decorations were great, the Coach was 45 minutes late. Well, actually I knew this was going to happen. There was a freestyle tourney that same day and about 8 of the wrestlers (Dallin included) wrestled, they did not start until after 2pm so I knew 6pm was not possible. However I figured we all would eat and socialize and it would be fine (it was).

What went wrong?! After verifying with the catering guy - I went to pick up the order. I (thinking I was smart) took some of my big coolers to put the food in to keep it hot and not spill BBQ in my truck. I get there pay my bill ($784.44) and they point to these huge pans (8 or 9) and say that's my order. The buns are on a rack I cannot have and the pans are about 30 lbs a piece and HOT. Ok - through the whole crowded restaurant, through the double door they have narrowed to one, through the Saturday crowd of snowbirds (retirees who winter in AZ), into the parking lot and down 1 store to my truck, heft the weight on the side of the truck and balance so does not fall, open door, open cooler and try to fit the huge pan in said cooler - no dice, balance weighty pan on side of truck again, haul both coolers in to bed of truck, open door, put first pan into truck, head back through the crowd at door to get next pan, repeat! At no time did any of the staff help, only when I was down to 2 pans and taking up the last available table did two guys who work for Southwest ambulance help!! Yes, I am going to call and complain today. He should at least have warned me to bring some help.

So now I am late - a little frantic and I have to drive CAREFULLY! Not my best. I speed. I know it is bad and yet.....

I arrive at the banquet and get HELP to carry all the food. We get it set up and I am filling a pitcher so I can fill the chaffing dishes - water is slow (did I mention the speed thing?) so I grab the sprayer to see if maybe it is faster, yes way faster, turn off the water, return the sprayer and get the food on, come back to the sink to wash my hands.....full in the chest I get the great sprayer! Water everywhere, what else is there to do but laugh.

I froze the rest of the night. Luckily, I brought a jacket and I was wearing 2 shirts - one light and gauzy so you really couldn't tell my undershirt, and underwear and Bra were very wet. Oh well that was the only bad thing that happened - the rest went really well. Except lots of leftovers! I bring it home to bag up and freeze (concession stand on Saturday) and go to open the 3rd pan of meat leftover and it was the BBQ sauce - we could not figure out why it wasn't included - another thing to complain about - should have told me what was what!!

I am tired! I am taking today, which is Celcee* day (my favorite) and relaxing (with 2 sick kids) and going to Jens to play.

* Celcee is my house cleaner, she comes everyother Monday with her sister Melee and her cousin and they clean from top to bottom, is it any wonder it is my favorite day?

Monday, March 23, 2009


No I did not release any captives taken over spring break. I got the release from Young Women's (this is the youth group from church, girls ages 12-18). I have not had another calling in this ward except for YW. Did I mention I have lived in this ward for 6 years? Now I have been shuffled a bit between Beehives (12-13) and Mia Maids (14-15), in and out of the presidency, but this is all I have known. I think I have been to Relief Society maybe 10 times in 6 years and I am not too sure how I feel about that. I am sad to leave the girls, most I have had in class at one time or another, and some have had me almost the whole time they have been in YW, but I was getting tired of some of the old lessons I have given about 12 times in my life (always love the choosing a vocation or Preparing for change).

So on to new stuff - they changed the RS Presidency too........

Nope - my friend I worked with in YW is the new President.

Me - I get to teach Sunday School to the 13 yr olds. Logan is in this class. I am excited. It will still let me love on some of my current YW and yet introduce me to teaching BOYS!! Do you think I still need a tablecloth? Picture of the Savior? I finally made my own YW bag about 2 months ago - to fit a framed picture of the Savior, easel, notebook, Scriptures, and assorted things need for object lessons - now what? I have a skinny manual (I use the online stuff anyway) and only my scriptures now. I guess I will figure it out.

Such peace and quiet at my house today. All kids went to school. Although at the wrap party for spring break I got an award for Best Mom. My house is a mess - the back patio is worse and the half pipe is not done yet. I guess we will see what happens this week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Spring Break!!

Every day so far there has been a passel of kids at our house - it starts about noon and they have made food assignments (yesterday hot dogs, today hamburgers). Notice the foreman grill - yes, this is Spencers Christmas present and they are having a ball.

My backyard and kitchen look like heck!! My great house cleaner was here on Monday and she and her sister came today for a massage. I was embarrassed that the clean did not last! Celcee was done with her massage and then she did my dishes!!! I told her to sit and enjoy but she couldn't. She is such a great help to me. I would go with out cable before I would go without Celcee!!

Our pool is cloudy - too many bodies and not enough chlorine! It is winter you know, the water is really cold, of course it is about 88 degrees today.

I really have enjoyed having all the kids here - they are nice and polite, it makes you realize our future is in good hands.

Monday, March 16, 2009

SPRING BREAK at the Cole House!!

This is what is going on at our house this week! Lots of sun tanning with boys in speedos (why, I have no idea!!)

By the time I got home from helping my neighbor there were about 8 guys and a couple of girls in the front yard having a great time. My sweet neighbor bought them pizza and 4 pizzas were gone in about 3 minutes.

The pool is really COLD!! I told Dallin that Zara (our dog) doesn't trust me around the pool because I keep trying to get her to swim. I pushed him in - Spencer (his 'twin") was already in because I dared him.

All the while the kids were outside - they filed in one by one to get a free massage from Brenn. She has to make up hours for her class and so if you are in the neighborhood and would like a FREE massage (tips are welcome) just stop by or give us a call.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Grandma

This is my Grandma Young. Mildred Frances Hamilton Young - Born December 9, 1919 in Sligo, Colorado. On the prairie or dry land, in the middle of a snow storm, in her parents bed.

She lives at our house. What a blessing the last 4 years have been for our family. How else do you teach 3 teenagers to serve someone.

My earliest memories of my Grandma (Gram) are of crafts, and sleeping on the floor in the living room in silky sleeping bags she made. Chicken and noodles, and Super Sugar Pops (I hated but ate because she always bought them for us as a treat). The candy dish between the lazyboys (black licorice for Grandpa - yuck) and playing cards for hours. Dean (my brother) cheating at Uno by sitting my Grandma in front of the china cabinet that had mirrors lining the back. Playing in the ditch in the back yard and building the tree house with my Grandpa. Gram always had feather pillows, and hot pink feathers for crafts - I love feathers - in my previous life I would pick out the soft fuzzy ones and with my thumb in my mouth, rub the feather up against my nose (until I was 12 and at a slumber party, talk about scarred for life.)

When I was in 4th grade my Dad retired from the military and we moved to Grand Junction, Colorado where my Grandparents lived. We even got to live with them while our house was being built. I graduated from the same high school as my Mom, and they all knew my Gram. My wrestling coach (I was the manager) was my Mom's high school boyfriend, my Grandparents practically raised him and he still comes to visit her. Because we lived so close we got to spend the night (except for Ryan who would never stay) and play in the camper, go to the dairy for ice cream, and watch movies late into the night (this was before VHS, when you watched whatever was on the 5 channels that came thru the rabbit ears.) My Gram came to my gymnastic meets in Jr high, my cheering in high school, and even the Mormon events that were important (ie: Roadshows, and talent contests.)

I am so LUCKY!!!

When I was a teenager and my sister was getting married we took my Gram to the open house at the Jordan River temple so she could see where Kelly (my sister) was getting married. I distinctly remember her telling me how disappointed she was she could not be there and how I wouldn't ever do that to her. I told her I would do that to her and the only way she could be at my wedding was to become a Mormon. Alas, she never did, but she has such a strong testimony of God and Jesus Christ and the Bible. She has been a big part of my life. Such a strong influence for good and an example on how to have fun and still meet your responsibilities. Although she did all of the flowers for my wedding and enjoyed the little program we had just for her right before the reception started.

Even now in the twilight of her life, when her memory is not so great and her ability to reason is not so good, her sense of humor is intact. She is right on, great timing and we always laugh. I think I get my irreverent humor from her. I know my body came from her!! I am shaped exactly like her.

Here are my Grandparents dressed for a Halloween party. They were such fun, my grandpa would sneak up behind you and growl on your neck. My Gram could make anything, copy, invent, whatever.

I think this is at their 40th wedding anniversary. Aren't they cute?!
I am so grateful my kids have gotten to know her better. When someone lives at your house there are not many secrets. When I yell at my kids she just laughs and says she is glad shes done and now it is my turn. Sometimes when I could strangle a child its her that defused the situation.
One great story:
Dallin had longer, shaggy hair, as did my nephew who lives across the street. They were reluctant to have a haircut, so my brother Dean offered $50.00 if he could buzz their hair. Dallin, who was not as attached to his hair as Kai, thought about it for about a second and said
So off came the hair, he also got paid for his lawn mowing job. So in he comes waving $75.00 talking about how rich he is, and my Gram tells him to be careful with all that money or someone might take it. Dallin, being 14, and rather smart alecky replied,
"Like who?"
To which my Gram said,
and she snatched all $75.00 and put it in her 'bank' (her bra has been her bank for as long as I can remember). I wish I could have taken a picture of Dallins face. My sister in law Kirsten (and Kai's mom) was sitting there and we almost died laughing. Gram just looked at him and said,
"now what are you going do?"
It was priceless and typical Gram. She did give the money back, although Dallin was a little leery of touching it because it was, you know, in Gram's bra. I loved it and her!
What a blessing to care for someone you love and you have felt unconditional love from your whole life. I really wanted my kids and grand kids to know what a tremendous lady she is and was. How much she influenced my choices, but mostly that she was the perfect Grandma for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Very Weighty Matter.

Do you shower with music or without?

Like I said, very weighty - I for one shower with, today Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have indoctrinated my children (if you ever knock on the door, no one answers, and there is music blowing off the roof we are in the shower, except Ken).

It all started in Jr high. Our science teacher let us play music during our study time, you were allowed to bring a cassette tape to play in his player. I realized everyone in the whole world played music but me (it was Jr high). Luckily, I got a clock radio for Christmas (Thanks Linda and Jerry) and I played the radio all the time (KEXO am, no fm on this radio). Pretty soon I took it to the bathroom and started to play it while I showered - a doctrine created. Yes that below is the clock radio and I still have it and it still works, unfortunately am radio around here is all Spanish music.

Of course it changed over the years, I got a portable tape player a few Christmases later and would place it next to the radio and record the songs I wanted to replay. Then I would just have the tape player in the bathroom with my "mixed" tape. As I got into High School my parents actually bought a stereo, recording became easier because the tape player was attached to the radio and my brother yelling no longer showed up during the songs. The only problem was it boosted the volume to a level (while recording) that my father hated (also made them listen to Physical by Olivia Newton-John and got it banned from my play list). But I could now buy records (black vinyl round things) and record them for my bathroom enjoyment (BeeGees were really played alot). I did learn that Kmart records are exactly like records bought at the expensive record store in the mall, but that is a story for another time.

I bought my first tape when I worked at the Fun Junction (some would call it an amusement park - we called it child labor camp) for $2.25/ hour, that tape cost me 3 hours of work, but Russ Johnson said he liked it and I was willing to do anything (with in reason) to have something in common with Russ Johnson! Styx - Paradise Theater played in my bathroom for months. No, I didn't understand the references to cocaine and drug use, I just loved to sing along (still do).

All through college my roommates either joined up or I'm sure hated it. Ken just thought it was weird. Twenty, almost, one years later it is still going on and most of the teenagers in the house do it too soo...

All mothers of little children, if you want to like your teenagers music, teach them to like yours! Brenn knows more 80's music than she does modern music. IF your children are a hard sell just buy Guitar Hero - all of our rock music and they want to know more. Dallin came home saying he heard this "new" group AC/DC and wanted to download (my Jr high self wished it had been so easy) some of their music - Ken and I obliged and introduced him to "Big Balls". They need to learn the important things at home with the correct supervision, Right?! I am sure my Grandma who sleeps next to our den was wondering why at midnight we were laughing hysterically and playing music really loud but...teaching is important.

The bonus to music in the shower and as I get ready, is I count the time I dance and move as my 30 minutes of exercise for the day! (sorry Jenny) And nobody gets to see it and make fun (Ken is usually at work, and he likes it anyway).

As I post Brenn got in the shower...with music!! Sounds like Taylor Swift.

A note to my posterity: Yes your grandma was a little nuts, but she inherited it from her grandma...more on that later...and you get some of the DNA too!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cloudy Day

There is just something about a cloudy day. First, this is Arizona, not too many cloudy days. Second, rarely do cloudy days last all day. Well today is cloudy and I love soup for dinner, specifically potato soup. A little cheese, a little bacon, some really good bread and

Of course I do not like to cook so my soup comes from Costco, my family would not eat well without pre-made food from Costco. But you can only find this soup at the business Costco in downtown Phoenix (27th ave. & Indian School). The soup comes frozen, if you eat soup at a restaurant most liking it is the frozen soup from Costco. Dump it in a crock pot add 2 qts water and let to cook for a few hours - what could be easier or tastier.
Now don't get me started on how fun the business Costco is...I love to wander in it. All kinds of kitchen gadgets, restaurant equipment, vending food, Gatorade in cases of just one kind (instead of having to make your kids drink the one color they don't like), and many more things. It used to be really scary to visit the business Costco because it was in the rear of a closed down shopping center, lots of pan handlers and creepy guys, but now there is the biggest Mexican grocery store and several shops have opened up, so its not so bad now.
Still Cloudy!! Maybe it will last until dinner.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Post

Random post today - probably not 25 things tho - that's too much pressure.

First - is it really bad to turn on your A/C in February? I know this may be hard for those of you in the colder climes but... really it was too hot to sleep (82) so I got up and flipped the switch from heat to cool - Its still THERE!! It was 87 yesterday. I love this weather - not too hot and not to cold.

Next - I found these at Costco - 120 calories for 9 crackers - I can't seem to stop at 9 but...

I have been sick to my stomach for 3 weeks - anything that sounds good I try because food is not too attractive right now - so I tried these (I am soooo tired of saltines) they are FABULOUS!!!!

If you meet me and I smell like garlic....

Next - I should comment on this blog because she is the one that started me thinking but I am not sure I could add anything she or her commenter's haven't said and I don't want to repeat. I will just bore you and my posterity.


are my mountain - not even my headaches (which are bad enough) but the headaches of my beloved daughter. They are squishing her. Keeping her from meeting her potential. Hurting her, hurting her Dad and I. She is the most amazing thing - she has always been that way. When she was little and people would compliment her to me I would just say "she came that way!" And she did - she was a complete "arrow" from the get go. And I can't launch her into the world because she is unable to manage it. Now on one hand, I like that she still needs me at 18 - but on the other, she is such a capable person, so together, she would do well on her own and find all the fun, painful, lessons I learned on my own. So how do we get past this "mountain"?

I don't know!

Ok - on to better thoughts!! Logan - he is an animal!! He wrestling intramurals for his Jr High, and doing the freestyle club. This means that on Mon and Tues he stays after school until 5 pm or so to practice wrestling with his Jr High team - he then rides his bike to the High school and helps teach the grade school kids wrestling. Then he has freestyle practice from 6:30 - 8:00 and then he rides home, has dinner, does homework and goes to bed. On Wed he has piano lessons and scouts. On Thursday he has intramural matches and on Saturday he has freestyle tournaments. Not to mention keeping his room clean and mowing the front yard. How is that for a 13 yr old?! He is loving every minute. Luckily intramurals only lasts a month so he should not get too tired.

Guess I should brag on Dallin a little too - We got the pictures of the wrestling team...only he was allowed to smile. His nickname is Smiley - most of the kids don't even know his name is Dallin. The parent ask who my child is - when I say "Dallin" they look at me funny, because there is another Dallin on the team and we look nothing alike (I guess) - then I say "Smiley" and they all go "OOHH!!" we love him! So he is the only one allowed to smile - every one else looks tough. Poor Dallin - Jethro is still giving him fits - but he is learning a good skill (auto mechanics). I think he is tired of it - I know I am!!

I did get an email from Dallins English teacher telling me how much she likes Dallin, how smart he is and that she enjoys him in her class. That is such a nice thing to hear, even when they are 17!!

I think that is it!! My random post. I would like to post more - I seem to have a hard time coming up with something (until I start anyway). I will get better.