Friday, October 17, 2008

Coming together to help.

The Family is in our stake and I have be following on the and she asked if we could post the poster on our blogs, seems like its such a little thing to do so here it is.

There are buttons on the other blog to donate if you feel like you can.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Look at the COOL Dude!!! Doesn't he look so handsome?!!

Dallin lost the scrap of fabric I was supposed to find the tie with...color me surprised. So I guessed and bought a couple that had yellow in them plus the solid yellow - It worked really well!!
This is Hannah - isn't she cute! She is on the speech and debate team and on AC/DEC or academic decathlon team - smart girl and pretty too!!
My friend Jenny Denton volunteered to host the dinner - she bought the decorations and made the main dish... She is amazing!! There were 9 couples in this group.

All the pretty flowers.

The whole crew.

The boys goofing off.

So what is new?! These girls and boys looked so wholesome and had so much fun, it was nice to see them dressed in their best, on the best behavior and being polite. Eating with table manners, pulling out the chairs for the girls, it is nice to know the teaching of such things, even when no demonstrated at home, do sink in and they know HOW!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yikes!!!! and Double Yikes!!!

Okay yesterday I am talking with my mom, a common occurrence, and we are talking about the economy and the bailout etc. I tell her I am grateful Ken has a secure job and we have a decent mortgage, and I feel although it is tight, with the summer of pestilence and famine of course, we should ride out this ok - as long as I don't look too close to the 401k statements, good thing retirement is a long way off.

We discussed the bailout and whether it is a good idea or not and what else could be done by these dumb banks who loaned money to people who didn't qualify and could never handle the payment once the interest adjusted - of course why should the banks have to save the stupid from themselves. Kinda harsh but its my mom and, we were really just generalizing the sub prime market.

Anyway, later last night I am talking with my hubby over the phone as he works another late, late night, and he tells me
"Well I guess I will not be working for DMJM Harris much longer."

My heart starts to pound, my head starts to hurt and panic is starting to set in (are we going to be the "stupid people" now? because that is how it works, harsh judgement and then you have to walk in their shoes to see it is not true. WAIT!! I repent!) and I say

He calmly says "yeah," meanwhile I am hyperventilating - and he tells me "DMJM Harris is going to be called AECOM now so we are all the same name." HUH???
Turns out I got a cardio work out for a name change at his company. I don't think he had any clue of the turmoil he caused and since this conversation happened about 9:30pm and he was still at work, I figure he is allowed a break.
I needed the workout and feel alot more in shape now. Do you think that really works? Nah...otherwise all parents of teenagers would be in the best shape of their lives!!!!