Friday, January 29, 2010

Logan is seeded 2nd

Saturday is the city tournament for the freshman. Logan is seeded 2nd in his weight class. Some newbie from Mesa Jr. is seeded 1st. We are not scared of him!!

UUmmm...... I mean Logan is not afraid of him!

We have so many people who are rooting for him. A dad from Dallin's team called first last night to tell us his seed, then the coach, then someone else. So much fun. Ken has been asked to help Coach. he loves that.

So tomorrow I will be sitting in my really cool, long researched stadium chair. I could sing its praises for a long time (well, maybe not sing).

All day, with fun friends, rooting for our boys!
Go Poston Jr. High

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Brenn was sick of looking at my old blog and told me she was going to change my background.

What do you think?

I wondered if most would think they had the wrong blog! Well it's the right one, I am, apparently to lazy to change backgrounds but Brenn is not.

Next comes my latest project. I am the mom who does all the stuff for the wrestling coach at the high school. I cannot seem to resist volunteering. I blame my Grandma, she was like that too. Even when I was in high school she was still doing things for the wrestling coach.

Anyway, the last home match is Senior night (this Wednesday). They honor all of the seniors and their parents. Coach asked me to get the flowers for the mothers. You know, the ones that are dead at the end of the match? Yes, those. Since I am a take charge type of person and I am the one in charge I decided I did not want a dead flower. I love it when my kids give me flowers but by the time the match is over, the concession stand put away and all, that flower would be dead as a doornail.

So I started thinking about what I would like instead. Since it is within my power to change it instead of complain about it. I changed it and instituted a new tradition (at least until Logan graduates).

This is what I came up with (for the same price of flowers, mind you):

On the Front is MVT - for Mountain View Toros and the date. On the back is the name of your wrestler.

I had 2 ladies help me with the design and what beads to hang on the front but I think they turned out super cute and now I have all of the supplies for the next 3 years. Plus Brenn thinks its a great gift idea for her friends.

Sometimes I am amazed things turn out like what is in my head, because a a lot of the time what is in my head is WWAAAYYYYY better than it turns out in reality. Darn that reality!

Monday, January 25, 2010

What??!! How can he be 18?

*Warning Photo Overload*

Yesterday my Dallin turned 18. I am in shock. I know I already have a child over the age of 18 (she's 19) but I really feel like Dallin should stay 17 for a while longer. Unfortunately, I do not control aging (since I am marching upward myself.)

I started going through some pictures and had to pick out some of my favorites....

Dallin and his first bike wreck, at Jenny's no less.

I am pretty sure this is his 2nd birthday. He is the child who had to push every button and look through every home.
My Mother-in-law always makes the best birthday cakes - isn't the Panda cute?

Look how young Roy and Scott are!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here is the BAG!

Brenn asked me if I could make her a book bag for school. She had a few parameters:

  • a spot for her beloved laptop
  • a hidden pocket for you know what
  • a good pocket for her wallet
  • a good pocket for her cell phone
  • room for books
  • a messenger bag
  • and she got to choose the fabric.

So here is her pattern for the front.

It turned into this:

Here is what is under the front flap. Notice the place for her wallet? The cell phone goes in the blue pocket.

Here is the inside. See the white polka dot pocket peeking out on the right? That is for the 'you know what.' Aren't the 3 stripy ones cute?

Here is where the laptop goes. Lined with great fleece.

So what do you think? I think it turned out really cute. I wonder about the way I lined it to keep it upright, we will see if it works out. I have make a lot of bags but never one with 2 pockets on the inside and lined with stuff to make it stiffer. I used that plastic canvas stuff you make covers for your Kleenex box out of. We will see if it works out. I also make the strap a lot wider than I usually do but thought it would be easier on her shoulders.
So that is my big project for the last few weeks. What do you think?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No longer Undefeated but certianly not defeated

So Logan's team went to a tournament last weekend and he lost his first match of the season. I think it kinda took the pressure off.
On Wednesday Poston took on Sheperd Junior High. Logan owned his guy! It was a fun match to watch. Surprisingly Bev and Jim DeWyze came down from Utah and got to see him. Then they took some cinnamon rolls off of my hands.
Here are some stills from Logan's match. He told me that morning I hadn't taken any awesome still pictures of him wrestling this year and could I please catch some of that awesomeness on my camera. Of course, we have videoed each match. But . . . .

I love the look on this kids face, they try so hard for 6 short minutes. Wrestling is such a hard sport. These kids work so hard and then it is just one on one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes I am greedy

This is for you Sue - well - and Heather. I really enjoy it when you two combine your talents.

So here are the links, I suggest you follow them.

Check out Sue - her button is on my side bar - to see the results when they combine their talents together. It is worth seeing.

My amazing friend.

See this covert? This is in Spain. While driving thru the countryside, all of a sudden my husband who is in the car in front, pulls over.

Concerned something is wrong my Father gets out and inquires what the problem is.

I already know.

Ken has spotted a cool covert to help with drainage.

Now Ken is a civil engineer. He designs roads, with drainage. This covert is a work of art, or so he says.

A year or so later our friend Shelly, who is a civil engineer too, and has worked with Ken, went to school with Ken and pretty much is Ken in female form (well, not really, but it sounds good.)

Shelly is a sewing goddess.

She and I have a love of fabric and the things we can do with it. When she bought her last house it was me she took to Ikea to help design her perfect sewing room.

I am still jealous.

Anywho, Shelly was looking to enlarge her repertoire of quilting masterpieces and has taken some classes in architecture quilting and was looking for some pictures to turn into quilts. After a fruitless search through books and such she came to me knowing we went to Spain. She told me she wanted to see ALL the pictures.

I told her there were 1439 pictures.

She looked at ALL of them. And picked a few she thought would work.

Then for Christmas she made us this.

Really the perfect present.

It combines Ken's engineering interests with my love of sewing and fabric.

The quilting around the top tell you this was in the Puebla's Blanca's (White Villages) and the year we went. I could not get a good picture of the quilting to show up.

At Thanksgiving Shelly toured my house and decided exactly where it should be hung. Good thing I agree completely!!
Isn't this stunning?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Logan is a STUD!!

I have to admit I am busting my buttons. Poston Jr High wrestled Basha tonight and Logan pinned his guy in the 2nd period.

That means he is still


this season!!

There are 2 more regular season matches and then the City Tournament. They are also going to a tournament on Saturday. So will he stay undefeated? Not sure about the tournament, sometimes they are really tough. But I think he can do it for the regular season matches. Very exciting stuff.
On another front, Brenn asked me to make her a school bag that will fit her laptop and her books. It is one of the most complicated bags I have made to date and I am wrestling with it myself. I will, of course, be victorious. But so far I have ripped out a lot, which is unlike me. When I am finally done I will post it in its glorious state.
I am praying for those in Haiti - it seems like they have been hit awfully hard by this earthquake. What terrible destruction. It breaks my heart.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogging and American Idol

Just sitting here with my new tiny laptop watching American Idol with my boys. Hilarious! Some really stand out and a few crazies. I am always amazed that these people are not put off by the previous seasons and those they make fun of on national television. I know this is why I would never try out - well except for the whole have to be able to sing and all - I see that 9000 people showed up and the one guy is mad he had to wait so long for his audition. WHAT?!! Of course you have to wait.

On another front, I got to teach Seminary today. Only one hour. Not Logan's class either but I sure enjoyed it. We got to watch a DVD segment, somewhat better than Tom Trails filmstrips, but really, still a little cheesy. I loved the message. Alma 5, asking the hard questions. Are we ready to stand before the bar of Judgement and face God? Have you had a mighty change of heart? Is this leading your life? There is so much to learn in the scriptures just waiting for us to delve in and keep that change of heart going.

I also went and interviewed with a member of the Stake Presidency today. I sure love that man. He was truly inspired to take our young men on a stake encampment last summer devoted to getting them excited and committed to going on a mission. My boys came home with such a great Spirit and sure in their purpose. I love it. He told me several inspirations he received and things that happened last minute that really turned out for the best. His original inspiration came at girls camp. He really felt that the boys needed a girls camp type of Spiritual activity. In nature, surrounded by the good word and with lots of boy activities (guns and bows/arrows.) I am grateful for these men who donate their time and talents to keep our church running. At church last Sunday Dallin interviewed with the Bishop for his birthday. He and the Bishop decided that in 9 months Dallin will start filling out his mission papers. WOW!

Well I am now rambling and I love watching TV with my boys.

PS: If any of this Church stuff is confusing go here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


My really wonderful Daddy got me a new laptop. It is tiny. I should be able to take it anywhere. That means I can sit on my couch and blog or read blogs. Maybe take a break from Mario bros. and surf the web or pay my bills.

I have to explain about my Dad.

He is the greatest!

When I was a kid, he was loud and strict. Well kinda. If you needed $5 for gas you ALWAYS asked Dad not Mom. He would always give you ten (that was when $10 would fill a gas tank) because my Mom would only give you what you need and not enough for fries at McDonald's on the way home. He provided cars for us to drive (4 for my sister to crash) and made us work on the cars.
He set a very strict curfew and for every minute we were late we were grounded for a day. Once I was 1 1/2 hours late (at least that is what the clock said) but there was my Dad waiting for me to get home. They never waited up. You just had to go in and tell them you were home and they would look at the clock and ask a few questions and go to sleep. I will admit to padding the clock with a few extra minutes.
Anyway back to the late story, I sputtered and tried to explain as my father asked how many days I would be grounded and when Prom was (1 week to Prom and I was attending a 2ND one in 2 weeks) when my Mother started laughing. This was serious, they never laughed when it was serious. Really it was daylight savings time and I was only 15 minutes late. My Dad enjoyed the prank so much I got to work off the extra days and go to Prom.

We always knew he loved my Mother more than us.

As I have grown older and he has mellowed - My brother Dean is responsible for that as much as his aging and wisdom. He can still fix anything (including computers) and will always give up his time to help someone else.

I notice that he has successfully taught his children to accept people for who they are and not who they should be. To be friendly and to be basically good people. He changed his life when he met and married my mother and then they joined the Mormon church together.

I sure love my Dad. I can not imagine having another Dad. I never, ever doubted that my Dad loved and adored me. Even when I did those things that exasperated him to no end.
This really didn't start as a post about my Dad, it was supposed to be about my new laptop, but since my Dad is the one who gave it to me and he is so great how could I resist.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Call

It's 11:06 pm.

I am asleep.

My cell phone rings.

It is Dallin.

In a high pitched, shaky voice,

"Mom, we have a problem."

At this point I am still oblivious to what is going on, I am thinking,
"Yes you have a problem, you have not answered my texts and you are late!"
But, the tone and sound of his voice stops my tirade.

"What's the problem?" I ask.

"We flipped the car."

"WHAT?!?!?! Is anyone hurt?"

"No, there is no blood and no broken bones."

"Who was in the car?"

"Kai (my nephew), Logan and me."

"Who's car?"

"Uncle Dean's Tahoe."

"Do we need to come and get you?"


"Is the car on its side or top?"


"OK, Dad will be there soon."

No way to sleep until they get home and I can hug on them and make sure they are really okay. Super Mario to the rescue.

By the time Dean and Ken get out there the car was on its tires - never under estimate what a big group of teenagers can lift. The kids were out at a big bonfire in the desert. They were on the way home and took a corner, on a dirt road, just a little too fast. Blessedly, they all had their seat belts on!! Wow, my house is really never boring.

Actually the boys were grounded for the week for lying to their mother about wrestling practice and their lack of attendance to said practice (that's for you Marilyn! Invite me to your blog!). I was set to keep them grounded for the whole week and Ken (the big 'ole softie) convinced me that this was the last night before school started and the boys had to spend New Years with us playing cards. So I let them go. I am so glad they did not get hurt. I am not sure I would have felt if it had turned out differently.

Friday, January 1, 2010

I am addicted.....

Really - Santa brought our whole family this one game and I cannot stop playing it!
My thumb is sore. I hear the music in my sleep (no that was Ken playing at 5am). With both boys grounded I started to play just to rub it in and I cannot seem to stop.
Well kinda, maybe after I beat Bowser and get to the third world.