Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

I woke up


Had a Doctors appointment, they took blood so that means needles!  Never a good thing?  Also,

Feel free to skip this part

Had to collect a stool sample, can I just say

I know I deal with this all the time with Gma but somehow.....

Startings of a headache by 3pm and a whiny kid who didn't want to mow the lawn.

I should back up and say I woke up Dallin and Brenn before the Doctor and gave them some chores, I don't care that they are 19 and 20, they still get chores!  Both had them done before I got home, that included mowing the front lawn, the whining was from a different kid and the back lawn.  If that is tough to figure out I only have 3 kids, come on!!

So I laid down to rest and hopefully get rid of the headache because I knew Ken would want to take me out for Valentines Day.

Door bell rings after 10 minutes, my new Visiting teacher with some goodies.
Phone rings, something I had to handle - can't remember.
Door bell rings again
You get the picture, right?!

By about 5:30 Ken came home with roses - he always gets roses.  He is very sentimental about them.  He has a hard time buying anything else because they just seem so right to him.  So he came with red and white roses.  The white are because we tease him a little.
So we went to dinner.  We ate Italian because we almost always go Mexican or to a Steak house because he likes those and I really don't care.  Food is not really important to me.  I like it.  I want it to taste good.  But I am not a foodie.  As long as it fills me up and is not gross, I am good.  But I do like Italian and he is not such a fan. 
So we try this new restaurant that Brenn found.

It is a little restaurant, tucked in the corner of a strip mall (Higley/Brown).  It looked a little hinky.  We waited quite a while, but it was Valentines day and we figured we would have to wait no matter where we went. 
We ordered the specials - one of each.
I had Pork tenderloins in a sauce with mangoes and grapes.
Ken had Lobster spaghetti. 
Ken's was really good.
Ken was


because mine was the best thing we had ever eaten!!
I gave him a bite to be kind.  Before I even tasted it.  If I had tasted it first
he wouldn't have gotten any!!
I wish I could pronounce or spell the dish.
I wish it was a regular menu choice.
Then I could google it and try to make it every night for dinner.

I googled:

 pork mango
Italian pork dishes with mango
Grape mango pork
Pork tenderloin fusion food
and about 10 other combos.

No luck.

But I did give my email so they could send the specials for the week.

There is still hope!

At least I was in a better mood when I got home.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mission Ready

On Wednesday I got a call from My Bestie Jen and she had some real excitement going on at her house!  As I read the blog post about it I am tearing up, it was such a sweet experience.  I am getting a missionary ready too and I realized I am busy and  neglecting my blog/journal for my posterity and missing out on recording the experience, excitement and frustration of getting my missionary ready.  Whoops!

Mostly, I nag.  I had to nag him to look at suits.  We bought some at a great sale - buy 1 and get 2 free - of course the first suit was $800 but when you do the math it's not to bad.  Problem is only one pair of pants and no way to order more.  I thought about this.   I dreamed about a 2nd pair of pants.  And then nagged him in to going to Pomeroys, the missionary store here in Mesa.  Unfortunately, one of his buddies recently returned from a NY mission warned him against Pomeroys.  So, although they had suits designed for bike riding, two pairs of pants and free alterations (savings of $60 per suit) he was not convinced.  He wanted to talk to his friend - which in guy time takes at least a week.  Finally, we went with the Pomeroys suits and bought him his overcoat.  What an accomplishment.  The best part is Dallin is funding his missionary preparation.  He is working very hard at Pizza Hut to save as much money as his can for when he returns but is buying most of his mission stuff.

I have picked up most of the incidentals here and there like towels, socks, white shirts and he got nice long johns for his birthday.  But I had to nag again to go and buy shoes.

Actually, the shopping trips are awesome!  I get to spend the day with my son, just he and I or sometimes Ken comes.  We laugh and talk.  I will miss him for the two years he is serving but I am so very pleased that he is willing to serve the Lord.  I feel the Spirit around our family as we are preparing and I am happy.  I am looking forward to hearing of his experiences and seeing him preparing is something I can't quite describe.

We are shopping again today - He is going through the temple on Thursday evening.  Another big step with great blessings.

I noticed that several of the comments on Jen's blog had questions about missions and probably Mormons too, so if you click on the temple link it takes you to a good site about Mormons.