Friday, April 30, 2010

Risque` Post - read at your own risk

Disclaimer:  This is not the most uplifting of topics and I apologize if it is offensive but this is suppose to chronicle my family and this is just to good to pass up.

At the Junior high yesterday they ran a bus drill.  Making sure each student knows how to exit a bus in an emergency situation, it is important, even if lost on a bunch of 14-15 year olds.  During this drill one of the children in Logan's class made a smart, inappropriate remark and the rest of the class laughed.  One of the vice principals reprimanded them harshly.  Telling these children they were not living up to the integrity of Poston Junior High, etc.

In light of the trouble caused the teacher gave homework relating to the incident, a letter of apology to the  vice principal.

Logan felt this was undeserved, as was the reprimand.  According to him they have practiced since first grade and it was hard to take it seriously, plus all they really did was laugh. 

His apology letter confiscated by his mother:

Dear Ms. ____________

I apologize for the way some of my classmates acted.  Especially for the one kid who said 69.  People should not have been laughing when he said 69.  It is not something to laugh about, 69 that is.  The way you disciplined us was good in my opinion.  I am so glad that we have someone like you as vice principal not some wimpy person.  But someone who keeps Poston's reputation going!  I still feel bad about the 69 thing.  69 should not be said around campus.  It is not even that funny.  I mean I don't get it it is only two numbers put together 6 and 9.  I am sorry for that.

When he would not let me read it I became really suspicious.  So I finally wrangled it out of his hands and read it.  First off I should get the Academy Award for not laughing until I cried (that came later), but told him it was wrong and he would get in way more trouble.  He pointed out he did not sign it, but really I am sure they would have recognized his handwriting. 

Then I looked him in the eye and asked if he knew what it meant.  He assured me he did.  I quizzed him further and asked where he learned such a thing and he told me an 8th grader explained it to him.  HHhhmmmm.

I made him write a proper letter and took him to school. 

I am recording this, with his permission, for posterity and so when he is 40 and his teenager is giving him fits I can read it back to him!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Project

Since Dallin is getting ready to graduate and preparing for a mission we as a family decided to try to read the whole Book of Mormon, during family scripture study, before he leaves.

I figured it out and there are 238 chapters.  244 days until the end of the year (hopefully he will have his call by then).  We are trying to be really dedicated to reading every morning (sometimes hard when you wake-up with a headache) at 7am. 

I notice such peace in our house when we are obedient to this counsel.  It sounds like it should be easy peasy but we struggle sometimes.  Luckily all five of us are old enough to get up (and wake everyone else if they sleep through the alarm), it really helps if I am not the only one pushing for this to get done.

I am so grateful for the tools we have to bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.  Great scripture to testify of Christ, to show us how to live and what we should focus our time and talents.  I am always amazed at how fast we can go from obedience to wickedness in such a short amount of time.  Straight is the way and narrow is the gate - I am trying to aim my family towards.

I am so proud of Dallin and his decision and excitement to serve a mission. He is such a great man.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glee and Madonna!

I am a huge Glee fan! I think the Madonna episode is the best one yet!

It's all in the details.

I love Sue Sylvester - and her quip about desperately seeking Susan. I felt bad for my kids because they did not get all of the references or the costumes.


The last number was so good. I have been singing Madonna ever since (yes, even in the shower).

How I wish I could sing well - I do sing one would call it pretty.

Tonight is Kristen Chenoweth - she is amazingly talented.  Besides singing and dancing her comedic timing is spot on.

Can't wait until tonight!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Prom 2010

Prom as a Senior!  Dallin and Tate both looked so handsome!

Dallin and Kyleigh - isn't she cute!  Her dress was lovely.
Tate and Kim.

Because it's all about the shoes!!

We hosted the dinner in our backyard.  I figured out how to seat all 16 at the same table and still get to chat and have fun together.

It turned out beautiful.  I borrowed some stuff from my friend Jen (wedding and all) and the other mothers helped by each bringing one thing.  Tate's mom Kim helped me serve and clean up.  What a fun day.  I really love to have them at our house, I get to see all the girls in their beautiful dresses and the boys in their tuxes - so much fun!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I really wanted to preserve the day I had on Wednesday for my posterity. I would like to say it was the very best day ever but really not so much.

After itching most of the night I was dragging myself out of bed (nothing like 2 benadryl to drug you to sleep) when I realized Logan had an ortho appointment in 20 minutes. Oh, and it takes at least 10 minutes to get there. Can you say "throw on clothes, put hair in a ponytail (it doesn't matter that it is too short) and brush your teeth. The Orthodontist is a type of dentist you know.

After an hour, I ran home took care of Grandma and started to run my errands.

First stop JoAnns, then Target, then on to Home Depot.

Are you riveted yet?

While at Home Depot ordering a new window for the broken one in Brenn's room (thanks Dakota) I was trying to find the cheapest option and still match the window we already replaced. As I was trying to figure out the 30% tax credit, whether to try to put LowE glass in my basement and things like that the gentleman who works at the other desk was helping by asking questions. While answering and chatting I mentioned that my daughter was going to be 20 and she didn't need tempered glass in her room. He looked me in the eye and said,

"There is no way you have a 20 year old daughter, you only look 26!"

I assured him I was old enough and had a good laugh. I told him I was going to buy the window and he did not need to lay it on so thick. I just laughed, especially when I went to my truck and looked at the mirror!

On to my next errands - Costco. Who by the way was having a special on Cricut cartridges - 3 for $95.00. Hello Mothers day present. As I am trying to decide which 3 the consultant tried to sell me a princess one, I told her my princess was almost 19 and I didn't need that one. She looked and me and said,

"No way!! You look like you are 26!"

This time I was just like "RIGHT!" (sarcastic and all).

Deciding that maybe my SIL Kirsten would like to split this with me I walked away and called her. After chatting and getting the okay I walked back to the table and was dealing with another consultant. Meanwhile, consultant #1 was helping this lady who wanted to cut out something specific and they were having trouble getting it to turn out. Consultant #1 asked me if I could figure it out and I showed them how I would do it.

I picked my cartridges and did a little more shopping and then went to check out. The lady I helped was in front of me and did not have the machine with her. I commented that she decided against it. She told me she just wasn't sure it was in the budget for her business and asked what I do with mine. I showed her the picture of Brenn's present to Heidi and Sam and told her I would look on ebay or craigslist for those people upgrading to the bigger Cricut or maybe she could just find someone to cut it out for her. As she looked at the picture she said,

"Your daughter has a friend who is married?"

I replied, "They are 19."

And she said,

"You don't look old enough to have a daughter that age, you look like you are 26!"

No lie! I came home and snapped a picture with my Blackberry.

Maybe its the pink jacket?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Brenn and I just watched Glee from last night (because we were busy last night, wedding and all) and at the end was this video.

is the only word I can think of.

If you are not a teen when MTV actually played videos watch this first

If you are not a big Glee fan you may not find this as great as I did but I was laughing so hard I cried!

Sorry for the advertisement at the beginning - that is the price you pay to embed I guess.

Just a sneak peek - the wedding of my friend Jen's daughter (my daughter in heart) went wonderfully! The Bride was beautiful. The Groom handsome. Everything went well. I will post some pictures later after Jenny has time to get hers up and running. She should be resting today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am really not a huge fan of SNL but Tina Fey does such a great job with Sarah Palin. I saw this morning and just had to share.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Radio and the Commercials

I spent all of Friday driving around shopping, going to lunch with my husband, not going to lunch with my husband after all, shopping, going to a baseball game and then driving home. I think I drove over 75 miles.

All that time I had the radio on. Now I am a flipper, if there are too many commercials I will flip the station until I find music. As I flipped from one station to another I kept hearing the same commercial. The more it played the more annoyed I got.

It starts sounding like a government commercial. Like the stimulus package will kick in and "help" you reduce your CREDIT CARD debt. If you owe more than $10,000 dollars they will 'help' you reduce your debt to do their part in helping to stimulate the economy. It repeatedly stated it was not your fault if you are in over your head.


Did you or did you not swipe that card for things you said you would pay for?

First, this commercial is fraudulent by implying that the stimulus package is free money that will get you out all of that stuff you couldn't afford without paying for any of it. Then they tell you it is not your fault you overspend.

Secondly, how will the credit card companies stay in business if everyone who owed them only payed a small percentage of what is owed? Isn't that part of the current problem with foreclosures? That the banks are losing so much on mortgages that they need government money? (Okay, I admit the banks are probably still making some profit but still.)

Lastly, what about honesty? I understand that sometimes things happen out of our control and you can't squeeze money from a rock. But I am really talking, and believe the commercial is aimed at, the irresponsible. Those who spend recklessly, with no viable way to afford it.

Really, by the time I got home it was about 6:30 pm I was so steamed. This is part of why we are in so much trouble as a country. Big debt and no conscience.

I normally try really hard not to judge from the surface but what are these people thinking? Why do we feel so entitled to spend more than we make on things we really do not need.

Okay, off of my soapbox.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am saddened by the amount of slanderous talk that surrounds politics in this day. I am not an Obama fan but fail to see how he has horns and a tail. I am constantly bombarded with emails and pop-up of the evils of his administration. How all of his advisers are just right of Communist. These scare tactics are ridiculous and serve to divide our country. The news is no better, they are mostly quoting some anonymous source close to the administration or whatever.

I know that health care needs to be addressed. I am not sure if the sweeping changes will be good or bad, mostly because no one can or has with out prejudice broken down the bill. The Right says it will bankrupt our country (some truth to that I am sure). The Left says it will save us from ourselves and the greedy health care companies. I wonder if common sense will ever return. If there will be anyway to compromise and do what is good and right.

We, Maricopa County, have the devil or not as our county sheriff. He is a no nonsense guy who LOVES the press, whether it be good or bad. He has made prison not fun. He does crime suppression sweeps that anger lots of people because he is looking for illegal aliens. He is not very popular with Hispanics or other liberal groups who feel he should look the other way. The newspapers rarely print something positive about him but he keeps getting re-elected anyway.

I don't listen to very much talk radio or television because I cannot stand the outright scare tactics. How anyone who disagrees is a raging crazy person. I wonder if this contributes to the lack of compassion that is prevalent in our society.

People who react out of fear instead of reason worry me. I am afraid for the future. I will do my part by becoming informed, discussing the issues rationally and voting.

I wish I could express my thoughts better but for now this is as confused as I feel. Where is the sanity??!

Oh yeah, centered in the gospel and listening to a Prophet.....okay I'm good.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Logan and the Throw up Kid

I am not one for to post wrestling video for your enjoyment, but this weekend brought a funny moment in Logan's tournament.

First he wrestled his 3rd cousin Steven Mason. It was a hard won match and both boys were toast afterwards. Logan did win, but just barely. After the match Steven was not feeling to good, I think he drank too much water. Steven had to wrestle another member of our team, Ryan, next and he told him to just get it over with because he wanted to hurl. Well, Ryan pinned Steven in about 10 seconds and then Steven puked all over. As I am commiserating with Stevens Mom, Deanna, Logan is preparing to wrestle again.

All of a sudden Logan lets the other kid up and off that kid goes to the same trash can to puke. Logan said the kid told him he needed the trash can and Logan decided winning was not worth getting puked on. I love Logan's face in the video!! Pictures are really worth a thousand words! If you watch all the people in the background they are all watching the poor kid. Logan said the kid smelled awful when he came back to finish the match. At least Logan won.

Apparently it was just that kind of day!

Post Edit - finally got the video to load!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

General Conference

I love General Conference. I really should say I have grown to love General Conference.

As a kid my Mother always made us watch at least Sunday. I know it was a strain for her because we were so awful about it.

When I went off to College it was a big deal to drive to Conference and watch or sit outside the Tabernacle and listen. I think that is the first time I really listened and was touched.

When my kids were really little we mostly snoozed on the couch while trying to watch. As they grew, they loved General Conference. And in doing so helped me to appreciate it more. To listen carefully and study the Conference Ensign as scripture.

I remember when Brenn was about 8 or so, she came in our room and woke us up to watch. Because of the DST it was on earlier than we thought. She wanted us to share as a family. As the years have gone by each of my children have made it a point to be there both days, the whole conference time without the strain my poor Mother had to go through.

A few years ago Ken and I were trying to fix a mower and one thing led to another and by the time we got home Conference was about 1/2 over. I will never forget the testimony of my children all gathered around the television watching and listening. No one was there to make them, remind them or even to encourage them, they knew what was right and they did it.

Now only one session has been on today, but I felt so uplifted. Logan is wrestling today (his thumb is finally better) and I am so grateful for TIVO. I was especially moved by President Monson talking about his dear wife. Couldn't you see the love? That kind of love, lasting those many years has been a goal of Ken and I. We could see it in his grandparents. Elder Eyring was also a stand out to me. He is so powerful.

Just a my small testimony of the importance of watching Conference. I am grateful when it falls on Easter. Somehow it makes me reflect better on my Savior and his willingness to be obedient to His Father. What a testament of love.