Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another hard day at the Cole Household

Today we had a very sad (not as sad as Grandma), but hard none the less:

I had to tell Celcee it was her last day to clean my house :(

You may wonder who Celcee was and if I could have figured out how to take a picture without seeming creepy I would have.  Celcee Hernandez has been my house cleaner for the last 6 years.  She does an amazing job (Melee not so much) but anyhoo...

I have said for a long time that I would give up cable before I gave up Celcee, but now that I have a job (a post for another day) and it takes me a week to earn Celcee money for the month - my priorities have apparently changed.


We will see if it lasts!


jen said...

So, you actually waited an extra week to tell her, huh? Chicken.

Cindy B said...

a moment of silence.

Sue said...

Now that is a hard job to do.