Thursday, June 18, 2009

At least 3 Blackberrys thick!

Is this a stack of bills? NO. A stack of newspapers? NO A stack of school work? NO

This is the stack of houses I have looked at!!

Seriously! My poor mom - its a good thing she is my Real Estate Agent because no other person would show me every house! (secretly we just really like to look at houses together.)

But I think we found them - yes I said them. We found a few houses yesterday that were good but kinda alot of money (isn't that the way it goes). But were driving by this one (its not even on the MLS yet) and it had a lock box so of course we are game. It is good. 3 bedrooms, 2 updated bathrooms, a pebble tech pool, and a decent kitchen. But it is kinda small. The second one is huge - 5 bedrooms (4 really big ones and one teeny tiny one) 3 bathrooms and a nice yard, not as close to ASU as I would like but its about 3 blocks to the free bus (as opposed to 3 houses with the first one). Big difference in PRICE though. Except it really works out to about $65 a month in house payment - more girls in the bigger house and lots of more room, about double.
What to do....well you offer on both and see what happens!! With our luck we will get both and then have to decide. If that happens I may just detail it out here and you all can VOTE!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Logan's Dream

I must preface this post with a few facts:

My family - Father and siblings - have always had very vivid, usually strange dreams. Lots of de ja vu - and even some really creepy ones. I do not watch horror movies for that reason alone.

This I have passed on to my children. We have always enjoyed the mornings of relating the past nights dreams, all except poor Ken who never remembers his dreams, we think this is really sad.

A few months after Ken and I were married I had a really, really real dream that he took a second wife (a friends wife in fact (she was tall and I am short there in lies the insecurity) yes that is you Clarissa) with out telling me!! I came home from work to find out it was a done deal - did I mention my dreams are REALLY vivid? I woke up mad and hitting my husband - it literally took a couple of days to forgive him. Over the last 21 years he has gotten use to me waking up mad because he was a JERK in my dream - eventually I am able to separate the dream state from reality, well mostly.

This brings on the reason for my post. Logan (14) came to me last night just hopping up and down to tell someone his 'really cool dream'. Now I am used to this but immediately I knew this dream was different. He had a really big smile, not the usual confusion, and he told me he had been dying to tell someone about what happened in his dream. I am going to copy out of his journal so it is in his words - it's just that cool of a dream.

"The part I remember is that I'm with a group of people and we are on this golden cloud. I am the same age as I am now. I'm talking to my friends Jackson Buntrock and Rachael McCue, they are the only ones there that I know. Its not a very big group and the golden cloud we were waiting on was kind of like a waiting room. There were chairs everywhere and people from everywhere around the world. Jesus calls me up and I get interviewed. I do not remember any of the questions or anything. The next thing I do remember is I get passed and then Rachael and then Jackson. I leave them and go looking for my great grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Petersen and Grandma Cole and to meet Grandpa Cole. Then I got woken up. I was smiling during the whole dream. I felt love everywhere. It was the one of the most amazing experiences of my life."

When he was telling me I asked a few questions.

"Were you nervous to interview with Jesus?"
"No, I was excited."

"How do you know you passed?"
"Mom, Jesus loves me, of course I passed."

Then he told me his friend Rachael is not Mormon, but she passed. Then he said, "Well, she is a really great person."

We then had the conversation about how we are ALL Gods children and He wants all of us to be with him. His did not make the supreme sacrifice for only those chosen few, I know He made it for everyone everywhere.

I was also touched that he was searching out his Great Grandparents, that he knows they will be there waiting and happy to see him.

After I encouraged him to write it down - I only copied the dream, he wrote 5 pages about this experience. What a lucky, lucky, really blessed boy I have.

As I am writing this post - and helping Brenn find bagels in the freeze - she tells me of her dream last night. Aaron Beihl (a boy she dated and is not person non grata) she is at his house doing something with his dad and they have Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies too - one with a pink collar that looks just like Stella (her puppy she is keeping) and but with a really strange name and she was suspicious they had stolen our puppies. That is normal for our house.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do you know who John Connor is??!!!!

I have a confession to my posterity....I love Science Fiction. Particularly movies and television shows.

One of my Favorite of all time is the Terminator movies - yes I know they are action packed and a little violent. I got hooked in the early 80's with the first one and have really enjoyed the series (including the Sarah Connor Chronicles on tv). Last night we


went to see the Terminator Salvation (I was so relieved it was not rated R, since the first one I have repented and not watched R rated movies (yes, I had to wait for T3 to show on tv)) for family home evening. Yes, we are stellar parents. Actually we planned it and all three kids ditched us. So Ken and I went ahead with the plan not knowing you have to have 3 in your party to get the family night discount at the local theater. Oh well, I thought it was worth it.

What a great movie!!

Ok - I know critically the story was under developed and not too much plot but the homage paid to the previous movies was spectacular!! I really enjoyed the whole movie - Ken was kind to me and let me laugh and explain the parody's. Really, I believe the director, MCG, who ever that is must love the other movies as much as I did (ok T3 was not as good).

I could go on to describe the little details used from the other movies but I won't bore you - but "I'll be back" someday and I will rent all 4 - download the clearplay edits - and make my children watch a marathon!! WHEEE!!!

Loved IT!!

PS - yes I watch Sci-fi channel all day on Saturday while I clean and iron just to see the movies!!

PSS - Yes - you are related to me!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Logan to D.C.

Logan went to Washington D.C. for a school trip. They had a ball!
He was very impressed by the monuments especially Arlington Cemetery

They were there over Memorial Day and I know it made a big impression on military service and sacrifice. He knows my Dad spent 20 years in the Air Force and My Uncle Rick served 2 tours in Vietnam. He told me the Wall memorial was a sacred place and it bothered him that some of the other groups were not as reverent as he thought they should be, what a great kid!!

Logan and FDR

He told me he needed at least another week to see all he wanted to see. He went with a group called Close up and they had kids from about 5 other states in their group too.
What a great experience for him!!

This is for Shelly - look I am finishing up old business.

My Front Bathroom is done! Isn't it beautiful?

This is my tile Guy - Dominic - poor Brenn she was gone most of the time he was here!
This is the downstairs shower - it is almost finished too!

Does this look like a tired nursing mother? She really doesn't let them nurse much anymore because they are so big and greedy! Isn't this the cutest thing?!! They are growing even faster than my boys! The sleep of the innocent! They are not so innocent when they are awake, they have sharp little teeth and are ferocious on any bare toes.Most of my pictures are blurry - they are constantly on the move!
If you are interested the puppies will be ready to go in about 2 weeks. There are only boys available (for $500).
My house still hates me. On Tuesday as we were leaving the wind whipped and took a good part of my shingles with it! I cannot believe this last year. I just keep thinking that pretty soon it will all be new and I won't have to worry about it anymore.