Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last night Kirsten and I taught a class at Relief Society.  It was Christmas in July.  Just like an old fashioned Homemaking meeting! 

It started with a display and a sign up sheet.  Minimal cost but cutie things! 

Monday, Kirsten and I spent the afternoon doing our Visiting Teaching and shopping (in 111 degree heat I might add). 
Tuesday we went early to set up and prepared for our class. 

A lite dinner was served, we chatted and giggled.  A short cooking demo was hosted by the lovely Taina, she taught us how to make truffles (I call them bon bons) and they are wickedly good!!

Then we all started our classes.  We taught our cute boards, made with scrapbook paper, Elmer's glue, and a picture frame (see here).  Women flitted back and forth because they signed up for multiple classes, we talked, created, met and got to know new people, and had a lot of fun!

I miss homemaking meetings.  I know we are all really busy, but it was such fun to talk with women in the ward who are in Primary, or are not within the circle of ladies I work with or know.  I felt like I made several new friends, caught up on some old friends, and played with my SIL Kirsten.  Brenn got to come too, it has been a while since we did a mother/daughter homemaking.

The only thing missing was a quilt to tie for homecraft.


Saturday, June 26, 2010


So last Sunday we went to my cousin Andi's Sacrament meeting because her new baby was being blessed.  It was honestly a lovely baby blessing and the most boring Sacrament talks I believe I have ever heard.  And it went long. While trying to listen and failing my boys and I were discovering new and interesting things about ourselves:

Logan can touch his nose with his tongue
So can Dallin
Logan can roll his tongue
Dallin can't
Dallin can turn his tongue over without the help of his teeth
Logan can't
Logan can make his tongue look like a clover
Dallin can't

I know, riveting stuff but really.  After investigating all of the above Dallin proceeded to talk Logan into letting Dallin shave his head.  Did I mention it was a long meeting.  Dallin succeeded.  So between the first Sacrament meeting and the time ours started this is what happened:

Moral of the story:  Pay attention in Sacrament meeting no matter how boring or bad!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Poppa

I have always felt special to my Dad; I think all of his children feel this way. For me I was born 2 days after his birthday and 2 days before my Grandmothers birthday. I always felt like we all shared a special bond because of this, and the birthdays are all odd numbers and, well, so are we!

I trusted my Dad to fix anything. When my pink ten speed bike I bought with my own money broke down he was the one to fix it. When my car broke down, I could count on him coming to the rescue (even at my advanced age I still call my Dad). He taught me all about my car and engine. I helped him rebuild it, install dual carbs, and do the mainetence required for the care of a car. I impressed many a boy with my knowledge of cars, including my husband. The only lack in my knowledge was radiators. I bought my first car from my Dad, a blue Volkswagen square back. This vehicle was a cute car, baby blue with cloth interior that was plaid with blue and yellow. It was an automatic thus it went from 0 to 30 in about 6 minutes (hence the dual carbs) and I went a lot of miles in that car. He gave me a red bug for my 18th birthday. This had been my Mothers car and I was so excited. I had my first accident in that bug. Just a fender bender and Sonya and I had to get in on the passengers side for about 4 months before we were able to get it fixed (I am pretty sure we won body work at a church auction to get it fixed). I wasn’t allowed to take it to Rexburg to college, no way to keep it up and it was really cold up there. But when my parents moved from Colorado to Phoenix I drove it all twelve hours (with the 8 track and radio that didn’t tune). Dean rode with me and we thought we were so cool! I did not realize what I was in for in Arizona, I worked about 45 minutes away and had to be to work at 1pm, can you say hot? Volkswagens, well especially those built in 1969, do not have air conditioning. They also have black vinyl seats. I got really adept a parking in shade and leaving my windows down, one of my colleagues at work asked if I was worried my stereo would get stolen and I said, “No.” I mean who wants an 8 track (this was the 1980’s so 8 tracks were hard to come by) without the ability to tune in a radio station? The second time I broke down and the car caught on fire (I got it out without too much damage) my Dad declared I should probably think about buying a new car. The thought of A/C was a great motivation and He and I started to look. That was one of the best times with my Dad, looking, comparing and trying to figure out what I wanted and of course what I could afford. We ended up with a Ford Tempo, brand spanking new. I loved that car. It was so dependable and great on gas. You could be cruising at 95 mph and not realize it, which my Dad found out on a trip to Colorado with my Mom! I am so grateful my Dad took the time to teach us, even though we were girls, about cars.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Botox Baby....

How many mother/daughter botox parties do you know?  The daughter is only 19 but we wouldn't want any wrinkles to mar that lovely brow!

Okay - kidding - Brenn and I did get our Botox - for migrianes at the neurologist!  This is one of the best preventives I have found.  Just because I still have an unlined forehead doesn't mean I do it for the wrong reasons!  The Dr at the Mayo clinic wanted Brenn to wait a little longer to see if she still needed it due to her new meds as so we went 5 months between (instead of 3) and whoa baby!!  We both still need it badly!  This was the second time and hopefully I will feel better than I have. 

Now on the Algebra II - Logan is taking this online this summer - I am his awesome teacher!  Brenn got an A so I claim awesome teacher status.  This has cut into my blogging time (reading time) and I am in withdrawls.

Nothing much to report.  Dallin still needs a job - if anyone out there has a job for an 18 yr old who is a good worker and wonderfully smart to boot please contact Dallin!! 

I love Kai's new haircut.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Do you dream?  Do you remember your dreams?  Do your dreams effect your 'real' life?

I dream very vividly.  I usually remember my dreams.  I have a lot of deja vous.  Sometimes I dream about situations and when I wake up I am mad or glad or whatever.

Yesterday I took a nap (see previous post) while I was sleeping I had a very vivid dream.  In this dream we are on our way to Lake Powell.  My Father in law (FIL) is driving and we are all in the truck.  He stops about 2 miles from the boat ramp and gets out with my Mother in law (MIL) and gets in the boat.  He tells my 15yr old, Logan, to back the boat down.  Ken and I are in the back seat. Logan has never backed the boat anywhere, he is going backwards, about 40 mph and I am yelling at him to stop.  Ken, on the other hand, is telling him to keep going.  Ken is telling me to chill out and that he is fine.  I am yelling "STOP" at the top of my lungs.  I am so angry with Ken I can only hit him.  Logan blows by 2 stop signs, barely missing some big trucks and gets to the boat ramp.  I get out of the truck more angry than I have ever been.  Ken then tells me - "what is the big deal?  We are fine!"  I am just staggered that he would let Logan take that kind of responsibility and recklessness.  I am yelling about all of that and trying to figure out how I can get home.

At this point my Mom comes in our house and wakes me up.  My heart is pounding and I am so mad at Ken.  Luckily, Ken was at work and I was able to separate it into dream and reality.  But sometimes he is just such a jerk in my dreams.

This has happened often in our marriage, I will be mad at him for something that happened in my dreams.  Usually something totally out of character for Ken, but I have a hard time separating it for the first hour or so after waking.

I used to feel bad about this but Ken's Grandma Cole was mad at him for 2 days once because he sold her car and kept the money for himself, well, in her dream.  I laughed out loud when she told me this.  She was ready to read Ken the riot act when she finally figured it out. 

Too funny. 

Do you dream?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nice and Quiet

I called Jen yesterday and caught her running kids here and there, while I had all the time in the world.  Now that school is out and the roof is done our house is very quiet. I feel a little guilty about that.

Dallin went to Cali with some friends for the week.  The ocean claimed his cellphone and one shoe.  They thought they had put their stuff up high enough on the beach (such newbies) and along came this big wave and..........

Logan is at wrestling camp all day and until today I only had to shuffle him to the high school and that was that.

Brenn is working and looking for another job and gone most of the day and night.

Ken is working, working, working.

Grandma is just Grandma.  We watch a little TV together, eat some and then she takes a nap.


OK I did clean out a few of our pile spots, you know those spots that no one sees but just keep getting taller?  One is the dresser in our closet.

    I found:

Old Easter candy
2 pairs of Ken's pants - one needed hemming, the other to the cleaners - both layered in dust.
Several boxes of ammunition in the bags the store put them in.  Ken came home and asked where it all came from.
Brand new water bed heater - Dallin thought his broke, I checked and it was unplugged.
Several piles of clothing destined for DI
Miscellaneous trash.

Guess it was time.  I plan to go thru a few other pile places too.

I know as soon as Dallin comes home and Logan is done with camp things will pick up but I am enjoying the lull.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Stupid is as Stupid does....

Not to brag or anything but I rarely do really stupid things.  Anymore, I should say.  I know in my youth stupid things sometimes ruled my life but since I married Mr. Steady and matured to this ripe old age my stupidity factor as gone way down. 

Except for last week.  Busy on the roof, busy with graduation, busy with the last few days of school and busy with whatnot, I participated in 2 truely stupid thing.

  1.  Thought I downloaded all of Dallin's graduation pictures off the camera into the correctly marked   folder, check.  Delete said pictures off of the camera card because Ken says I leave to many on and therefore create duplicates on the computer when they automatically download.  Feeling righteous, (a sure sign of my stupidity) I then go to upload all of the pictures of graduation, including the hour I spent trailing my son as he hugged, congratulated and posed with his friends, the appointed folder is             E-M-P-T-Y!!   AAAHHHHHHH!!!!  I have not felt that panicked in a very long time.  I got up and paced, fretted, cussed (sorry Mom) and then confessed only to Brenn.  So I spend the whole rest of the day searching and paying $30 for a program to recover data - I heard that it is never lost and Abbey (NCIS) recovers things all the time, isn't that what google is for?  So I did recover them, the resolution is not as good as usual least we have the pictures.  Did I mention that the Dentons didn't have their camera and I took pictures for them too?
  2. Saturday I am up and running early so I can go to the store and pick up the last of the groceries Ken needs for his camp out and water, Gatorade and lots of ice for the workers on the roof.  In and out of the store, load groceries, 40 lbs of ice in the back seat of my truck, shut door, walk basket to collection place (see, righteous again) come back to truck to open door and get purse and keys out and yep - locked keys in truck.  We only have one set of keys because we misplaced the second set and are sure to find them anytime (2 yrs ago).  Call Ken, no help because of no keys at home, call my Dad - aren't dads great?  you can call at 7am and they will come to rescue you.  He has a slim jim but we cannot for the life of us unlock it.  I could unlock my VW bug with a coat hanger in about 30 seconds but apparently I am rusty.  Call the dealer.  He needs the truck to make a new key so he can program it, well that and $220 for a new key.  I explain the little problem and he tells me he can make a key that will just unlock the door but I need to bring my title.  Where is this dealer?  68th and McDowell.  For the record about 16 miles from my home.  So my Dad kindly takes me, I get said key for $7.50 and go to rescue the ice.  Key does not work.  Call dealer back.  Go back 16 miles and get 2 more keys he made that look identical to first key.  Pray.  Try one key, no go, try 2nd key - success.  My early start ends at 10:30am.  UUUGGHHHHH!!!
Let's just say I like the less stupid path!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mostly Done....

When I am right I usually love it and proclaim it from the roof tops.  But this time I worried, (unlike me) stewed, grumped, and was rewarded with a few days of nasty headaches!!  At the beginning of last week, after a weekend of roofing I told my hubby that there was no way we (he) could finish the roof by Monday May 31st.  Important because all of the males in our home were going on Super Activities for church starting early Tuesday morning.  I also knew that he could not work on the roof on Wednesday or Thursday due to our son graduating from seminary and high school.  So Ken's solution was to take Friday off.  I was somewhat pacified but still knew it would be an impossible task.  Friday morning came and when Dallin came home from Grad night Ken and Logan got up and got on the roof.  Kens plan was to work until 9 and then he had to go to work for a couple hours, come home and wake up Dallin and work until they dropped.  Get up Saturday and repeat,(except for the work part) rest on Sunday, Monday repeat.  So Friday when does Ken get home from work?  4.  What was my blood pressure?  Actually I already had a killer headache and knew if I didn't chill I would pay big time.  I was not too worried until we had to replace all of the plywood under the shingles, 150 pieces of plywood, YIKES!!

Luckily, on Sunday Ken spoke with a friend who finished his roof the weekend before and he volunteered to come on Monday and help.  Plus he brought another roofing nailer.  Note to self:  2 nailers are sssoooo much better than one!!!  Between Jason, my brother Dean, his boys Kai, Jake and Treven, Ken and Dallin and Logan - not to mention my SIL Kirsten who made me look bad by being on the roof at 5am Monday morning while I was in BED waiting for medicine to work!!  After 3 trips to Home Depot - a break at 3pm for BBQ at the Dentons (I know this seems weird but it was too hot to keep moving the shingles) then back at it at 6 with ME on the roof too we shingled the whole thing!  I am sure my neighbors hate us!  Most nights we knocked off by 11-12 but Monday it was at least 1 when we got off the roof and still had to pick up and put things away.  Needless to say there are a few things to finish but for the most part it is done!!  I am sore and tired.  I am sure my boys and Deans boys slept all the way to Utah!!

What a job!!  At about midnight on Monday, my bro Dean looked up at the teenagers and

said " so who is going to college?"

All agreed to finish college......hhmmm  wonder why?

Just a few things to finish up this weekend and hopefully it doesn't leak!!