Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dallin's Habit

Dallin started his official training at his brand new job today.  He said it went really well today except when he passed out.  Then he said,

"We did a lot of standing around today."

I asked if he knew NOT to lock his knees and he assured me he tried not to but....

I also asked if it freaked them out a little, and he said they took a break right after so he could get some water.  He did point out that at least he hit the floor and nothing on the way down, so I guess he is improving.  Next I guess he ought to figure out the warning signs and SIT DOWN.  I did learn this when I was around his age, so I guess he does inherit it from me.

On another note, he did get his password to start his mission papers.  The Bishop thinks he might have a call by Halloween.  Iam both proud and terrified!!

I did get to skype with Brenn in New Zealand tonight (well tonight for me, its tomorrow afternoon for her).  She is doing really well and she and Lauren are having alot of fun..

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Powell July 2010

Lake Powell is awesome!!  On July 8th at 3am we headed for our favorite vacation.  We had to leave so early because the alternator went out on the ski boat and the only one we could find was here in Phoenix.  Since we invited my brother Dean and his family and Ken's sister Sonja and her family we wanted to get there first and switch the parts out so we didn't have to roast waiting around for the fix.  We convinced Ken's Parents (who stayed with the boat waiting for us) to stay a few days with us on the houseboat.  They left on Saturday, I am so glad they stayed.

Ken brought a pop up shade and it worked really well.  By 2pm when Dean arrived the boat was working and we just had to wait for the houseboat to motor over from Bullfrog.  As we finished loading the boat I thought to myself "it would be great if Sonja came right now"  and over the hill she drove. 

I have never had such luck with the timing and the fixing of the boat.  Usually it takes lots of patience and work to make it run like clockwork but this trip was starting out so smoothly I was so grateful!

We went and camped at our favorite spot, or close to it because the water was so high our fav spot was under water!!  We camped right next to it and enjoyed 7 days of peace and fun.  Did I mention it was all boys?  11 boys not counting the Dads. 

Dallin, Kai and Logan

Kai's Spectacular Fall!!!  Don't you love high speed settings on your camera?

Logan ripping it up!

Dallin jumped so high he is out of my frame!

Kai in better form.

Sonja and her family had to get to another family reunion so we took them in on Monday, the water was really rough and it rain a little but Hunter (Hargrave, Treven's friend) slept the entire 45 minute bumpy boat ride in to the marina.

We did climb a little.  I KNOW what happened last time but was sure we could do it!  This is a slot canyon found about buoy 106.  It was awesome!

We did not get stuck and everyone enjoyed the adventure!

Teaching my nephew William (age 6) to wakeboard.  He was a trooper, he tried and tried.  I am sure next time we will have success.  And we won't leave it until the last day in the very late afternoon!!

All in all, we had a blast.  It was slow, with lots of books, naps and wind.  I love the togetherness of a houseboat with no TV, computer or phones.  Even though the ski boat had a few abnormalities, like only starting if Ken was touching it and the throttle giving us a little trouble both boats ran really well and we had battery power the whole week.  This was really one of the smoothest trips considering we came up having to install a new part.

The only down side the this trip was that Brenn left for Australia and New Zealand while we were gone!  Her first big international travel and I am on vacation.  My Mom stayed with Grandma for the last half of the week and helped her get off.  If you want to check out her adventures Down Under this is her blog.

We actually had the houseboat back to the buoy and ready to go on time for once.  What a great trip and I am glad we can mix our families and really enjoy each other.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick update

Wow its been a little while but we have been super busy!  Ken and I and our boys, along with several others have been lounging at Lake Powell for the last week - I will post more about that later. 

While we were gone my Darling Brenn went on her first solo big trip to Australia and New Zealand!!  She left on Tuesday and is updating her adventures on her new blog.  So enjoy her updates I am excited for her and the adventures she will have!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buzz and Woody

In 1995 I loaded a 4 year old, 3 year old and a baby in my car and went with friends to see Toy Story.  I think when the video came out it was one of the most played videos at our house!  Even today I know for a fact it gets more play than any other video (except maybe Hot Rod, all I can say is teenage boys).  When we put it on for which ever kid is with us for the day, most if not all of my kids are watching by the first 10 minutes!  I wonder how many times both Toy Story movies have played at our house?  We have about wore out the videos but I did replace both of them on DVD.

Ken and I went on an actual date last weekend and went to see Toy Story 3.  Ken was a little embarrassed to be there with no kids but it was 9pm and we were not the only adults with no kids!

Christmas 1995 brought a promotion at Burger King, I picked up Buzz, Woody and RC for $2.79 each with the purchase of a Whopper.  I threw out the Whopper but bought 2 sets of toys.  Today they are still the most played with toys at our house and most little boys beg to be able to take them home.  But I am firm that they stay here and after seeing Toy Story 3 I will never be able to throw them out!!  Buzz's helmet is a little beat up and this Woody is missing a boot (but still has his hat!) but they are well loved and played with often!

  I never quite realized how maniacal the smiles are on these toys!!

I imagine when the DVD comes out for movie #3 I will buy it and it will get lots of play time too!!

Because Buzz and Woody have a friend in me!!