Monday, June 16, 2008


After 6 weeks we are finally done.. well almost. Still a few touch ups and putting the garage back together. But the floor turned out beautiful and the paint looks great - Ken keeps kidding me that I am going thru a dark period and that I am painting everything black.

The walls in the family room look green in this picture but they are a med brown. They look so nice with the floors. I spent days going to find the perfect rug for the family room. I found it the first day and when I went to find someone to help me (at Costco) someone else bought it - 10 Costcos later I have a different rug.
The kitchen looks so nice - the new light fixtures and I painted the table black. That table I bought when I was single at a garage sale for $8, seems like such a bargain and it looks great with new chairs and the black paint.
This picture shows the color of the wood really well - it is a cherry finish and looks really rich and elegant. Now I can go back to Spain and maybe a little about the kids - this project has kept me working long hours since Ken has been busy and the kids had finals and summer school, scout camp, and trig. Brenn has helped me so much, my Mom too, I am grateful to have such great help.

We painted Brenn's bathroom purple and all of the cabinets black - it looks really nice!!

It is nice to have it done and looking so nice - I shouldn't have to do any of this for a long time!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Logan turned 13 on the 30th and he was really excited to open his presents!
He of course has the best parents in the worls and he love his new cell phone! We are still trying to recover from the flood and as long as there is no floor we decided to scrape the popcorn off of the final 2 ceilings and paint. My mom and I tried our hand at faux painting and this is how it turned out - the picture does not seem to do it justice.

I tried to update the light in the kitchen - it used to be gold with a white and gold fan and very yellow plexiglass. This is my favorite thing I got done!! it looks so much better! Ken and Dallin hiked Havasupai last tuesday thru sat. Brenn, Logan, My Mom and I worked really hard to get all the painting done and the lights hung. Hopefully only 1 more week and we will get the flooring in and be DONE!!!