Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big hole in my garage!!

Here is the offending pipe - and the accompanying hole, at least it looks like it will be confined to the garage.
Every time the jackhammer starts I hear cha ching - cha ching and money going down the drain!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Derailed again!!

This is my Laundry room and a nice big hole into my garage. 2 Weeks ago my washer drain backed up and flooded the garage and the laundry room, ruining the laminate floor and stressing me out. So we decided to pull up the laminate in the Laundry room and replace with tile, lesson learned.

When I started to pull up the laminate - it was a whole lot soggier than previously thought and we called the insurance company.They decided since the water went into the kitchen that the whole laminate floor had to come out - I thought crap - but hey new floor and a chance to scrape the final 2 ceilings and do a little updating would be ok, I could get behind that. The timing is not great but.....

I found some one on craigs list to buy my good flooring and took it all up - isn't the linoleum underneath groovy?

But alas - when my plumber friend was cleaning out my drains he found the line from the washer and kitchen is collapsed under the concrete slab - Yikes! and then got his snake so stuck even his truck couldn't pull it out. THEN on the way home from mutual Brenn's Beast blew a tire and we had to put 4 new tires on it!! Hard to spend $600 on tires when the whole car cost $1800. We seem to be having such bad luck! Then on Thursday I was rinsing some paint brushes in the kitchen sink and the water came up thru the drain in the laundry room so no kitchen sink and no dishwasher!! No washer either. AUGHHH!

I cannot start on our repairs until the plumber is done and he hasn't even started! I have to admit when he said we had to clean out the whole garage (ours is a huge storage space) to jack hammer up the concrete and find the break and maybe even go thru my living room, which has all the furniture from the rest of the house, let's just say I am not really having a positive attitude.

The only good news is only 3 more days of school, but then I can't bug my kids to help me because they all have finals! And only 3 more days and Brenn is a Senior, that is a big YIKES!!!

All in all - i am slow to blog when every day there is something else going wrong! I did buy a lottery ticket - usually I don't even match one number so I thought if it is opposite week..._ any way I won $3, maybe things are looking up!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fuen Castle

OK here we are on the top of the castle!! Ken, my Aunt Linda and my Mom Judy. This is a birds eye view of the courtyard - it was surprisingly big and organized. I did wonder how many people lived here at once.
Notice the skinny walk way to the tower. We started a tradition of climbing every staircase we could find and going thru every door - this was a great way to see it all but very taxing in many ways!!
Here is Mom and Ken at the door way to the tower - we figured it must have been built that way to limit the access by men in armour.

Thru the doorway is a little room - seemed nice until we noticed another door - look how small the door is...

There goes Ken - He hates this shot, butt you have got to use it!! The steps were very tall and the passage way was really skinny - again we thought a couple of men with bows could hold out for a long time - the men in armour would never be able to get thru the door or up the stairs.

This is the top door. Here I am helping my mom - it was really a hard climb because the steps were tall and no hand holds and no turning around.
Here is one of the arrow slits up close.
This is the zoomed out of the same arrow slit.

Guns - what else would interest a man?

This is the stairway to the other tower - I loved the look of the brick work. This stair way was slightly wider and had some hand holds.

View of the top of the 2nd tower - isn't the water blue!! That's the Mediterranean Sea and it was so pretty.
Top of the 2nd tower - more square footage then the first but less protected.