Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bored yet??

Are your children already bored with their Christmas gifts? Apparently mine are because here is the fun they have cooked up tonight.....

Really, Jenny gave us some saran wrap when they went to Lake Powell with us YEARS ago and finally I let the children play with it. They have stuck people to light posts and trees. They have used it and used it but finally tonight we finished the roll!

I guess it is true when they say the best toys are the box it came in and the stick from the backyard.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here is a copy of our Christmas letter and our Picture.

The Cole Family
By Dallin
This has been an exciting year for our family. We have gone on a few trips this year and spent a lot of quality time as a family. First we went to Yellowstone and had lots of fun smelling sulfur pits and watching water boil. We also went to Lake Powell and had a great time there. Kai, Tate, and Myself all got stuck on a cliff for a few hours. It had a nice lovely view of the water 150ft below. Tate now has an exercise movie out called “Great Calves in 5 hours” based in this experience. Our third trip was to Disneyland, California Adventures, and Six Flags. That was a blast! We had sooo much fun on X-2! It was so nuts that I can’t wait to go back with my physics class next year.
Other than being kind of a dufus, Logan has been doing pretty well this year. He is a freshman, and has kept himself busy with sports. He played tennis during the fall season this year and did pretty well. He has also been wrestling. He is doing really well. He won the city title for his weight class in eighth grade. He also was sixth in the state for his age group in freestyle. So far on the Poston team he is undefeated. He also went to Washington D.C. with the Close up Foundation, and saw many of the cool sites in our nation’s great capital.
I have had a great senior year so far. Besides being a boss, I have kept busy working hard on the wrestling team. We have a great team this year and should do really well in state. I have done a lot in the past year. One of the big things was the week of chill and grills during spring break. It was a lot of fun and we all got great tans. I went to a wrestling camp over the summer with my team and had a lot of fun. I was also in a little rock band for a little bit but it didn’t work out and I got kick out. I took culinary arts this semester and cooked a lot of tasty food. I had a blast and hope to do more cooking in my own kitchen. I also got an awesome Toyota Corolla. It’s a stick shift and I really enjoy driving it.
Brenn graduated this last school year, and is know going to ASU! She is having a lot of fun being a COLLEGE STUDENT!!! She also got a new car, a Jeep Liberty, and she loves it. She is taking some art class and has made some really cool projects. She graduated from massage therapy school in May, and loves having that job skill. She moved into Grandma and Grandpa Cole’s house while they were in Utah, and loved living on her own, but now is back here with us. Her headaches are improving (hurray!) and she is slowing starting to not be afraid of her Single’s Ward and RM’s in general.
Mom and Dad are getting OLD, but they don’t think so. They have been doing good. Mom has had a lot to do chasing kids, puppies, and grandma. Mom loves teaching Logan’s Sunday school class. She also writes a great, entertaining blog ( My favorite part is the cinnamon rolls every Tuesday for me and my friends. Dad has really enjoyed working with the teachers at church. He works at AECOM and enjoys what he does. He got to work on the spaceport in New Mexico.
All in all, our family has had a great year and are hoping to have a better one next year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And its six days until Christmas

I started out this morning feeling pretty good about my Christmas list. I actually felt like I was a little ahead and have the rest of the week planned so I just have to do a little each day to be ready for the

I got up a little late due to the fact that my son and his buddies were really noisy when leaving at 6:30am to go snowboarding in Flagstaff (about 130 miles away.) So I slept a little longer.

I planned to go and sew with my friend Shelly - she has company coming for Christmas and wanted to make some PJ pants for all the kids. Due to my long friendship with Jenny, I always make my kids a pair of PJ pants for Christmas and thought going to Shelly's was a clever way to hide my sewing and sewing with a friend is always super fun. Unfortunately I am a lame brain and told Shelly to wrong amount of fabric to buy and now she has to go back to the fabric store. But mine are done. Sorry Shelly.

Came home to spend the next 3 hours catching up on my ironing. Whew - I hate it when I let it pile up. During which I got a telephone call from Dallin, in Flagstaff, telling me they locked the keys in the truck and could we just "bring" him the spare set.
I love the Internet for the ability to look up a locksmiths in Flagstaff, have them quote me prices on how much it would be to rescue my teenage son. $80.00 Good thing we already had our Christmas or I might be panicking. Locksmith finally finds child (whose cell phone is INSIDE the truck) and they are on the way home. They waited until 2 to call since it takes about 2 hours to get to Flagstaff and the lifts close at 4. No need to leave early for one little hiccup.

Later in the day....Logan and his friends are playing Judge - a hide and seek game they made up a couple years ago and still the kids gather to play. I am wrapping presents. I take a break in the restroom. I hear the crash of glass. Do you know it is possible to finish that business in less than 3 seconds when one is inspired? Ran out to check Grandma first, Dog knocking over Christmas tree 2nd (since she has done that once so far, eaten 4 glass ornaments, my angel we bought our first Christmas and assorted other keepsake ornaments) and finally the children running around in the dark outside. Results, Brenn's window is broken. Thanks Dakota. Luckily he is fine, no blood or cuts, but now I need a new window.

Well its now 11:30pm and Ken is still at work, all the kids are OUT and I am recording this for the future (and to get sympathy comments.)

On the plus side, Brenn is finally getting better. The new medicine (the one we can get, anyway) seems to be helping. Not only is she sleeping like the dead, but she is eating better and I think over all feeling alot better. YEAH!!

And yesterday I got a mystery Christmas card from a name I did not recognize in Avondale, Az. As far as I knew I did not know anyone there but to my utter delight it was one of the couples we sold a puppy to (Handsome Rob who is now Hank) with pictures and all. It really made my day. He is HUGE. As big as I think Stella is he is bigger and just beautiful. I also got a story about Emmett, who we sold to a guy Mike, who works in office. Emmett got the garage door open while Mike was at work and jumped on top of the car. The car is a convertible. He went right through and got stuck in the car for the day. I am sure one day Mike will laugh, too bad it rained for the next two days. Luckily for this breed, they are so sweet and have such personality it is easy to wait for them to mature.
Well I feel better now and hope you enjoyed the post.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dallin and the reason I am so busy!

You may think I am busy like a bee (or a Santa) but no, I have been so busy this week I didn't even know Brenn


my blog until today. Sad, Sad, to be so behind in my blog reading.

I had a birthday and I thank all those who wished me a Happy Day - it was. We did at least get our trees up. Ken and I spent the previous weekend in New Mexico at a wrestling tournament with Dallin and the team. I did have to take one kid to the ER but it turned out OK and he even wrestled last night. Apparently he was too worried Logan would take his spot!

We got home and taught Sunday School and Priesthood - had a birthday dinner fixed by my great Mother in Law and then off and running for the week.

My Grandma turned 90 yesterday (more on that later) and we had a quiet luncheon for her. I should have been home preparing but instead I got a call from one of the coaches at 7am (remember I get up at 8:30am) telling me I needed to take Dallin to the ER for stitches and to be checked out for a concussion.

I thought to myself,

"Self, they were just checking weight this morning. Why did they have to mess around too?"

When I got there and found out that really Dallin had been talking to Coach Murdoch for about 20 minutes. I mean to say Coach was lecturing Dallin for about 20 minutes and Dal locked his knees and passed out. When he passed out he had his hands in his pants pockets and hit a table on the way down and look - it actually kinda looks like a Toro! I guess Coach Murdoch is really boring!!

The hospital employees kept telling him he was cutting weight - he really isn't. He maintains about 137lbs without much effort. Really he just locked his knees and comes from a family who is prone to passing out. Just ask Andrew (he caught Brenn this summer at ASU, great story, much embarrassment for Brenn, lots of giggles for me).

Anyway here are the pictures of yesterdays complication for my day.

Look how big the bump is! This is last night after the wrestling match (no he did not wrestle). But I was still in charge of the snack bar, so I figured he could help out there. He is out for a week, until the stitches come out and then he has to have it taped up to keep it from splitting open.
Like my brother said,
"It is never boring!"
Logan wrestled last night for Poston too. He won, but the kid he beat was seriously the chubbiest 112 pounder I have EVER seen. I had to ask the coach if he really made weight!
So far Logan is undefeated this season. So great to see them do well.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Today is Mom's birthday, and so I'm back to hack into her blog again! She is such a great friend and example to me, and I want to make sure she knows how much I love and appreciate her.

Here's the picture she was looking for yesterday -- aren't we cute!? Happy Birthday Momma -- I love you!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving ETC...

Warning: Picture overload!! Too cheap to buy hats we just posed in the store - I think its great for the Christmas card don't you?
So as you can probably tell we spent Thanksgiving at Disneyland and Six Flags. What a weekend! We got up a 3am on Thanksgiving and drove to Disneyland, spent the entire day and evening there and then checked into our hotel at about 11:30pm. Got up the next morning and spent the day at Disney. We did take a break, rest, eat at a normal priced restaurant and then closed down the park. The Fireworks and Fastasmic are amazing. I really do love to go to Disneyland, but not necessarily with my closest million friends!

Us on Splash Mountain.

The end of Small World. If it could only be that easy.

The Castle was beautiful. It changed colors as the fireworks went off and the music changed.
- can they come and decorate (then come and clean it all up) at my house?

Nothing as boring as California Screamin......

Aren't we all just cute?

Eating our Turkey legs - I cannot find the one of Brenn and I. It must be on her camera. This is my SIL Shelly and her girls. We spent a day at Disney and then Magic Mtn with them - what fun. Allison - the one on the right - is a super rollercoaster rider now!
On the coaster at California Disney.

Why does Dallin have to make that face? Of course I am my usual photogenic self.
We had a ball - super tired when we got home - but it was so fun to spend that time with our kids.
We rode all of the extreme rollercoasters at Magic Mountain.
When they say EXTREME they are not kidding!

Who thinks up these things? Better yet, Why do I feel the need to ride every single one?
Love it!!