Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today - the unedited cut

OK Jen, I warn you that I have felt crappy for a month (can we say Mono?) and so my day is sorta sad and embarrassing.

5:09 - Logan stumbles into my room to tell me he is up - Should I explain? OK

          I set my alarm for 5:10am so he can get up for running (required for the wrestlers) but it's cold in the morning (Ken turns the A/C to 74 at night any yes, that's cold) so instead of my trying to text him awake (did I say I was lazy?) he sets his alarm for 5:05am and comes and tells me he is awake - that way I don't have to get up (or get Ken up to get him up) and I can reset my alarm for Ken at 6:30am.

6:30am - alarm goes off and I shake Ken and tell him it is time to rise - Explain again?

     Ken lost his alarm privileges many years ago when he would go to bed at 3am, set the alarm for 5:30am and proceed to snooze the alarm ever 5 minutes for 1 1/2 hours EVERY MORNING!!!  Oh, and he put the alarm in the bathroom so he had to get up to turn it off and he couldn't hear it very well and I had to wake him up to get up and snooze it.  In his defense he did turn out to have sleep apnea and that effected his behavior but I still maintain alarm privileges.

8:54 am - I wake up for the third time with a nasty headache - raining today. UGGHHH!!  Roll over and grab Catching fire (I borrowed you books Jenny) and finish the last 25 pages.

9:20am - Get up, take a pill, get the shower ready for Grandma, go downstairs and scare Dallin into getting out of bed.

9:25am - Shower Grandma, get her dressed, comb her hair and lead her to the kitchen, 'nuff said.

9:45am - Make Grandma breakfast and give her pills, take my pills, fix Dallin breakfast (honestly, I asked him what kind of cereal and poured him a bowl, milk and gave it to him, informing him I MADE him breakfast) eat my breakfast and read the paper.

10:15am - Dallin and I head downstairs to clean up the mess from drywalling.  Yell at the dogs because they are under my feet the whole time I am vacuuming and I keep tripping.

11:00am - Dallin abandons me and goes to the gym with Gabe.  Before he leaves he closes the gate to the downstairs and blocks the railing so Fritz cannot fit through either.  Thanks Dal.

11:55am - suck up Ken's MP3 player with the shop vac and have to go thru the bag and find it - can you say drywall dust?  GRRRRR!!!

Noon - I am now allowed my first PEPSI, only PEPSI of the day (I am trying to lose a little pudge)

1:00pm - Make Grandma lunch and give up downstairs - Logan can finish the rest.

1:15pm - SIL Kirsten comes over so we can plan a quilt for Maggie my cousin who is having a baby shower on Sat.

2:00pm - Put off going shopping - Need to go spend down Grandmas checking account so she qualifies for in home help. 

2:30pm - Walmart - Call Ken on the way and chat.
2:50pm - JcPenney's - Grandma gets a new wardrobe - she really needed it.
4:30pm - Head to Costco - Call my mother and confess to spending $400 on Grandmas new wardrobe.  Really, most of her clothes are worn out and my mother told me she was just going to suggest I do that very thing.  I love my Mom!

4:45pm - Costco - buy groceries, a down comforter ($25 dollar coupon and I have been wanting for a long time)

5:45pm - Home - yes I can spend $500 at Costco in less than an hour.  Put away groceries and start dinner.

6:15pm - Ken walks in and dinner is ready - that NEVER HAPPENS!!  Just made Chicken Quesadeas - quick, easy and everyone likes it.

7:00pm - show Grandma her new clothes to see if she likes them (pretty sure she would never tell me if she didn't)

7:30pm - Sit at computer and start reading my blog list - see Jen's challenge and VIOLA!!

Dogs at my feet as I write

My self portrait - cheesy smile!!

PS:  Jen - I want that People when you are done - I passed it up and was sorry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

This is what I am finally seeing!!  Dallin is perking up.  He is definitely not fully recovered but he is starting to tease Logan and want to go out with his friends instead of stay home and watching Netflix with this parents!

Brenn seems to be doing OK too.  She likes her new job and hopefully school is going well too. 

My computer is working OK but I STILL cannot connect to the Internet!!  I am using my netbook (which I love) but sometimes a teeny screen is a pain.  Hopefully I will figure out why the network connections say they are connected but none of my programs can connect.  I have spent four days so far and hopefully the things I picked up from my dad today will help!!  He has been in Big Lake for the last few weeks and I had to go it alone.  They didn't want to hang around for the 107 degree heat but when it threatened to snow they hotfooted it home!!  YEAH!!!  If the Malwarebytes finally eradicates the virus/Trojan than I vote it best ever!!  I will let you know if it works!  So far 3 more viruses and I already used AVG and Superantispyware.

Fall break starts on Friday and I am hoping for a couple of work days, a couple of lake days and some laying around watching Netflix!

Have you tried the Netflix thing?  For $9.00 per month you get one DVD in the mail to return and receive as many times in the month as possible and then the best is streaming movies on your laptop, Wii, or PS3 (XBOX too but we don't own one of those).  It's great, you can only watch one movie at a time (for the 9 bucks) but we all gather and watch some fun movies!  It was fun to introduce the boys to  "So I Married an Axe Murderer" and other Mike Myers movies that are right up their alleys (or alleies?)  I would recommend it.  We have watched and laughed like crazy this month and it hasn't been hard to engage the teenagers and spend some fun time together!

I feel I should have mentioned this a little sooner but wasn't conference the best?!!  I really enjoyed the talks and it seemed like the time flew by!  Each time I checked the clock we were only 20 minutes away from the end.  I particularly like the talk about not letting bad influences in your home (hello Netflix, I did set the parental controls) because you don't want to upset the already raging teens in your family.  My boys are going to stop playing Call of Duty for me.  I anxiously await my November Ensign so I can read and take notes while I study. 

PS:  The spell check want to replace Netflix with necrophiliacs.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My friday

First off I babysat Nick.  He is my cousin Andi's little boy and I have him 4 Fridays in a row while she does her student teaching.  He is such a cute and easy baby!  Please excuse the devil eyes as my phone is only a so-so camera!

While babysitting Brenn was hanging out and I thought it was funny what she uses for her mouse pad.

Yes that is what you think it is!  Too Funny!  She finally grew in that area and I  am glad it comes in useful.  Actually she was over because we  have been to Mayo twice this week.  She has been having problems with knowing if she is moving or not.  She will put her car in gear and she cannot tell if she is going forward or backward.  Or even sometimes when she is standing still it feels like she is moving.  I really thought it had something to do with her meds but the doctor was pretty concerned and ordered an MRI  and a tilt table test.  The MRI was normal (of course) but  the tilt table test showed some strange reactions of her heart.  So off to the cardiologist.  She was great and thinks Brenn might have POTS or

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Often more simply referred to as postural tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, this disorder is characterized by the body's inability to make the necessary adjustments to counteract gravity when standing up.
So she went home with a monitor for 24 hours and then we will see.  She will need an echo cardiogram and then to see a special cardiologist.  Hmmm, not really sure what to think but hope it eventually helps with her head. 
Dallin is still bad with Mono!  He hardly moves and looks really pale and pitiful.  He had to withdraw from school, which I am really bummed about.  He was doing so very well with a job he liked and school he liked.  We have to wait to go to the doctor for his mission papers until he can get the shots he needs.  UGHH!  I hate this!  Pretty sure he hates it too!
Logan is doing really well.  He is tired, 3 mornings a week he gets up at 5 and runs 4 miles then goes to school and either lifts or practices after school.  He is a little grumpy but who blames him.  Some of his friends are getting their licenses and he is looking forward to his permit.  He also went to some obscure website and my big computer has a virus or a worm or both!!  I have spent all week trying to fix it and hopefully I have finally kicked its butt!!  Of course my usual computer guru is up at Big Lake fishing!!  Can I hear another UGHHH!!