Monday, October 31, 2011


I am not a fan of Halloween.
Nary a decoration in sight this year - sad I know!
I cannot really put my finger on WHY I don's like it,
I just don't.

I really thought I would be past the ole making of the costumes but
Brenn had a specific want and she was trying to do it and needed help.

Tah Dah!!!

The pictures don't do it justice!

Logan went to a party on Saturday night and hadn't dressed up, when he and his friends arrived at the party everyone else had a costume so they improvised.  Logan took off his shirt and was an Abercrombie model....not sure I like that!  He is so very proud of his abs and pecs, almost too proud!

Wrestling practice starts today - I think Logan will be very tired when he gets home.

It is starting......


Sue said...

Great costume!

Can't believe it's wrestling again...Doesn't seem that long ago that he was wrestling last year.


jen said...

What about her fluorescent legs?
Laughed at Dallin's comment--What's she supposed to be?

Kurtis said...

You're crazy Karen. Halloween is the best holiday on the calendar. Has always been my fav.

Jaimee said...

Hello Karen Cole!
First, let me say that I love Brenn's costume. She looks super cute! Tell her I said hi!
Second, I come to you eating humble pie...
As I unpacked my Halloween decorations, that have spent the past 2 yrs in storage, I found the Harry Potter Quidditch costume that you let me borrow in October 2008---augh! I can not believe that I never returned this to you! I am so sorry! Even more embarrassing, I let my Spencer wear it Monday night since he saw it and begged (he is Potter obsessed!) I am so sorry that I still have it, Karen!
I will be coming down to Mesa for a wedding soon and promise to return it then. Hope you are well! Again, so sorry!