Tuesday, April 28, 2009

PUPPIES!!! 4am!!

6 puppies, 4 boys, 2 girls - finished at 4am - more after I sleep!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom 2009

So Prom starts at our house (for Dallin and his group).

Dallin and Diane

The boys in that group came over and covered our back patio in white lights and Dallin wanted to try to get all 16 at one big table so they would not have to be split up.
Here is the table:

It turned out really pretty, we used lots of candles and beautiful roses from my neighbors yard. I used my grandmothers red glass plates on top of the silver chargers, they were really pretty. My grandmother wanted these red dishes and made sure all of her daughters knew this and one year for her birthday (Dec 9th) and Christmas she got a lot of red dishes. Luckily I inherited them and really wanted to use them but they have been used for about 25 or 30 years and had a lot of hard water build up on them. Needless to say I am sore, I spent about 10 hours scrubbing, soaking, and yes cursing trying to bring them back to a beautiful shine. They looked so nice that it was worth it!
They dined on steak, courtesy of Chef Ken, baked potato, green salad, fruit salad and rolls.
All in all a pretty easy dinner for me, 2 of the other mothers helped me serve and clean up. It was a lovely night. They danced and had a great time and then back to our house for fantastic cupcakes made by Chandlers mom, you can check them out here, and ice cream.
A lot of laughing and talking and then everyone went home for curfew.
Brenn's date Jake (yes, boy with the mice) came to get her in this:
Don't they look great?!! Tanner's family hosted a great dinner, she said it was so yummy. They danced and then went to race mini formula cars (too late for that) and watched a movie and played with puppies at Jake's (not her date the other one) house. She said she had a really great time.

One of her Laurel leaders did her hair, it was so beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the back.

The night before several of Brenn's friends came over so Grandma could make the boutonnieres (sp). Even tho she has forgotten a few things, flowers are like walking to her and she just whipped out about 7 of them in no time!

See how its done.

I am glad they both had fun and I love to see all of the kids dressed up. The girls were lovely and the boys handsome. I was so busy I didn't take too many other pictures but Brad did and when I get them I will post some of the lovely, modest dresses.
Now on to graduation preparations!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vulture's Prey

Now I haven't been going to Relief Society for to long and I am sorta rusty, yesterday we had a very short announcement period followed by a Sister who brought a beautiful song to our attention and directed a very nice discussion on the lyric and then we sang it - I had never heard of it before (#120) but it had a really nice message.

Then we had a really good lesson.

Now I must preface this with the fact I was sitting my my girlfriend Kathi Porter - who was visiting our ward from Utah so her wonderful son Nic could give a homecoming talk in the ward he left from (they moved to Utah a while ago) - Now Kathi and I worked in YW for a long time and we "get" each other. So here we are eating skittles I got in Sunday School and we start to sing the closing song, I am sure someone was trying to stretch us to learn new hymns and I do get tired of the same ole' songs (I hope whoever chose the song will not be offended) and we sang song #121 "I'm a Pilgrim, I'm a Stranger." After the first couple of lines Kathi and I were starting to crack up...

I'm a pilgrim, I'm a stranger
Cast upon the rocky shore
Not bad
Of a land where deathly danger
Surges with a sullen roar
Here is where we started to giggle - really? deathly danger? Sullen roar? Isn't this church?
2nd verse
Misty vapors rise before me.
Scarcely can I see the way.
I actually calmed down by this point because I thought it was well expressed but...
Clouds of darkest hue hang o'er me,
and I'm apt to go astray
With the many, with the many
That are now the Vulture's prey.
Nobody got through the Vulture part, the whole room was laughing- Kathi and I started up by the clouds of darkest hue - I mean it sounds so Wuthering Heights.
The rest of the song got lost - I am not sure what Hans Henry Petersen was like (he was the author of said piece) but I do wonder!
On to other news - we put an offer on a house in Tempe (AZ). Hopefully it will be a good idea, we thought that maybe since the house prices are down and there are soooo many repo ones that we could buy something closer to ASU for Brenn to live in and share with some PAYING girls. That way it boosts her credit and maybe will be a good investment for us. This house is not in great shape but mostly it needs labor and coincidentally my boys need a summer job! Hope to hear by the end of the month but I am not holding my breath, mortgage companies are really slow!
Have a good Day!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Little bit of everything

We hosted Easter dinner at our house, shocking I know since I don't really like to cook but the joy of hosting is everyone brings a little something and I just had to put a ham in the oven. Even I can warm up a ham, Costco ham of course.

We hosted about 30 people and enjoyed the heck out of it! So much so that I did not take a single picture. Whoops. But here are some of the flowers - Brenn wanted to do the centerpieces on the tables and so we picked up some flowers (at Costco), but then my neighbor had me come down and pick some roses - she has the most amazing roses! I think I got probably 3 dozen roses in addition to what we bought, it was beautiful.

This is one of her roses - the were huge and so fragrant. On to my Zara - she is getting really big - she keeps trying to lay on her stomach with legs stretched out in front and back, but she can't. Only about 2 more weeks - I tried to get a count down clock for dog pregnancy and could not find one, then I tried to get just a regular one and it would not load so..

Here is the birthing center. Ken actually thinks she is going to give birth her, isn't that cute? I figure it will be under the bench in our bedroom because that is where she sleeps. But hopefully we will be able to keep the puppies in it for a few weeks, then we will move them outside.
Here is THE Prom dress - I will add some sleeves so she can still wear her undergarments. But it looks so great on Brenn and it is so her style!
These are the shoes!

Now I just have to find a Tux for Dallin. And because Jen is down in bed dinner is now at my house! Maybe we can have Costco ham.

On to TV... I will confess to loving Sci-fi. My all time fav movie is The Terminator. No I haven't matured yet. I love the sequels, although I had to wait to see T3 until if finally came on TV. So when Fox put on the Sarah Connor Chronicles I set the Tivo and watch every week! This last week was so GREAT!! I think it was the end of the show all together but what a great ride! My family thinks I am nuts. Ken patiently sat down and watched the last episode with me, I kept having to pause and explain the story up to now, but when it ended, Derek said to John Connor, " I have never heard of you." Well I was floored and loved it. Ken was just confused. I tried to explain but unless you are dedicated you must not get it. I just hope the new movie is not rated R. IF it is, I will be a good girl and wait until it comes to TV, but it will be HARD!

Now that you have lost all respect for me (except Jen because she already knows this) I am going to end my post.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prom Date- Part II

This is how Brenn's Prom date asked her to Prom -

On my Front Porch

With this note....
and each mouse had a letter on his back so you could unscramble them and figure out the boy.

Needless to say - EEEWWW!! - and probably the fastest way to get a response from a girl (Dallin's date still hasn't answered and its be a week and a half) I made Brenn return the mice with her answer THAT night, we heard his brothers snake was hungry. For that last part of the note (the naked part) he left a bottle of Naked Juice.

In other news, it was brought to my attention by a close and frustrated friend that I do not finish or tell the result of a story, unfortunately (maybe) that is not true - my bathroom looks just the same today as it did in that post - no time to even think (or argue with Ken) about what to do with that tile. Hopefully we will get it done before summer and I promise to post a picture of the after. I also promise to post pictures of the PUPPIES!! We are so excited!

Mostly I have been enjoying the wonderful weather and trying to plant a few roses and flowers in a sad attempt to make my front yard look a little better.

I am planning Easter dinner with our families. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter and remembers our Savior and the example he set for us to follow.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Logan is the Mesa City Champ for 98 lbs - He wrestled really tough!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We are Expecting!!

No April fools on this one!

Yep - Zara is officially Pregnant. We have been waiting and waiting, trying to decide if she is or isn't. But yesterday one of Dallin's Friends Spencer, who breeds Jack Russell Terriers, said,

"Wow, your dog is pregnant!"

That was as good as an EPT test for me. Actually we have noticed she is getting a little fatter and her nipples are getting really big so....

12-14 puppies! I am really excited for my kids to experience this.

On to another thing - Prom.

Last night Spencer was trying to figure out how to ask his date. He invited several friends to help, including Dallin and so that brings Brenn and Logan into it too.

They brainstormed for a while, much to Grandmas delight (she was laying in bed listening and laughing hysterically), here are a few of the suggestions:

Toss a cow tongue on the lawn with a poster saying:

"Go to Prom with me, and you will get a little tongue"


Put a cow heart (cut in half) on the porch with a poster saying:

"Don't break my heart, go to Prom with me"

Catch a chicken - write your name on a feather and let it loose in her house - she must catch said chicken and find the feather.

Ken then asked the boys,

"You don't date much do you?"

Along came Brenn and I to the rescue - we took this picture:

And made a poster that said:

"I will be your knight in shinning armour if you go to Prom with me."

Much better don't you think?

Now on to Brenn and Prom - we have a mess - when we sort it out and figure out what to do I will post the whole story, right now we are in trouble.