Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Do you make your bed?

This is for my future posterity.

Do you make your bed everyday?

When I was a kid my mean, mean mother required us to make our beds every single day. I know the horror, right? I remember swearing a binding oath that I would never make my kids do this cruel and inhumane practice.

When I moved out I felt like I finally had freedom. I did not make my bed once in college.


I did wash the sheets regularly and then the bed was freshly made but every morning?


So I meet this pretty great guy and get married and all and well, I had been to his apartment once or twice and he alway had his bed nicely made. So I gave in and for the first few months I dutifully made the bed or conned him in to doing it when he got up last. Then slowly I poisoned him into not caring.

Then I had kids. When we were staying with the Andersons in California while Brenn was being treated for Cancer (another story) I did make my bed for six whole weeks. I was a guest, and I wanted to be a good guest. While staying with Sandy, (Anderson, her daughter is married to Ken's older Brother Mike, and her Brother is married to Ed's (FIL) Sister Elaine) she gave me some wisdom. She told me that if you get all of the beds made every moring then if nothing else gets done at least you feel like you accomplished something.

So I changed my tune for a little while. I taught my kids to make a bed and every morning and tried to be strict. Of course MY bed was the one slacking. Then one of my sweet children pointed that out, dang smart kids. And I relented.

The only bed in our house that is made everyday is Grandmas. She is strict about that.

I pull up the covers in a half hearted attempt on my bed and really I feel no guilt. I suppose I should apologize to the future spouses of my children, sorry I did not teach them. But I did take an oath, ya' know and I was an example of how to stick to it.

So future generations, you have my (Grandma's) permission to not make you bed everyday!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post Spring Break Blahhs!

We just experienced the most boring Spring Break EVER! No one at the pool, no big party in the basement, only one day of a few kids hanging out.

Why? you say?

Spencer was out of town, Morgan and her crew were gone, almost all of Smileys and Logans friends were somewhere else.

So we did some yard work. Cut down our favorite tree that died. And Logan kerswakered his thumb.


Well on the the count down of Jens wedding and doing what I can to help. Dallin is graduating. And lots of wrestling for Logan. Just the usual.

I have a few thought provoking posts rolling around in my head, we will see if I can get them out in a timely manner.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The saga of the Thumb

On Tuesday my boys were given the opportunity to make some bank by helping a neighbor break up a concrete (not cement, that is the powder stuff and I live with an civil engineer). As they got up early to start working I could see visions of money dancing in their heads.

About 5pm they come home and Logan is holding his thumb and some what dancing around. He had hit his thumb with a hammer. Not a love tap either. Immediately Brenn jumped up and took him to the Dentist in our ward (a must to have in your ward, along with a really generous Doctor) but alas it was after 5 and no respecting Dentist is still in his office.

Yesterday Brenn offered and he turned her down. If I had known I would have made him go. So this morning I made him go.

I am sure you are asking why in the world would you go to a Dentist if you smash your thumb? Well if you have pressure building up behind a finger or toenail and you drill a hole in it to drain the blood from underneath you are a lot happier! The drill a Dentist uses is the perfect tool. So now he is squeezing and draining his thumb. Hopefully he will be a lot happier.

I cannot begin to hold a candle to my friend Cindy but we have enough injuries for me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What did I do today?
I sat around and played with paper and envelopes. Really I started to put together Heidi's invitations. Pretty easy process. Really I love to do this, sit at my desk, play with my computer, TV on in the background and do some paper shuffling. They look so pretty. And the satisfaction of seeing them all done in a row.
I should finish tomorrow.
At least we have kids running around playing hide and seek in the dark at my house tonight.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have several blogs I enjoy reading on a semi-daily basis. Most are mommy bloggers, some make great money (or so I hear), some for the prose and some are in it for the effect. Have you read Seriously So Blessed? Or Mormon Bachelor Pad? I feel I have made some really good friends and found some of them have touched my heart.

But some I am not so sure about. I followed a link to this blog and felt sad that the object was to get away from your kids. Now I am all for some mommy time, and I remember pulling my hair out over things my kids put me through on Sundays but I wanted to enjoy my kids, so I found some things that both the kids and I enjoyed. Maybe I am taking this to seriously or personally but I truly feel sorry that this lady (and apparently lots of others) feel this way about not only theirs kids but also Sunday, which is supposed to be a good day. It's all about attitude.

Anywhoo....on the an update. Ken and I had a record weekend! Clean minds people! We actually went out to dinner with friends both Friday and Saturday night! That is some kind of record for us. We are not good daters. But since there was a wedding reception on Friday and I was too lazy to cook something we just thought we would eat out after (usually means Taco Bell or some such classy restaurant) but low and behold some friends we were talking to had the same thought and so I was inspired to invite them to go with us. We had a lot of fun. And on Saturday we got to meet Wade's fiance, so we went to dinner with them too! WOW~!!

I have to say I really liked Wade's Heather. She even found my blog and comment on my stalking post before I had a chance to hide it!! What a great sport. I thought they went well together and loved when she helped him remember niece and nephews names. I do that with Ken all the time and it made me feel like they were really good for each other. I also want to note that Ken clicked on her blog and read before I did! She also friended me on facebook - like I said Classy Chick!!

I am so ready for my Botox! Don't judge me. My headaches have been really ramping up and alot more frequently so come Monday (or a week later) my eyebrows will not move and my head will be a lot more happy! I forgot how little I got done when I had more frequent headaches. I feel really behind.

As far as Spring Break - all of the kids friends seem to be out of town so we have a quiet backyard. I feel really lonely. I really do love to have all of the action at our house. These kids are so great and a lot of fun.

I am not going to apologize for the lame post because I noticed I keep doing that. I want have a record of what our life is really about. So here it is.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Look I actually changed my blog almost by myself. Really, I feel I am very computer savvy but this seems like a lot of time and frustration to do very often. Brenn, on the other hand, will probably hack her way in and change it just for fun.

Do you cyber-stalk? Our good friend Wade - okay really Kens good friend from high school and college - but we all dated and married and went to BYU at the same time so I count him as MY friend too. Unfortunately he and his wife got divorced a few years ago and as sad as that is I still think he is one great guy.

Anywhoo, he called a couple of weeks ago and told us he was engaged and wanted to know if we would go to dinner on March 13th. The answer was YES!! Tell me more about her! Unfortunately he spoke to Ken who did not think it was vital to get ALL the information on this woman, except that she told the whole story on her blog.

So off to facebook - I looked at all of the women I did not know on his friend list and tried to cross check with his kids, but since his kids are not MY facebook friends it was hard. I then tried to narrow it down from the one who were married on their profiles or had pictures with other men. Finally, I made Ken call Wade for more details and got her name.

Anyone know a Heather Arnett who lives in Gilbert? I tried to google her blog, who knew there were so many famous people with that name? To no avail could I stalk this lady, except what she allows other non-friends on facebook to see. Her profile picture is awesome. She rearranged the letters in LIVE to be EVIL and that is her picture. I am sure she is just wonderful, since Wade is nothing less than wonderful but I am dying of curiosity.

I just hope I don't put my foot in my mouth to many times! Or scare her off with my excitement. Guess I will delete this post if she makes me give her my blog address for hers. Because stalking should be a secret, Right?!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The wrestling banquet went off with out a hitch. Not one hitch but several! Actually besides the rain outside and the cold temperatures and switching to the small gym - then to the large gym, no helium allowed in either gyms.....

The food was great. The coach gave lots of awards, he even gave me one. The DVD was fantastic and the great big screen in the big gym was really fun. David, the great man who put together the DVD does such a great job, each wrestler gets a copy to remember the season.

I had arranged for a sound system from one of the moms and she had it all loaded and ready so I felt bad that she did all that for nothing but I did not know until about 2 hours before it all started. The school does not allow helium balloons because if one gets let loose it triggers some alarm and they get in trouble, so the decorations were lacking for a while but we got it all solved and it looked good.

Luckily I had a whole passel of moms to help me pull it all off. Thank Heaven for great women!

On to American Idol. I finally got to watch, since last night I was a little busy I had to wait until today. Krystal is awesome, my pick for winning the whole thing if she can stay healthy. Although I liked Lacey and Lily really well too. We will see how the boys do tonight - Lee DeWyze is awesome but I like Big Mike too.

On to helping Jenny with the wedding, although her countdown is freaking me out!

Spring Break starts on Friday, I am expecting lots of Chill and Grills. We will see what the week brings.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Watch the Pugde!

I found this at Sprouts learn something new everyday. Yesterday I learned about No Pudge Fudge brownies. Oh, and that Sprouts does not carry Chow Mien noodles for Hawaiian Haystacks.
Just add yogurt. Brenn was all up for trying until she saw the yogurt. She really doesn't like yogurt and adding it to brownies just seems wrong. I think I scarred my kids for life with the fudge made with Velveeta.
Really. I used to watch the food network to try to make me like cooking. To see that it was no big deal to prepare food. Paula Dean was one of my favorites. Her recipes are full of fat and carbs, whats not to like? She demonstrated a fudge recipe that she said was great. The main ingrediant is Velveeta cheese, but she promised it you couldn't tell and it made it really easy and smooth. I usually make fudge with the marshmallow creme recipe and it is pretty fool proof but I thought I might branch out a little.
The fudge tasted awful! Really awful - as bad as it sounds, it was worse!! So we left the No Pudge Fudge Brownies on the shelf.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am in mourning for the Olympics. I had planned this really great post about all of the best moments. Matt Lauer beat me to it. I still was going to construct an impressive post but the **** has hit the fan over the wrestling banquet and I am not only in the middle and in hot water but it will probably rain us out!


This is Arizona and it is a desert. Last year we officially received less than 3 inches of rain. So far this year....3.79 inches of rain and that is the last straw in an already drama filled banquet.

How do I get myself into these things?

I told my Grandma I blame her. I learned by the example she set.

Do I post the dirty details? I have refrained from gossiping too much so far (except to Kim, because she already knows the whole story) but last night the angry mother hijacked one of my emails (I need to learn how to hide the addresses in the sent email) and sent a really passive aggressive email to my list - without deleting the message from me at the bottom kindly asking for tables and chairs.


Now I really don't blame the parents for being upset because you are supposed to be upset when your child feels he has been wronged. But the Coach is the Coach and it is his job to decide what happens with the team. I stand firmly behind the Coach but can see the other side and know how emotional we get about our kids (like confronting a strange neighbor at 10pm for roughing up your son).


It should be over by next Tuesday and I will hopefully pull off a nice banquet, at least I know the food will be good because I am NOT cooking it!

I do have to put a plug for Lee DeWyze on American Idol. He is distantly related. But really I love Big Mike! As for the girls I really like the dreadlocks girl - can't think of her name but hope she is feeling better for tonight!

And as for Dancing with the Stars......ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!! Pam Anderson and Kate Gosling? Really?? Really?! I am not sure I can watch.

Ok - lame post but I promise to do better.