Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Tuesday

So it is no surprise that I am not a great cook, but I do want my kids to fondly remember something they ate at home that did not come frozen from Costco first! I learned to make cinnamon rolls at a Young Women's activity I planned. I am not sure the girls cared but all three leaders were glued to Jessie Merrill as she taught us her magic.

Last year Dallin spent every Thursday lunch at Spencer Kings house because it was Bread Stick Thursday. Every Thursday the wrestling team and assorted others would gather at the King's to enjoy her ability to cook tasty treats.

So he suggested MAYBE I could practice making cinnamon rolls every Tuesday and he and his friends test them out....

Up by 7:30am to mix 2 batches of dough....Roll out and add sugar and cinnamon....I did not get a picture of them all done - the kids came and poof.....First table.... Second table...

And a few in the family room and outside. Not much left now just the pans with the ends.
I could complain, getting up and running by 7:30am - should I confess that since both boys are up and gone before 6:30am and they do not need me I sleep until 8:30 about everyday (isn't that terrible?) -but really I love having all of the kids around and getting to know ALL of his friends and even a few stragglers.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Homecoming answered

This is a little late....

Dallin's homecoming date answered him at school and I thought she was really nice considering he made her walk almost a mile.

She told him to meet her at the flag pole for lunch. When he got there a couple of guys jumped him and saran wrapped him to the flag pole. Unfortunately she did give him a pair of scissors (which he said made it to easy) and sent him on a treasure hunt.

Then wrapped his car in caution tape - I really need to school this generation on how to wrap a car so it stays!! He came home to grab shorts for wrestling and asked me to help anchor it so it would last the rest of the day (he thought it should last since she went to so much trouble.)

On other news Logan is enjoying tennis alot. He slips around in the rankings but came up 6th today. We enrolled him in some lessons and they have helped quite a bit. He beat Ken on Thursday 4-1, Ken said the only reason he won 1 was because it was so dark neither of them could see the tennis ball.

He has another match today and one on Wednesday - he has no time or energy to get in to any trouble.

Monday, Wednesday

School at 6:15am,

Tennis match 3:30-5:30pm,

Homework and on Wed Mutual

Tuesday and Thursday:

School 6:15am-4:00pm

Tennis Lessons 4:00pm-6:00pm

Wrestling 6:00pm-7:30pm


I almost feel sorry for him except he is having too much fun!

Scott and Lisa had their 3rd on Thursday - Kate Cole came at almost 8 lbs. She is adorable and looks just like her siblings.

Ken and I got to visit in the hospital with Scott, Lisa and Kate.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Headache Day

Really, I wonder how I spent so long in bed (2 years or so) with a headache and when one hits now (thank you Botox) and I spend the day in bed I get really antsy now. Must have been all the drugs!

Been fighting a headache for a couple of days (actually I ALWAYS have a headache but with the Botox injections (I do have the forehead of a 20 yr old) I can mostly ignore it until it gets NASTY, which is only every now and then) and when I got up this morning it was bugging me but not too bad, I took some Motrin and got dressed for church. Well the stupid thing just got worse and worse. I took some more heavy duty medicine and laid down but no dice - I have a drill in my left temple and my eye is killing me. I really hate missing church! I was even ready to go, on time.

So here I lay - Bored to death. TV is bad today - watched all my TIVOed shows, no good book to keep me interested, and music just hurts my head!

Whine, Whine, Whine!!

Ok - I did watch Parental Control for a while and wonder - who writes the scripts for that show? It has to be scripted because no Dad alive would let a boy live who treats his wife so badly! No mother would let a girl act so badly and not kick her out of the house! All of the jokes or put downs are the same. If you have never seen this - they find a family who hates their teens boyfriend/girlfriend and they interview some contenders and set up two blind dates. Then watch with said boyfriend/girlfriend as the kid dates. Then the kid gets to pick between the 3 choices who to date. Who thinks these things up? Who watches? Oh yeah, bored, sick people.

Well they are getting ready to show Dirty Dancing for the 20th time since Patrick Swayze passed away - guess I should watch.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brenn is 19!

The boys made her a musical card and here is a video of her opening it.

Brenn had to open the card for several of our family who came for cake and ice cream. If you do not watch Psych on television it will probably be less funny. Still all in all it was a fun way to give your sister a card.

Brenn had moved to her Grandma Kathy's house where her puppy is not allowed so she got a fake one to make her feel better. She says she comes over EVERY day just to see her puppy not her family.

My mom saw this saying and had to get one for Brenn - I have a friend who does the vinyl lettering and it will be cute on the back of her Jeep.

Then you have to have the blowing out of the candles - this is for the Grandparents. They were both out of town and I think it is the first birthday they have not been present. Plus I had to make the cakes. Usually my MIL Kathy makes a beautiful cake, Dallin commented that she has made him way more birthday cakes that I have, which is true, she does a much better job!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homecoming Date

Last night Dallin was preparing to ask his Homecoming date - why is it you can't just go up to the chick and say,

"Will you go to Homecoming with me?"

Instead the guy has to come up with a way to 'ask'....these are teenage boys. They are gross and immature. He really wanted to find some poppers (like New Years Eve) and some springy snakes and rig a box, when she opened it all would explode out and say "Let's Party at Homecoming together." But the afore mentioned items could not be found. So instead he came home with some Little Debbie snack cakes called "Sweet Cakes" and "Honey Buns."

Instead he wanted his Friend Spencer to wear his Speedo and write on his back:

"Hey Sweet Cakes (Sweet Cakes taped to upper back) can I take your Honey Buns (Honey Buns taped to buttocks) to Homecoming?"

Bad idea you say?
Father loading Shotgun?
We did discourage this process - successfully I might add. Although we talked them out of this and a simple poster would not do, I gave them my big box of sidewalk chalk to maybe write on her front porch.

Instead they drew a line she had to follow for about 1/2 a mile before coming upon the food piled in the roadway and a chalk message.

Epiphany #2 -- BOYS ARE GROSS!

I suppose she will say yes, after all Dallin is cute.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sue's giveaway!!!

My blogging friend is having a giveaway - go check her out!

Still Ridin' High

Sort of slow in my blogging lately....sorry.

So I went to (remembered) enrichment last night - it reminded me of Homemaking of old - light dinner and an enjoyable lesson.
I ended up at the rowdy table. I am always at the rowdy table, does that mean I know how to pick 'em or am I the rowdy one? Also, I was the oldest at the table by a number of years, shown by the fact they had no idea who Police Woman - Angie Dickinson was, nothing ages you like a joke no one gets because they were not born yet!
Anyhoo, the rest of the enrichment was about emergency preparedness - I know sounds overwhelming and a little boring but it was really great! The sister giving the presentation had some ideas I had never heard of, like a red file - copies of all social security cards, birth certificates, shot records and an info sheet on each person in your household. Plus a lot of other handy things to have if you have to evacuate right now and can grab this file. I did get a copy of all of the papers so if you want one just email me and I will attach the file.
She is a big believer in 72 hour kits and teaching your kids where to go if you get separated. I was impressed with the forethought and how organized she is,
I love organizing.
She also directed us to a website prepared by a Stake in east Mesa:

Then we had a lawyer in our ward explain some paperwork we all need - to designate power over our medical decisions should we be unable. And a HIPPA release form because of HIPPA even your husband is not allowed to get your information unless you sign a paper at the hospital allowing him. If you are incapacitated or can't make the decision legally you may be in trouble, so she gave us a document that assigned someone to be your agent and recommended you keep a copy in your car. She also included a living will so Ken can pull the plug. The most interesting thing is because Brenn is 18 (19 on Sunday) I am not allowed to view her medical information without this form. It is possible I would not be able to make decisions for her should something happen even though I am paying the bill.
I was grateful for this enrichment - as I usually am, and really glad I went.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It happened - one of my Favorite Things

YES !!

- It happened -

What you say? My husband said those



"Honey, I was totally wrong and you were RIGHT!!"

Now you ask what caused this great man to admit defeat?! Well we have been 'discussing' how much to sell the Beast for...
He said we would be lucky to get $1000 for said Beasty and I firmly told him I thought we should ask $2000 (we only paid $1800 2.5 years ago, but it does have a slammin' stereo and new tires.) He said I was crazy and no one would even consider that - Haven't I been on Craigslist lately??

Well, I did not take that very kindly so I posted the Beast on Craigslist and without informing him listed Ken's cell phone as the contact and asked $2000 - I did put it was fun to drive and that it had A/C but it is not working at the moment. Within 2 hours we had a great offer and it sold THAT night for $1700. At which point I heard those words all wives deserve and rarely get to hear....

Honey, I was TOTALLY WRONG and you were RIGHT!!