Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dallin graduated from High School on May 27, 2010 and also from 4 years of seminary.

This is for the Dentons! 
Tucker and Dallin

Grandma Kathy
Grandpa Ed
Lots of Family!!
Lots of Girls!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's official!

I have finally done the one thing


to change my status:

I wrapped 2 pieces of chicken fingers in a napkin and put it in my purse to bring home!!

I guess this is not far behind!!

Dallin graduated from Seminary last night and will walk for the high school tonight!!  Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Cinnamon Roll Tuesday!

Today was the last Cinnamon Roll Tuesday.  Although the kids offered to still come all summer long!

It has been a fun tradition.  These kids, who are on the edge of adulthood, making decision that will impact the rest of their lives yet are so kind and grateful for a few cinnamon rolls.  Today it was signing of yearbooks and talking of where they will go to college.  Missions were also a major topic. 

When I was in my youth, the adults were afraid for the future.  My generation was going to drop the ball (maybe we have) but I have no fear for the future.  These children (for at least 2 more days) are looking ahead.  They are kind, polite, smart, caring, strong, true and willing to help each other.  I did not know kids like this existed when I was their age.  I am proud to help mother them, after all, that is what Cinnamon Roll Tuesday has been about for me.  Mothering while I can.

I see my future coming really fast.  My last child will turn 15 this next Sunday.  He starts High School in the fall.  My oldest is almost 20 and Dallin only has about 6 more months until a mission for our church.  My mothering days are somewhat numbered so I have chosen to spread that duty to whomever comes in our door or within my vicinity.

I got to spend the day with my friend Jen yesterday.  We laughed, gabbed and pretty much had a nice visit.  I got to cuddle her sweet, beautiful Eve, giggle over Hyrums big sigh when he made the potty on time and shock all of the teenagers who came for lunch.  They could not believe that Moms could just hang out!!  She has good mothering years left.  I will always be a 2nd mother to her children (whether Hyrum likes me or not!) I am blessed to call that family mine too. But it called to my attention that my life will change soon, faster than I am sure I can be ready. 

But mostly, when I think about it I think - CRAP!!  I am getting old!!  And then my body confirms it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Roofing is dangerous!!

We are so thankful for all of the help we received!! We ended up having to replace all of the plywood under the shingles (that's why so many holes in the ceiling) we got quite a bit done and hope to finish off the job before the first of June. Nothing like having to double your budget. YUCK!!  

Here is where Dallin straddled a beam.  He thought he was stepping on a board and went thru the siding on the back porch.  Poor guy.

Here is the hole Brad made in my den.  Luckily he caught himself before free falling.

Here is a hole caused by Tuckers foot!

I think this picture looks like an artist rendering of a big job!  !!

Also, Logan got his braces off!!  He is so excited. His teeth look fabulous!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roof Rats

Look who showed up to help us demo our roof...

Looks like cinnamon roll Tuesday did pay off!!

My Charming Son showing his love for his mom (you can tell because he didn't go full moon!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Brenn has Syphilis.......

Poor Brenn, she has been diagnosed by a leading expert......


Who had to write 5 page paper on Syphilis for Biology last week and considers himself an expert.

Therefore he has diagnosed Brenn with this dreaded disease all because she has some nasty sores on her tongue.

Poor, poor Brenn........

I wonder if I should be worried??

I think we will probably be safe waiting for the sores to heal, but I promise to keep an eye on her level of crazy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Headache and the Flu....

Been silent for a while, I had a very bad week last week.  Bad migraine for 3 days and slid right into the flu.  I am finally better and upright.  Do you know how long it takes to get your house back in order when Mom is on the fritz?

I wanted to share our (Brenn and I) new obsession.  This is the kind of art I can create (sorry Jenny).

This is for my cousin Andi - it is 2 ft X 2ft, with a frame.  The picture is taped to the glass so you can change it out as your kid grows.  It just so happens she had some pictures taken that matched the colors perfectly.  I have to give props to my SIL Kirsten because she helped me put this together.  We love our Cricut!!  We have made 4 of these and have the wood for 4 more.  I am going to teach a class (with Kirsten, Please?) for the Christmas in June enrichment. 

This is the one Brenn and I made for Heidi and Sam.  Such fun!!  I am always
up for a fun craft.  Whoops, I mean art!!

This is my next project.  I can copy anything.  Not great at the original stuff, but I can copy anything.

Wednesday we are starting our roof.  Yes, we are dedicated do-it-yourself 'ers (read this cheap) and we had a bunch of the boys who come to cinnamon roll Tuesday offer to help us strip the roof soooo....

Here comes the fun!  It ought to be an interesting week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dallin's Senior Pictures and Announcement

Dallin's Graduation Announcement - Taahdaa!!

This took me way too long to do but I am really pleased with how it turned out (kinda like the kid, ya know?!).

Now I figured out the process on Photoshop and will be faster in the future.  Now my mailbox is full of out going mail and I have a few stragglers to track down addresses (darn those missionaries) and I am finished with this part.  I am so proud of this young man!

Isn't he handsome?

Brenn took the pictures and did a great job!  Check out her other photos at her blog.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Mothers Day?

I have been wrestling with posting something this week.  Up until a couple of years ago I loved Mothers day and figured all mothers did too.  I was enlightened by a wonderful talk in Sacrament Meeting.

 Really, I did like a day where all of my children tried to be really nice, Ken cooked dinner and he badgered the kids to do the dishes.  I could take a nap and not have to explain it to anyone.  Best of all I could go and buy whatever I wanted for Mothers day (within reason, of course) and give it to Ken to wrap up.  What's not to like?

Now I am supposed to feel guilty.  I am supposed to feel like I am not good enough to be a mom.  I yell at my children and sometimes I don't cook dinner (OK I only cook dinner about half the time).  I am supposed to feel ......(insert inadequacy here).

I have a hard time with self analysis.  I am hardly ever too hard on myself.  I usually give myself the benefit of the doubt, well if I even think about it at all.  I am not a real deep thinker.  If I hear it and it sounds right to me I am good with that.

Plus, I have great role models.  Women who have lived interesting, ground breaking lives and are confident in who they are.  My Grandma (or Grammy as we have taken to calling her) was a busy soul.  She served those around her with an ease that I am still reaching for.  She was deeply involved in whatever her kids volunteered her for and then some.  My Moms high school boyfriend still calls her and comes to see her.  My Mom is a force of nature.  She is the poster child for 'git 'er done!'  She loves her children and grandchildren and leaves no doubt that she would help in anyway possible.  She is not a huge worrier, something I inherited.  She stands firm on gospel sod and is the picture in my head when I hear about standing firm and immovable.  My aunt Jan is the first person I knew who went thru a divorce.  She handled it with grace and dignity (I was 15 and watching) she then rebuilt her life, found a great husband and I still have my kids 'take a swig' to measure liquid medicine.  My aunt Linda had a career and a family.  She was up close and personal with the glass ceiling.  I always loved to hear my Uncle Jerry (her husband) extol how proud he is of her and her accomplishments.  Then there are the Ladies in the family I married into.  Ken's Grandmothers were women to admire, to emulate, and to love.  My MIL Kathy is the kindest person I have ever met.  She is a gracious hostess (almost every single Sunday) and a very loving mom and grandmother. His aunts are the best!  I can sit a chat with any of them (an often do) for hours at a time.

Last but not least are the girlfriends I have got to know over my mothering years.  Sonya - wanted to be a mom first and foremost.  Jenny - we learned to deal with kids together, experimenting with alarm clocks and blackout curtains, movies passes and park day, scrapbook Fridays and weddings.  My great SILs (who are more friends than just family) all of who have talents and I enjoy immensely at Lake Powell or when ever we can all get together (Kirsten is my neighbor so it is easier with her).

With all of these fab women who love me and like me too, how can I feel bad?

I choose to spend Mothers day celebrating.  All women, regardless of how they view themselves, deserve this one day to feel GOOD!  So....

Happy Mothers Day!!!