Friday, June 17, 2011

I am singing Dolly Parton

Here are pictures of my Boat cover of many colors:

Somehow the boat cover got lost in Utah and we have been searching for a replacement, we used tarps for the winter but they were hard on the boat.  I finally found and ordered a new cover but in the mean time something needs to keep the brutal (110 yesterday) sun off the seats so....

I went to the thrift store and bought the thickest and prettiest (*snicker*) sheets I could find and laid them out and sewed them together.  I guess I could say it was with love and I did tell a story to my RS President who dropped by and asked what in the world was I doing? 

So this is what I keep hearing in my mind every time I walk by:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just ask me when I have completed a big or difficult project and I will tell you

I am Awesome!!

It's kinda funny because my kids do this too, I guess I was not the best parent for humility.

But Look at this and tell me I am not Awesome (good thing Hyrum doesn't read my blog!)

Garage before:


But the real awesomeness was the tool room.



This room hasn't looked since we moved in, OK BEFORE we moved in!!  It only took us two days, which was about half of what I thought.  We did this for Father's day - I think he will eventually come around.


Friday, June 3, 2011

16 years old

Logan is now 16 - Holy cow!!!

He had to wait one day to get his license since Monday was a holiday.  He was nervous but passed!!  And drove himself to wrestling practice....twice!!!  I stayed home!!!  (cue the music!)

I have no pictures of that because I am a loser.  He left on the Trek on Thursday and I keep wondering how he is doing.  For his birthday I am cleaning out his room (we do this every summer) and letting him go the the bin way of storing his clothes - what is that you say?  Well since my boys cannot seem to get their clean laundry out of a laundry basket and put it in a drawer, I devised a system.  Shelving unit, big tubs, labels - just toss you laundry into a bin - slide said bin back in to shelf, done! 

So, as I am doing this I pause for a pit stop, now I rarely go into the downstairs bathroom because it is inhabited by BOYS!!  Since we are down one boy, I thought it might be safe.  I sit and this is what I see:

What an amazing boy, as I start to look around I see this:

I wondered where the stack went from the living room.  Then I see his mirror:

He is preparing.

what more could a mother want? sniff, sniff.....