Thursday, May 26, 2011

Linky Party...

Wait, you thought I was hosting?  Surely you jest!  My linky party would be more like:

What do you read/do while sitting on the throne? 
Is that your only peace and quiet or do your kids still bug you?

Instead my bestie Jen  is hosting and her question is much more appropriate.

What are the most important things I need to teach my children? What are the principles that will lead them to being productive, independent, spiritual adults?

You can be as narrow as the most important thing or as broad as a list.

As I have pondered, I can do that I just don't often, my principle would be


Not only to parents, but obedience to our Father in Heaven and his commandments.  To me, one of the best examples the Savior set was obedience to his Father.  He followed God's plan for Him, even though it was hard, even though He didn't think He could do it, He did and we all benefit.

I want to be that obedient.  I want my kids to see me being obedient.  In one of the other links,  Granny Sue (a fav for sure) spoke about how kids watch what you DO and they learn a lot more from your actions, then what you say.  I wholeheartedly agree with that!  It is my responsibility to model, sincerely, what I want my kids to copy.  It is our responsibility to study the scriptures, pray for guidance and know what we need to be doing. 

I am still a little emotional about my missionary and I can't express my gratitude for him serving.  For being obedient.  That just makes my heart so full it could burst.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love Monday's!!

New email and we also got snail mail from our missionary!!  The only problem is he included letters to Brenn, Logan and all of the Naughton's across the street.  What did he send his mom, who has written him faithfully both by email and by snail mail???


 Which means nothing, nada, zero!!  WHAT!!??? 

At least I am comforted to know the emails are long and detailed so I guess I shouldn't complain.......


Now presenting the latest from the Elder:

Dear Family and Friends,

First off i want to say CONGRADULATIONS! to all those who graduate this week! secondly i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma Naughton and Grampa Ed, who both have birthdays during this coming week! Thanks for all your love and support and i hope that you have great birthdays!

I have officially been a missionarty for a whole month!!! it doesnt seem like is been that long, but at the same time it seems like its been ages already! its really wierd!

This week has been a great week full of awesome and fun experiences! I played football on Monday and totally owned! it was so much fun! Then on tuesday i went on exchange with two elders in Harbourne. Elder Pavan had a leadership meeting so we went and proselyted while he did that. I was With Elder Jean and Elder Kunz. harbourne is Elder Kunz's area and it was an hour and a half bus ride just to get there. We stopped off at the flat and ate some lunch and then we went out to work. Elder Kunz was in my MTC group, and had only been in the area for about a week. needless to say we had absolutely no idea where we were and only a slight idea of where we were going. but we turned our problem into a blessing by asking every person we passed how to get where we were going. It was an awesome way to start a conversation with people! We ended up giveng out 7 Books of Mormon and we got them 3 potential investigators, and 1 appointment! it was a great and successful day!

on Wednesday i went on exchange again! I went to Nuneaton with Elder Card while Elder Matthews went to Redditch with Elder Pavan. Elder Card and I went and taught some investigators and saw a less active sister. Then we went to a dinner appointment with literally the wierdest, most annoying family in the entire world... It was legitimately the oddest house ever. after dinner we went with the ward mission leader to visit some less active sisters. While at one house, the power cut out, and Elder Card said the closing prayer and prayed that the power would come on soon and not 30 seconds after did the power come back on! It was a tender mercy of the Lord and it was awesome!!

Then we had district meeting on thursday in coventry. afterward adrian picked us up and we taught tracy at her house and that went really really well. Afterward they took us out to a chinese buffet and it was SO GOOD! the had a chocolate fountain and it was yummy.

Friday we taught Tracy again first thing in the morning. It went really well and she is super excited to get baptised! Then we did our weekly planning and went to a D.A. at a members home and she made the most delicous lemon drizzle cake. I have eaten so much food during this last month im suprised im not 4000 pounds! After the dinner appointment we went and helped out the youth by reffing their basket ball games, for their stake youth activity. Now i thought i was bad at basketball, but these kids were absolutely terrible! It was the funniest thing ever to see these kids just suck so bad at b-ball. hahaha so funny.

On saturday we helped out Jerry with his yard and itwas honestly the oddest thing i have ever done. We dug out his grass, put it in those reusable, green(earth friendly) bags, ran them across the street and dumped them out over this fence. I felt like i was smuggling drugs or something, and everytime a car would drive by i didnt know wether to hide what i was doing , or continue on like there was nothing wrong. but after he made us a yummy breakfast of sausage, bacon, egg, and toast. then we went to drop off my dry cleaning, and proselyte in the city center. Right after i dropped off my suits i realized that i needed them on sunday, and that ther wouldnt be ready until monday... way to go dallin, way to usar la cabesa. hahaha luckily Elder Pavan lent me one of his suits. we're pretty close to the same hieght (im slightly taller) but he is a good 50 60 pounds bigger than me, so his suit looked massive on me! and i gave a talk in church so i was in front of the whole ward looking really goofy in a suit that was to big. good stuff.

now one of the greatest moments of my week. on Sunday after church we went to Dinner at a members house. they own a porsche. They let elder pavan and myself drive the porsche.... it was sooooooo awesome! definatly better than my corolla back at home. hahaha so much fun! after that we went and had some pancakes :) Great Great Great week

love you all :)

Elder Cole

Love this boy anyway!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

As I sat in Sacrament meeting this morning I realized I hadn't been to church for a month! I went to Tuckers farewell but to my own ward it has been a while. Between being really sick and Grandma falling, I haven't attended. So when I walked in this morning, early, I might add (8:30am church is killing me), and I chatted with a few people and I hugged on the boys who are graduating, I started to tear up just a bit. I haven't been bad in the missing Dallin department, or at least I thought I hadn't, but I realized I haven't been exposed to his peers much lately. To top it off, the choir sang the As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman song, that song touches me anyway and today the tears just rolled down my face. I am so proud of my missionary! I am so grateful he is worthy and willing to serve, and I think I cry because of the gratitutde more than the missing. My heart is so touched and the Spirit feels so close when I see these boys who are preparing and knowing my son is serving both the people of England and as an example to these boys he loves so much!

Can't wait for tomorrow to hear how his piano playing went!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love MAIL!!

See what I got in the mail this week:

President and Sister Ogden

Elder Pavan and Elder Cole

Plus a sweet letter from the Mission President and his Wife.  It was a needed look see at my Elder Cole.  It came on Wednesday.  I was already a little teary because of Tucker leaving and this put me over the top.  Just a little!

What's a mom to do?!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are you ready????

I first read about this a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was funny - especially when it quoted a guy who works for homeland security - that kinda makes you go hmmmmm.

From the Arizona Republic:

"Have you heard the awesome news?" the side of the RVs asked, in big bold letters. "The End of the World is Almost Here!"
As if the message weren't scary enough, the dozen or so occupants of the RVs - vanguard of a national campaign funded by a fundamentalist Christian radio network and fueled by bus ads and Internet buzz - wore highlighter-bright yellow shirts that said "Earthquake So Mighty, So Great." They offered pedestrians handouts saying there was "marvelous proof" that "Holy God will bring judgment day on May 21, 2011."......

The man pushing the current forecast is Harold Camping, an 89-year-old Christian fundamentalist radio host and co-founder of the Family Radio network, which broadcasts on dozens of stations across the country. His group has sponsored the end-of-the-world caravan and plastered cities, including Washington, with billboards and signs.

This is not Camping's first end-of-the-world prophecy. In a 1992 book, he predicted that the world would end in 1994. When he woke up in 1995, clearly something had gone wrong......

Among them was Gary Vollmer, who took a leave of absence from the Department of Homeland Security to spread the word. He's supposed to go back on May 23. "But I'm not going back," he said. "I'll be gone on the 21st."

Camping, an engineer by training, says he came up with the very precise date of May 21 through a mathematical calculation that would probably crash Google's computers. It involves, among other things, the dates of floods, the signals of numbers in the Bible, multiplication, addition and subtraction thereof. Camping describes his equations with absolute conviction

Now I didn't publish the whole article but really there was just so much there to enjoy - first that it will be a great earthquake - haven't we had several of those lately?  Then I wondered what Mr Vollmer was going to do on the 23rd if he is still here, work? or not?  Then I would have liked to see Mr. Camping on Jan 1, 1995 - how did he explain that?  Lastly I had to rib Ken because Mr Camping is an engineer - to which he responded "What kind? Certainly not a Civil Engineer?"  Plus the complicated calculation would probably crash Google's computers?  Just too funny!!

But the best part was published the next day:

Bart Centre, an atheist from New Hampshire, started Eternal Earth-bound Pets in 2009. He offers Rapture believers an insurance plan for those furry family members that won't join them in heaven: 10-year pet care contracts, with Centre and his network of fellow non-believers taking responsibility for the animals after the Rapture. The fee -- payable in advance, of course -- was originally $110, but has gone to $135 since Camping's prediction.

Centre says he has 258 clients under contract, and that business has picked up considerably this year. But he's not worried about a sales slump if May 21 happens to disappoint believers.

So I guess my question is....

Why wouldn't my pets go to heaven???

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Latest from England

I am so glad to have a missionary!  My 2nd son left this morning to enter the MTC in Provo you can see that here.  Jen and I have raised our older kids together, it is wonderful to see these two strong young men go and serve the Lord!

This weeks letter:



now that i have that little all capitals love shout out out of the way i can get on with my email =) well its been like 3 days simce my last email but it feels like its been FOREVER!! so many things have happened! We have spent a lot of time with the members so they can grow to love me :) hahaha story time, so i had always heard of people who went on missions and had to play the piano for the ward their serving in because no one there new how to play. and i thought to myself, that will NEVER happen to me... the Lord LOVES it when you say NEVER, because then he can make sure it happens... the Redditch ward has a little cd player they use as accompaniment to their hymns, and once i let it slip that i could play the piano, they got all excited because for the first time they are going to have someone accualy accompanying them.. yay. they got me a little keyboard for the flat that i can practise on. haha im actually really excited to be able to serve the ward like that! they will love me! and if they love me, then they will give me referals and then i can convert people!!! it will be good... i hope

i taught my first lesson on friday! it was awesome! we taught a lady named Tracy. She is dating Adrian, who is inactive, and he helped spike her interest in the church. She is so Golden that it is slightly ridiculus! She has a baptism date for june 4 and she is so excited! Adrian is the man too! He is so helpful! he helps answer questions and he gives awesome insights! he served his mission in bristol, so he knows exactly whats going on and what to say, its so cool!

We are also helping a guy named Shaun he is pretty much the coolest kid ever. He's like 22 and is the nicest guy! His dad Andrew was a member when he was younger, but he fell away from the church for a while, his wife was baptised like 2 weeks ago, and they are planning to go to the temple next year! His younger brother Harry was also baptised not to long ago. Shaun knows that its good, but he just needs to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, but he's had exams for university and hasnt had much time to do anything but them, but it will happen! Tonight we are going to Family Home Evening with their whole family! ( their cousins live down the street a bit and are also freakin cool) We're going to have a quick lesson and then we're going to play football!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited i havent got to play since the MTC! Elder Pavan and i have a ball we kick around the flat, but its not the same! I cant wait! im even getting some football boots so i dont die like i did at the MTC!

I have eaten more in the past 5 days here in Redditch then ever in my entire life ever!! its a bit ridiculus! members feed us dinner all the time! and they go all out! Every single time with out fail there is just a mountain of food on our plates!! I am so close to literally exploding every time i eat! and our flat is famous for its sweets cupboard! Its just loaded with candy that the members give us! we've already made it through like 4 Chocolate easter eggs! and the Chocolate here is about 1000000000000000000 times better than at home! Its soooooo good! i could eat myself into a sweet chocolate death if given the chance.

on sunday Elder Pavan and I taught the high priest group, and it went really well. we taught about how small and simple things bring about great things! and we related it to member missionary work. We challenged them to pray for missionary experiences, and to pray for the courage to act on them. We showed a video about it and it had a talk by president eyring and it was so powerful! i love that guy! he is so inspired and you can easily see it every time he speaks. then Elder Pavan gave the opening prayer, We blessed the Sacrament, I shared my testimony, AND i gave the closing prayer. AND we are both giving talks next week on how to show love to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I'm going to tie it to missionary work and pull a President Wright and challenge them all from the pulpit! it will be epic!! wether epicly good or epicly bad i am not sure but epic, it will be!! well i have got to be going now so



Elder Cole

p.s. to send me anything you just send it to the mission home and they will get it to tme at district meetings! I will try to get you the address to the flat if i can.

I have to admit 3 email and one phone call in a week is the BOMB!!  With Tuckers farewell and leaving and I am missing Dallin some it has been an emotional week.  But I love it anyway!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I am behind....

Latest from the missionary:

well Im being transfered tomorrow at 6:00 am!! its crazy!! its really a bittersweet time because im so excited to get out to the mission field but sad to leave all the friends ive made that i wont see maybe ever. But im mostly excited! ive been packing up all my stuff and its a little weird. i feel like im leaving my home all over again, but more sad. ive bonded so much with everyone here and will miss them tons! i love you all and i might be able to email you when i get to the mission office.

love Elder Cole

Then on the next day we got:
The subject line said:  the epistle of Elder Cole to the people of Mesa
So I'm staioned in a place called Redditch!! it's an awesome place! but ill get to that later

so i had to get up at 5 o clock yesterday for transfers!! ive had trouble getting up on time my entire stay at the MTC, and i not only went to bed way way way late (midnight), but i also got up right on time! It was a sad, sad night on tuesday night... we watched the joseph smith movie, and i was touched by how happy he was even though he had such a hard time, all the time. then we had a testimony meeting and it was beautiful! everyone who could bore their testimony (one elder was so sick it was all he could do to just not throw up) After word we sang ''God be with you til we meet again'' that song makes me cry like a baby every time! its a little bit ridiculus!!! haha but then we went to pres and sis walkers apartment and had some cake and ice cream. One of the things i will miss the most will be the pastries that the MTC chef made... he was a magician...

so we woke up early, packed up the coach (bus) and said our heartfelt goodbyes, only to get on the bus, drive about 1 hr, and stop at the same rest stop as the other bus... it was pretty funny.

i wasnt even nervious until we pulled onto penns lane (the same street the mission home is on) then i was super crazy ridiculusly nervious. we pulled into the mission home and met the president and the ap's. and luckily they were all super nice. we met with the mission president (who is awesome btw), and i met Elder Matthews! he's really cool and i think he's in my district! which is pretty cool (represent AZ) Then we went over to the mission home and had some pizza. and then the ap's told us to line up single file and to walk to the stake center... it was like a little GREENY PARADE!!! all the missionaries were out i front yelling at us try ing to get us to look away, but the ap's told us to keep our heads down... so i only looked up once... to give a big thumbs up to ELDER BOEHME!!!!! then we went in to meet our trainers ...................................................

ELDER PAVAN!! he's from Canada and he is really really awesome! ive already learned a ton from him! None of my MTC friends are in the same district so we all said our goodbyes and elder pavan and i set off to the train station and off to our flat. Which is freakin cool bytheway. so story time, so on the way home my father (elder pavan) was telling me about our landlords, one is a lady and is very kind to us, the other is a short old man who does not like the missionaries at all. he also told me that one of them would be waiting at the flat to give it an inspection... so i was praying for the landlady to be there. we walk (up the biggest hill ever with both of my suitcases) to our apartment and, of course, their is a short man standing at the gate yelling at us as soon as we get there... so we walk up to our flat and he just starts tearing the place apart, this bathroom is unbearable, this is terrible, that is terrible, im going to have to kick you out its so messy. Then he starts interogating me about my political standpoints, and at this point im freeeeaaaakin out. on no! i just got here and am already being kicked out of my apartment. wow way to make a good impression in the area. then he and elder pavan start crackin up. they thought it would be funny to play a little joke on the greeny.; ha ha h-not very funny... jk i laughed. his name is jerry and he was just reactivated and just went through the temple! he helps out us missionaries all the time! he's actuallty a really cool guy.

so i unpacked a bit and we had some dinner and we went out to a member of the bishopric and watched a video we are going to use when we teach the high preists on sunday. They are such a great family. and today we went over there and the helped my get a pretty nice bike FOR FREE-ish i can use it as long as im in redditch, once i leave i have to give it back to the ward, but Brother Mason said that if i like it i could buy it off them for like 50£. witch is good for a decent bike. but this place is way way way way way hilly... on the way here we climed most likely the biggest hill ever in the history of the earth and my thighs are killin me! but in the long run i will have the thighs of a champion! haha well thats pretty much it... i wont be able to send post for a few days so hopefully i can write all those who have writen me. I LOVE YOU ALL! STAY SWEET



He also sent an Oh yeah my Pday is now Monday.  I love this being a missionary mom!  I feel a little spoiled to get 3 emails in one week! 

I have some post rolling around in my head I just need to have the time to sit and type.  We'll see!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Next installment....

It has been a caaaarrazy week! i was thinking back on it and what to write about and it seems likes its been a month!  on thursday we went into manchester to street contact and man was that scary!!!  but it was such a great experience!  the first guy we talked to was a professor of ethics, and he was very interested i what we had to say from a scolarly standpoint, but i bore my testimony that if he read the book of mormon and pray to know if it was true that he would recieve an answer.  and he said that he would read it not only for his job, but for his own spirituality and that he would pray about it!! it was so exciting!  we talked to like 5 or 6 other people, gave out one more book of mormon, and came back to the mtc exhausted, but happy!    we taught our ''investigator'' sam again and it went soooooo well. even though it wasnt real and i was teaching a teacher, the spirit was so strong.  it was so amazing!   ive learned so much in the short time tht ve been here in the mtc!  it feels like a whole semester of school, crammed into a couple weeks.  its taught me that with the spirit, anything can happen!
well since this mtc is so small, theres only like 40 misionaries total, they are letting us call home!  it ll be around 8:30 mothers day morning!!  i can only imagine your excitement, being able to hear my beautiful voice! haha  that will be fun!
there are two teachers that are mainly teaching my district, brother day, who looks remarkable like kai, and brother jacobe, who looks like a mix between rufio form hook and andrew sheifer, and they and soooooo awesome!! they are such great teachers and they bring the spirit so well!  we also got a little mix up in my district.  we got a new sister!  sister sebauld was moved to nephi district and we got sister binnie from scotland.  she was supposed to go to sweden but her visa wasnt going through so she got her call changed to london south!!  whe is really cool and that makes 3 scots in my district!! it is so much fun!
today we got to go on a church history tour! and it was so great!  i woke up this morning and i felt off, it was the only time that have felt at all homesick.  but (not that i dont love you guys at home) i was thinking about spencer, i just couldnt get him off my mind and i was feeling homesick, and then we were standing near a small stream wheree the early missionaries baptised loads of people and we had a short testimony meeting.  i felt the spirit so strong and it told me that this is where im supposed to be, and that im doing what the Lord wants me to.  Spencer i love you! email me or write me asap!!  i sent you a letter and i dont know if you got it or not....
any ways i ve got to run, i love you all!!

elder Cole

I am wondering if the call will be my time or his, but no matter I will be so glad to talk to him and I am not sure I will be able to sleep!

We have all been really sick all week, as Grandma would say we have the 'Epiczookic'! Lots OSS snot and coughing. I feel really bad for Grandma because of her cracked rib and all of the coughing!! I have pretty much done nothing all week, at least until I reached my threshold.

Do you have a threshold?

By a Threshold I mean, show dirty can your house get before you can't stand it and have to clean no matter how bad you feel. I reached that on Friday. Wore myself out but at least the vacuuming got done and the house picked up.

BTW it was 101 degrees today, first hot day........of many!