Monday, January 31, 2011

I am ahead of the game!

My bestie is hosting a linky party tomorrow and I thought I would go ahead and post then link tomorrow.  She warned us a few days ago and I have been running it around in the back of my mind and thought I would participate.

The prompt:

Straight after a shower or after you've washed your face, take some time to really look at that woman in the mirror. What do you see that's beautiful? Ignore or re-evaluate those things that have always bugged or challenged you. What is your singular, personal element of beauty? Is it skin, ears, hair? Is it wisdom or humor or understanding in your eyes? We all have one thing that not only makes us individuals. That one thing makes us beautiful. What is yours and why?

Now I have confessed in other posts that I am not really a deep thinker, I do not ponder upon those things that bug me or spend much time in contemplation.  To be honest, I tried to meditate and couldn't do it, to boring.  So when I read Jen's prompt my very first thought was:

"Wait, I am supposed to be unhappy with what I see in the mirror?  Crap!"

I am not vain (really, you can believe me) but I think I look OK.  I am not the most beautiful woman out there (except to Ken) but I am not ugly either.  I have always been OK with how I look.  I wish I was taller.  I wish I could lose a few pounds.  But I get ready in the morning and that is the picture I carry in my head the rest of the day.  Sometimes I glance in a mirror and am shocked that my hair is flat or my makeup is smeared (okay, on Sundays when I wear makeup) but for the most part I don't really think about it again.

Here is the caveat:
I think cameras LIE!!!  The pictures they take do not match what I see in the mirror.  I know that I am not very photogenic but I am usually shocked at the picture.  I see the flaws in film.  Saggy body, wrinkles, gray in the hair and a sick smile. 

Case in point - I went to Jen's baby shower, it was really nice.  Someone took a picture of the two of us.  It was exclaimed by several of our friends as a wonderful picture of the two of us.  One dear even said that we should be glad to have such a great picture of the two of us.  Apparently it looks good, I only see the old lady on the right!  I swear, in person, I don't look like that!  I am less wrinkled, gray and certainly younger!!

So as for the thing in the mirror - I'm good.  The camera?  I have a nice smile.  Thanks Jen!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol and other stuff

I am not a long time fan, but in the last few years have enjoyed it.  I was not too sure how it would be with the new judges.  No Simon?!  Well, I am happy to report a nicer AI and a little ashamed to admit that I love Steven Tyler.  He is so much fun!  He seems to enjoy ALL music no matter how good or bad.  I was pleased to see that Jennifer Lopez feels bad for all the people she has to say no to and she is really very beautiful.  It seems to be a kinder AI, showing more of the people who can sing, instead of making total fun of those who are clueless.  There are some really talented people who have made it through.  I don't like the lower age of 15 - that is pretty young for all of the hoopla that goes on.

In other news I am now a certified home healthcare worker.  I shocked several of my friends and family when they got the calls for references from my new employer.  Really, I have been doing this for the last six years, only now the state will pay me to care for my Grandma.  It was honestly the most useless training, but the lady who did the training was nice and I did learn a few things.

Wrestling is winding down, Logan is doing really well.  I am so impressed with how much he has improved this year.  He took 3rd in a tourney in Tucson last weekend, of course his first match was a girl.  I feel really bad for these girls, because they really have little chance of being as strong in the upper body as the boys.  But since there were several girls, they got to have a few exhibition matches against each other and they were really good.

Dallin is getting ready very....


not that it's a shock, but he thinks it is still very far away and I think it will be here before I can blink.  We did get his suits and he picked them up yesterday.  He is preparing for the temple and looking for his recommend for his patriartical blessing, which is lost somewhere in his room.  Is it to much to expect a mission to help all of this?

Because this will eventually be bound and saved for my posterity, I want to mention the shooting in Tucson.  I feel really bad for all of the families involved including the shooters parents.  They are being judged in the press without anyone really knowing them, its sad.  I have been praying for all involved and hope the best for the Senator and the others recovering.  I am heart sick for those who lost family members and friends, especially those who shielded others and literally took bullets for them.  It shows the best and the worst we have to offer.  I am impressed by the intern who stepped up and did his best.  The others who ran towards the shooter to help the injured and to stop the him. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visiting Teaching

My sweet Mother in Law is the new Visiting Teaching Coordinator* in her ward and was looking for a story to give in her conference.  She called me and asked me to write my story for her and I figured since I am


my blog big time I would post it here for all to read.

My Visiting Teaching story,

As a young mother, married just over 2 years, I had could count on one hand how many visits I received from my Visiting Teachers . Or for that matter, how many times I went Visiting Teaching, it didn’t seem very important. You know, the Lord knows how to teach you by example and will usually challenge your unbelief with a loving hand. Mine came from an older lady who was faithful in her Visiting Teaching.

My Husband and I had just purchased our first home and were members of an extremely large ward in Mesa Az. The past six months were some of the hardest any parent could go through, our baby daughter, Brenn, was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated in San Francisco Ca. On top of that stress I was expecting my 2nd baby and was worried about the timing. You see, my daughter had a check up, her first since undergoing treatment, in San Francisco Ca. and I was due to deliver my baby about the same time. I knew the airlines would not let me fly and was not dumb enough to try to drive all of that way 9 months pregnant. But I felt really strongly, too strongly, that I had to be there for whatever news the doctors were going to give us. So I consulted with my OBgyn and we decided to induce labor about 1 ½ weeks early, I would have 10 days to be up and around before flying to San Francisco and leaving my newborn with my lovely Mother in Law Kathy. All went fine in the delivery, Dallin was born and he was long and skinny (just like he is now). But within a few minutes the nurses swept him off of my tummy and left the room. They told us he was not doing very well and needed some attention. He ended up in the NICU with under developed lungs and was not oxygenating his blood enough. The situation was very grave. The doctor let Ken and his Dad administer to our small son but he did not seem to improve.

Brenn had developed a cold and so she stayed with Kathy and Ed to keep Ken and I germ free for the NICU. I could not drive due to just having given birth, so I had to wait for rides to the hospital to visit my baby. We were not allowed to touch him or make any noise around him, pretty much all I could do was sit there and quietly cry. It seemed useless to be there but yet awful to be home alone too. At this point Dallin was 2 days old, I was home on my knees pleading with my Heavenly Father to keep my son on this earth, to give us a good report on my daughter and to help comfort me. Unfortunately, I was unable to feel the comforting influence of the Spirit and was inconsolable.

My phone rang. On the other end was a voice introducing herself as Kathy Williams, she was my visiting teacher and she apologize for it taking so long to contact me. She asked me how I was doing.

I lied.

She asked me how many children I had.

2, - I was thinking ‘for now’

Then she asked me how my day was going. I told her she probably didn’t want to know the answer to that question. And she told me,

“Of course I do!”

That opened the flood gates. I told her the whole story and figured she would stammer a few things and ask for a new person. But she was wonderful. She told me it sounded like I needed dinner brought in and a big hug. She was right. Just knowing she was there was a big boost. I still to this day, almost 19 years later, refer that day to the worst day of my life. The day I lost all hope.

My Heavenly Father knew my troubles and heard my prayers and knew exactly who I needed. I needed a Visiting Teacher.

*a Visiting Teacher explained:
In the LDS church the Relief Society (RS) is all of the women (or sisters) of your ward approx 18 and over.  In the RS each sister is visited every month by 2 other sisters - these pairings are companions and they are assigned 2-3 sisters to visit each month.  Almost all sisters are called to be Visiting Teachers.  The Coordinator is the sister who keeps track!