Friday, November 4, 2011

Negative comments

My bestie Jen is having a blogaversary (3 years) and is hosting a giveaway.  Click on over and sign up!

I have to admit, I have never had a negative comment either but felt it my duty to be her first!  I do wonder if people will defend her or laugh....

I know she will laugh!

But really, I read a few blogs everyday - sorry but I cannot keep up with ALL the great ones out there everyday.  I know that some of the really popular ones no longer allow comments because of the negative ones.  I want to know why you would purposely read a blog you don't agree with and then skewer that person with nasty, mean words?  Why would you waste your precious time?  And why, oh why would you think the blogger would care?

I do read NieNie - she was a member of our stake when she was hurt in a plane crash and a few months before that a friend of ours was in a similar crash too.  So it interests me.  I do not read it to judge her - seat belts caused a huge comment storm due to a picture of her children in the car without them - but I have to admit to being fascinated by the people who felt it necessary to correct her without being asked.

I rarely comment on a blog of someone I do not know (except Sue, but I know you!) unless they ask a specific question and my wisdom and input will change their entire life.  I rarely get comments from people I do not know, well, except some fun spam.

Maybe I am not interesting enough to hold the attention of those who do not already know and love me....
But I mostly figure they are like me and don't want to seem totally creepy.

Do you ever leave a negative comment?  I want to know why? and where?!


Sue said...

I am still laughing after reading your recent comment on Jen's blog. Who better than her best friend to break the ice and get that negativity rolling?


PS. Seriously, though, I do agree with you. Why do people leave negative comments? If ya don't like it, don't visit. Right?

jen said...

It still doesn't count, especially when it's signed hugs and kisses.
I read it on my phone and couldn't tell if if was you or my sister.
You think you're so funny!