Monday, November 23, 2009

Does your Husband read your Blog?

I wondered about other Husbands.
I know Brad sometimes comments on Jenny's blog, so he must read it sometimes.

My husband does not read my blog.


Well except once, when he thought I put an increminating picture his friend Wade talked him into when we were dating. He strongly impressed upon me that he would be very unhappy to find that posted to the internet.

Maybe someday when I am sure he will never check it and it will come with a pledge from all readers not to tell him.

But back to my query, Does your husband read your blog?

Should this hurt my feelings? I guess if I have to ask, probably not. But doesn't he want to know what is rolling around in my head during the course of a day?
At least 5 others (those who commented on my last post) want to know, so why doesn't he?

Or maybe its because he calls me everytime he is driving somewhere (yes, he is hands free in his cell phone calling) so he already gets enough of Karen.

How about you, Does your husband read your blog?

PS - I took this with my phone (My husband left the camera at work) so it is a funny color, but I wanted to show how much Stella has grown. She is the one with the green collar.

What a sweet picture.
Remember she is only about 7 months old!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying to get in the Christmas Spirit

As I was wondering around the Christmas section in my local Fry's Super Center. I browsed through the new and old Christmas music and there it was...



to bring that special feeling into my home.

'Nuff Said!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's the deal with my counter??!!

Disclaimer: I have a headache - I have had a worst one this last week - this is crappy and I am on a lot of drugs today (prescription and safe) but if this is a little "out there" (more than normal) just enjoy the ride!

What is up with my counter?

I have counter envy. I will admit. When I visit another blog and the counter is in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (see me green) I wonder if they are more special than me.

And then one day, yes literally one day my counter went from the mid 2000's to the mid 12,000's. I thought "WOW" I must be catching on, what I say and how I say it is better than I think it is and my writing skills must not be as bad as all my English teachers said (only if I really believed that, I know Jenny and Sue must cringe).

But alas, my counter for the following month has been as normal as it was before the jump. So this leads me to conclude (remember the medication) that all counters are flawed. Except of course NieNie and C jane of course because they have been on Oprah and you know what that does to book sales, is it any wonder it would raise their readership?

Even though I am, of course, witty and funny, I really believe my counter shorted out for a minute (maybe just to make me feel good) but I still have only a few readers, love you all, but now I think I will just have comment envy because you just cannot rely on the counters to be accurate.

PS: I will not download a new counter because that would reset to 0, and at least if a new person actually reads my blog I will look more popular than I am (yes, I know, just like High School!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blue Men

At our lovely Mountain View High School football games the wrestlers dress up as the
Blue Men
as a way to show school spirit. Remember this is Arizona so although it is not super hot it is not that cold either. Usually it is only Seniors and occasionally Juniors that are considered and the Coach picks who gets to be the Blue men for the game and Dallin got to finally dress for success in BLUE! Don't you think the blue sets off his hair?

He is of course the 'S' in TOROS -
S for Smiley,
which is his nickname. Most of the kids and parents do not know his name is Dallin. He was christened Smiley the summer before his Sophomore year by the wrestling team because they went to a miserable camp, they had to camp for a week in the football field of a school in Colorado. It rained for 4 out of the 5 days. The food was terrible and they all lost like crazy. Not a fun camp, but through it all Dallin kept smilin', hence the nickname Smiley.Tate (the kid on the cliff) was the T and assorted other wrestlers fill in the letters. The boys do push-ups on a board held overhead when the team scores.At the end of the night instead of being able to shower - the paint clogs the drains - they had to hose off with the garden hose.
BBBRRRRR!! Dallin and Mason waiting for the team to come back at halftime doing an Irish jig. Wish I had the video camera with me!!

Dallin is a great son and I am sad/excited for him to graduate this year. His mission is not that far away, boy does the time fly!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween Picture and Brenn's Art Project

This is Stella - one of Zara's puppies - not the best picture but she is enormous!! 6 months old and as tall as her mom, she does not quite have Zara's width but I really think she will be bigger than her mom! She is trouble! She can get to
on the counter and will eat what ever is in reach. She loves Grandma and her morning toast, she lays her head on Grandma's lap until she gets a bite. Pretty soon she will just raise up and steal all the toast!!

I am a failure as a mother because I did not get pictures of all the kids and their costumes. Brenn and Ashley were by far the cutest!

Brenn and I were hunting for her costume (she is the Cheshire Cat) she told me something pink and purplee, preferable with stripes, cute but not slutty. I find the perfect dress, turn it around and it has a zipper right up the front!! A little slutty but so perfect we bought it anyway!
Found the perfect tights, great pink shoes, and purple cat ears! Check out Ashley's boots, they crafted a costume around them because they were too good to pass up!

Logan went as the Hungry Howie's pizza delivery guy - we had pizza delivered and POW great idea, sorry no picture.
Dallin and his friends worked most of the afternoon and evening on their costumes and I went to bed before they finished so no picture either.

Brenn had to do a project demonstration different lighting techniques. Most of the kids used a marble, but Brenn thought that was boring so she used one of her old eyes instead.

Seems to match Halloween just a bit!

Post Edit: For those who do not know my darling daughter Brenn, she had cancer when she was 9 mos old and lost her right eye to that beast. Between Cryotherapy and Radiation her left eye was saved and surprisingly enough, she has really good vision from that. So her right eye is fake. I know you can't tell, well I can, but most people can't tell the difference. All of her life she had been proud, not embarrassed of her fake eye, boy do we have stories, someday I will recount the best of them. But that is where the prop came from for her fun art project.