Monday, August 30, 2010

Where is Smiley going?

In our ward they are starting a tradition with a world map and guesses as to where the missionary might serve.  Last week we were given the map and a charge to display it and when we are done to hand it to the next missionary going!  Dallin is planning on turning in his papers on the 24th of Sept so if you would like to guess either comment and I will put up your sticky arrow or come on over and do it yourself.  I am thinking the correct guess gets you cinnamon rolls!

WOW!!  Big things happening at our house!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Been a little busy...isn't that always my excuse?

I have had a very busy August.  My Brother Ryan Graduated From Purdue with His PhD in June (yes it requires the capitals because it is a big deal).  He got a job teaching at Ohio University in Athens Ohio.  He and his family (Risa, his wonderful wife, and 4 of the cutest kids ever - Makenna (11), Garrison(9), Alyson (8), and Abbey(almost 2)) have spent the summer here in AZ with the families, waiting patiently for a teaching position.  Here it is August and finally Ryan is offered a good Ohio.  Luckily they left all of their stuff in storage in Indiana.  But have no place to live in Ohio.  So a plan hatches.  Mom, Risa and the baby flew to Indiana, picked up Ryan's car and drove to Ohio to find a house in 2 days.  Ryan, Dad, Karen and 3 kids loaded in the mini van and DROVE 30 hours to Indiana. 

Actually it was a really fun trip.  Fun to spend time with Ryan and his kids and my Dad.  We drove lots of miles, listened to the Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters on the way.  Ryan has the best kids!  3 days in the car and not one fight.  I would say 'stepford' but they are just really great kids!

We get to Indiana and Ryan has some great friends who hosted us for dinner for 2 nights and Ry and the girls stayed with them.  Dad and I stayed in a hotel so he could get some good rest.  We helped another of his friends pack for their move to Oregon and loaded the Penske truck.  Seriously, I am a great packer the front of the truck was tight and organized, but then the humidity got to me and I had to rest.  Really, I can take 110 degrees easier than the 85% humidity!!  I looked like I had just gotten out of the swimming pool!

We go up the next morning and Dad and I drove the big truck (which is only slightly bigger than the one I drive normally), Ryan drove the van and we drove 6 hours to Athens Ohio.

Mom and Risa found a nice house (one of only 3 they could even find to rent at this late date)



We are blessed to belong to a church dedicated to helping people move!  The Elders quorum showed up in Indiana and again in Athens to help us unload the truck! 

We spent the next few days putting away and putting together furniture.

See this bed...Risa and I put it together.  It took forever!!  I can't believe how many pieces were involved.  It took us a good 3 hours.  It does have shelves in the headboard and drawers underneath!

Makenna's room

Abbey Ann - she loves shoes!

My cutie girl!!

I was not expecting to go on this trip, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing.  I also thought Brenn would be here to take care of Grandma but Brenn moved out while I was gone.  So a big


To my SIL Kirsten and My Aunt Linda for helping out with Grandma so I could go.

I was gone for a little more than a week and while I was gone Logan started High School.  I did check with him before I agreed to go to make sure he didn't need his mom and he just looked at me funny and said.

"Why would I need you to be here?"

So I don't really think they missed me at all.  I called and texted several times and was rarely answered by my boys.  Ken and I had nice talks though they were short due to the


But I did get a few 1st day of school pictures!

So far 10th grade has been good!

And just to catch up.....Brenn and Dallin both started school this week too.  Both are at MCC.  I signed them up for the same institute class.  Yes, I am sneeky.  Hopefully all will go well this semester (meaning Brenn will attend 98% of her classes and Dallin will do ALL of his homework and get good grades)

A mother can hope!

Dallin's first day of College!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Math is DONE!!

WE are done with Algebra II!!!  YEAH!!!  I have really enjoyed the time spent with Logan but will not miss how much time it has eaten up this summer.  On the High School, College, and Mission Papers!!

Oh and Zara and Kobus got together again and well........I am pretty sure she is preggers!!

Puppies ready for Christmas. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Price of Hot Water

You would think that getting a new hot water heater would be pretty straight forward.  Unfortunately we do not roll that way!!  In order to install a tankless system it is required to have a 3/4 inch cold pipe and a 3/4 inch gas line.  We had neither in the spot of the old water heater and so our Handy Dandy Plumber (Dirt Dog Plumbing) Bret and I started hunting for the needed pipes.


and here.....

and here....

and here....

and here - oops that is left over from this!!  But was very helpful, I knew there must be a reason
we hadn't fixed it besides laziness.

Here is the new Hot water heater.  No tank to flood my house again!!  All the hot water you need without having to heat the tank the whole time.  The literature says it will pay for itself in 3 yrs, it lasts at least 2 times as long as a regular tank and the federal government has a 30% tax credit - all in all it was still a little more than a tank but I think it was worth it!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Behind again!

I am catching up so here is the scoop in a nutshell:

Algebra II is taking up all of my life. Actually I am teaching it to my son Logan.  I can teach math.  Don't ask me about English, you only have to read my blog to find out I am crummy at English.  Really, I think it's that I don't care so much, in about 5th grade we did an English packet that taught me to combine sentences with the words 'and', 'or', and 'but', I liked the idea that I could do such a good job on the packet.  Then we went on to the next packet that involved chopping up long sentences into smaller ones.  What??!!  I did so badly because I thought they were supposed to be long.  I never got over it, English became my least favorite subject and loved Math.  It is always the same, the rules always apply, no i before e except after c and sometimes y!! (Sorry Sue and Jenny.) 

ANYWHO, on to what is taking up my life.  4-6 hours a day with Logan learning the finer points of Algebra II.  We are almost done.  Not to shabby to do 1 full semester in about 2 weeks.

Saturday our last hot water heater went (cold showers are bad even when it is 105 outside), so we are trying to get it replaced with a tank less system.  This requires holes all over in my basement ceiling and the wall in the hall.  What is a little more drywall work, we still haven't patched the holes from re roofing.

Really this post was entertaining and funny in my head while taking my cold shower, somehow it lost its zing in the translation.

My Brother Ryan and his family are here from Indiana.  They are waiting to find out where Ryan will find a teaching job, so we get to enjoy them.  They come over most days to swim.  I am usually doing math, but still manage to spend some time with all of them.  They really have the cutest kids ever!

Brenn is back from her trip to Australia and New Zealand, she has  been full of stories and fun things they did including skydiving and horseback riding.  They encountered a few problems but were able to figure it out.  I am envious of her travels but excited for her to have the opportunity.  Check out her blog if you want to know more.

School starts in about a week and I am not ready, I like my kids home!! 

Well that is about it - wish me a warm shower soon.