Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mildred Frances Hamilton Young

Tomorrow is the funeral - it has been a strange two weeks:  lonely...

I am giving her life history and I thought I would share it here for my posterity.

Mildred Frances Hamilton Young, Mother, Grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother was born on the dry lands of eastern Colorado December 91919 near Sligo to Frank and Lillie Hamilton.  She died on November 14, 2011, 3 weeks shy of her 92nd birthday.

Mildred is preceded in death by her husband, Everette. They were married almost 63 years before his passing.

She is survived by her daughters, Judy and husband Patrick, Janet and husband Dave and Linda and husband Jerry. She has 7 grandchildren, Larry Grubbs, Natalie Collins, Bret Drury, Kelly Naughton, Dean Naughton, Ryan Naughton and myself. She has 18 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchildren.

She was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  While attending grade school she would walk 10 blocks to school, home and back for lunch and then home after school, sometimes it was so cold and the wind blowing so hard she would walk backwards so she could breathe.  She graduated from High School in 1938. She often told my children she didn’t have a bike growing up, she had a horse.  She would ride her horse to the roller skating rink, leave him tied up, skate to her hearts content.  When she was done both the dog and the horse were waiting for her and she would just tell the horse to take her home.  And he did.  She loved riding horses and participated in Cheyenne Frontier Days several times. Being an only child she loved living close to all her aunts, uncles and many cousins. She went to work at Woolworths for 15 cents an hour after graduation. On April 6, 1940 she married Everette Young. They were blessed with three daughters, Judy Annie, Janet Kay and Linda Mae.

My grandparents moved to Colorado in 1948 and over the next 49 years lived in Rifle, Grand Valley and Grand Junction. Grandma loved being involved with young people.  Over the years as her girls grew up she was very active with Christian Endeavor, Central High School Mother’s Club and Band parents. She also was a force behind establishing a museum in Grand Junction.

She was a member of the Clifton Christian Church and gave many hours of service to the church.
She was a retail clerk in several different businesses including Newberrys, Woolworth, Kress and Keith O’Briens, but she found her niche working as a florist where she could share her creativity through flowers. I remember her doing flowers.  Lots of wedding flowers.  Even in the last few years when Brenn wanted to make boutonnieres you could just put the materials in her hands and they went on automatic.  Her love of nature inspired her flower designing.
Grandma loved to travel and was able to visit wonderful places like Alaska, Hawaii, the New England states in the fall and most of all she liked the Hamilton family reunions in Elmo, Missouri where her parents and grandparents were from. After moving to Arizona return visits to Colorado and Wyoming were special for her so she could spend time with Jan, Dave, Bret, Natalie and 2 great grandchildren.

Grandma loved nature whether it was the Colorado mountains, lakes and forests or the ocean. She always reminded us that Arizona was not her cool colorful Colorado. Her favorite season of the year was fall when the trees were bright with color. Grandma loved to share her love of nature with others and often took friends and relatives on rides to enjoy the out of doors with her. Of course she never came back from a trip empty handed. Rocks, wood, moss etc. would follow her home.

My Grandmother was one of the most creative people you can imagine. She made all of the clothes for herself and the girls including prom and wedding dresses. She made cheerleading and twirling outfits not only for her daughters but anyone else who couldn’t sew.  Other projects included satin collars for the  High School chorus, altering band uniforms and toy soldier costumes for a kindergarten class just to mention a few. The list is long and varied.  To say she loved crafts is an understatement. We always had a project to do when we got to her house, plastic snakes to decorate, beads to string, or dolls to dress.  She elaborately decorated her house not only for holidays but just to display her latest craft project. 

Grandma was very good at gathering her family.  We all made trips to be together for Christmas or the summer.   Even tho there were only 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. The travel trailer was always her extra guest room and we loved it when we were old enough to sleep out.  Little kids were given homemade sleeping bags and bedded down in the living room.  She taught us well, we still all gather for holiday dinners.
Grammy was the best example of service I know.  She routinely knew all of her neighbors and helped with what ever she could.  Whether they were elderly and needed to be watched over, or younger and needed mentoring.  I distinctly remember the night her mother died, Kelly, Dean and I were visiting and we all went up to the nursing home visit with Great Gma.  As were loading up the car out she came with about 10 plates of sliced peaches and tomatoes.  As we walked thru the care center she stopped at each door and delivered the plates, each containing whatever that person liked.  I know she didn’t think she was doing anything special but I know each of those patients greatly appreciated it.
I also blame her for my penchant for volunteering to help at school.  She was such a willing soul to help out with whatever was needed.

My Grandparents moved to Mesa in 1997 where they could be closer to family as their health began to decline. The last 6 3/4 years she lived with my family and me. She has been a very special part of our family life.

I have often told people she was the perfect Grandma, wooden spoon and all.  She always had time for us.  We played cards, go fish, rummy and Uno.  We had bowling in the hall and tents set up in the backyard.  Always candy in the candy dish and cookies in the cookie jar.  She came to our sports, performances or whatever we were involved with.  She always made us things, dolls out of dish soap bottles, sweatshirts with applique and glitter paint, always glitter paint.  Green for me and Purple for Kelly, no matter what!  It was always a treat to be able to spend the night at her house, except for Ryan.  We would pop some corn and watch a movie on the TV.  Then settle in with the specially made sleeping bags to sleep on the floor.  She hooked us on All My Children at a very young age.  Mostly she was just always there, steady and loving.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt she loved me and she loved God.  She personified the good Christian Woman and I hope I can be just a little bit more like her.  I love you Grandma.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A very hard blog post....

This has been a very hard but sweet week. My grandmother(Grammy) isn't doing very well. That is an understatement, she is very close to dying. She has been in a coma for a couple of days and I don't think she will be on this earth much longer.

I always said I would be sad for me but happy for her. She wants to see her husband and parents. Her beloved aunts and uncles and cousins, even if they did call her mild red with a ton of ham. She was a red head named Mildred Hamilton, kids are nothing if not creative.

I am happy for her, I wish she didn't have to struggle so hard.

But I am sad for me. For the last (almost) seven years she has been a big consideration in my life. Have I fed the Grammy? Is she safe? Is she content? Is she lonely? Does she need to go potty? Especially these last six months when I couldn't leave her alone, ok wouldn't, but it was better for her.

What am I going to do without her?

I am never alone. Which is good because I am not much of a loner. I always figured if Ken goes first I will have to get a roommate because I am just not a solitary person. I always have someone to tell me if my shoes match. Or to keep me company. She was always cheerful and full of mischief. I find myself thinking about the future and feeling very off balance.

My dogs are going to be crazy. They are never alone either and do not handle that well.

I guess I just want to say,

"Be seeing you and be sure to watch out for us until we meet again. Love you."

PS:  I wrote this last night before bed and didn't post because the spell check is gone on my Ipad and well, I cannot spell worth beans!

This morning my wonderful Grammy passed away and I will miss her more than words can express.  I know my Heavenly Father has a plan and I count myself blessed that I have that knowledge of where she is and that family is eternal.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Negative comments

My bestie Jen is having a blogaversary (3 years) and is hosting a giveaway.  Click on over and sign up!

I have to admit, I have never had a negative comment either but felt it my duty to be her first!  I do wonder if people will defend her or laugh....

I know she will laugh!

But really, I read a few blogs everyday - sorry but I cannot keep up with ALL the great ones out there everyday.  I know that some of the really popular ones no longer allow comments because of the negative ones.  I want to know why you would purposely read a blog you don't agree with and then skewer that person with nasty, mean words?  Why would you waste your precious time?  And why, oh why would you think the blogger would care?

I do read NieNie - she was a member of our stake when she was hurt in a plane crash and a few months before that a friend of ours was in a similar crash too.  So it interests me.  I do not read it to judge her - seat belts caused a huge comment storm due to a picture of her children in the car without them - but I have to admit to being fascinated by the people who felt it necessary to correct her without being asked.

I rarely comment on a blog of someone I do not know (except Sue, but I know you!) unless they ask a specific question and my wisdom and input will change their entire life.  I rarely get comments from people I do not know, well, except some fun spam.

Maybe I am not interesting enough to hold the attention of those who do not already know and love me....
But I mostly figure they are like me and don't want to seem totally creepy.

Do you ever leave a negative comment?  I want to know why? and where?!