Saturday, February 20, 2010


Anyone else riveted by the curling today? I wish I knew the rules but it looks fun.
I know I am lamesauce but can't seem to help myself.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fast Trip and the Olympics

Nothing like driving up to Utah, spending one day, and driving back. For some reason it took us 12 hours to get to Heber on Friday. We did drop Brenn off in Provo with her Cousin Lauren, but still. We spent too long in Flagstaff trying to download our audio book we wanted to listen to, I guess.

Why did we go to Utah? Well Ken's Cousin David Ashby was getting married and we have really tried to attend weddings if at all possible and our Houseboat meeting was the same day. So Friday morning we got in Dallin's car (nothing like 39 mpg) with Brenn and headed to the cold country.

What audio book was worth the wait? Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief. Great book. We wanted to listen again before we saw the movie. Well, if we ever see the movie. If you are looking for a great series for a kid (or adult, i enjoyed it) then check them out. There are 5 books in the series and they are a fun adventure.

Was it cold? Well, not really, but cold for us. Heber was chillier and it snowed most of Saturday, even if it was just lightly. But I still caught a cold! I hope I did not infect the Bride and Groom!

It was a such a lovely wedding. They held it in an old school in Payson. We went a little early to see if they needed any help and it was fun to meet Rachel's family and interact a little with them All of the Ashby and DeWyze cousins were there, and we got to see Sera and Ryan Allen. I am so lucky to love all of Ken's extended family. They are a great bunch.

Then we went to dinner(?) at 3;30 with Ken's parents and Mike and Shelly (Ken's Brother and wife) at an Peruvian Restaurant in Provo - it was really good food and great fun.

Then off to the houseboat meeting at Sizzler. This meeting is always fun. The man who runs the co-op does such a good job (Wrights are you reading this?). I appreciate that he and his wife take the time to keep track of all the business pertaining to the houseboat. We all choose numbers from 1 to 10 and that is the order to choose your dates for the summer. I ALWAYS get one number less than Aunt Pat! The year I thought I was golden with the number 2, she got 1. We are always trying to get the same dates. Someone mentioned they heard about a helicopter rescue at Lake Powell and I had to fess up it was us! Still what a great bunch of people to be co-owners with.

By the time we started back to Provo to pick up Brenn and head up to Heber I was sneezing and coughing and had a head filled up with snot! I caught a nasty cold! I hoped it was just allergies but really everything is frozen in Utah right now, so what is the chance? So here I sit in my Bed watching the Olympics and resting. It was a hard weekend to be on the road so much, this is my first chance to OD on the Olympics. We LOVE the Olympics. I am just glad we have TIVO.

Boring post, sorry.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am worlds ahead of Dallin!

I know its strange that I play video games. Really it only happens every now and then I find a game I like.
Yesterday, somehow, I warped to the world
of Dallin. I, of course am over my head. Lots of Lava and things that kill me (or Mario) but Dallin is kinda bugged that I am ahead of him.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tennis anyone? And don't mess with the Momma!!

Logan wrestled on Wednesday against Mesa and Red Mountain high schools. He did a great job and went 2-0 (one was a forfeit). He wrestled JV instead of Varsity, less pressure. He went through practice all week and last night Coach called to tell me that his Junior High did not get the certification to him in time, so Logan cannot help out at the state tournament. That is too bad. I know that Boyer (112 lber) could use some rest. If it is an easy match they would have Logan take it.

So today Logan went to tennis. He is going to be able to warm up for a few days and then the Coach will try him out. I hope he makes it.

Good story for tonight. Our house is the gathering place for all of Dallin and Logan's friends. They usually all meet here and then go off to do what ever they do. Tonight is no different except Logan and Ken are on a camp out.

Loads of kids - maybe 15-20 are heading out to play a game they call 007. Mostly it is hide and seek. They drop off most of the kids at the park and they have to make their way to the Church or here with out being caught by those driving around in the car. It is still early, like 9:15 or so and I hear someone come in the back door (this is not odd, everyone comes in the back door. That way the dogs don't bark and I don't have to answer the front door) and I see it is Jake P., he is getting a drink. I ask him if he is alone and he says no everyone is in the front yard. Then he tells me he has tried to teach Dallin but has failed.

I ask, "Teach him what?"

Jake answers, "When some one is chasing you and they yell STOP, run away faster."


"Oh yeah, Dallin has been caught by this angry homeowner who has called the police."

By this time all of the kids are in the house.

I ask, "Does he at least have his pants on this time? Last time you got him in trouble with the Police his pants (click for the story) were undone."

Jake just smiles.

I ask if I need to go rescue him. Jake says, "Nah! Spencer went to get him."

Dallin comes home. His shirt is stretched out to the max. The neck looks like a scoop neck shirt and you can see fingers in the front and back. I ask for the whole story and this is what he says.

They were running across this driveway when the man comes out of the garage and goes ballistic. He yells for everyone to stop. The kids scatter, except for Dallin, and the chase car takes off. The homeowner grabs Dallin and puts him in a choke hold up against the garage wall while his wife calls the Police. She is trying to keep him calm. Dallin is not resisting and even offers to lay on the floor if they guy will just let him breathe. The Police come and look at Dallin's ID, talk to the homeowner of the dangers of confronting suspects, and told him he was too rough on Dallin. He wasn't doing anything. He should have just told him to get off of the property. Then lets Dallin go home.

Really, this did not seem to take very long because the kids left about 9 and Dallin came home about 9:30.

I was seeing red however. This man attacked my son. A kid. Someone who obeyed his command to stop. Why didn't he ask some questions? These were obviously kids. Its not like it is midnight. It is still 9 o'clock for cryin' out loud.

So I get the directions to the house, stop by my brothers to see if he will go with me so I will not lose my temper completely but he was not home.

So off to defend I go.

I ring the bell and the man that answers is maybe 55 - in good shape., short - about my height or a little taller - broad in the chest and pretty muscular. I explain, not too kindly, that it is my son that he manhandled and I was NOT OKAY with that! I told him it was within his rights to call the police. It was within his rights to defend his property. But my son was MY property and it was wrong to choke him.

He tried to defend saying he was afraid of what Dallin would do to him. I told him that was a bunch of crap, Dallin only weighs 135 lbs. I weigh more than that and was he scared of me?

Secretly, I think he was!

Then he said - well he was a lot taller - Yeah, but when you grabbed him you could tell he is a stick. Why did he feel it was necessary to hurt him? To shove him up against a wall and choke him until the Police arrived? Did he threaten you in anyway?


This went on for about 20 minutes and I made him feel really small about what he did and he apologized. Profusely.

I told him I would talk to the kids about where it is appropriate to hide.

Had to play Mario for a while the let the mad and adrenaline work it way out of my system.

Now I need to go to sleep. I need to be top of my game to surive Parenthood!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

19 and Counting....

Do you watch this show? I mostly watch the reruns while paying bills or sewing or making cinnamon rolls. I am strangely fascinated by this family. I love the values. That the kids are not ashamed of who they are and what they stand for. I love that the Mom truly likes being a Mom.

I like that the Dad's projects are always over the top. He likes to think big!

I like that they are frugal. No big changes in the way they live.

Today they were in Tn., helping family friends, the Bates, enlarge their house. It started off as a new laundry room. This family only has 16 kids and the Bates Mom is expecting her 17th. They live in a 1,000 sq. ft. home with one bathroom. By the time Jim Bob (the Duggars Dad) is done they have added 3000 sq. ft. and a 1000 sq. ft. front porch. He also added 3 bathrooms to the existing 1 bathroom. He got all but $400 of the labor donated, plus the Duggars provided alot of labor in themselves.

Tonight I will watch American Idol and then the Duggars - what does that say about me?! One extreme to the other.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd is not so bad!

Logan started out great! He wrestled awesome! He had a first round bye - that is the perks of being seeded.

In the second round he dominated his dude. He won 9-2. This kid has wrestled all year for the varsity at Red Mountain High School. His Jr. High record was 1-1, well until Logan mopped the mat with him.

In the third round he turned that kid into a pretzel. He won 11-2. he wrestled this kid before and it was no problem.

The third round for him was the Championship round. He was wrestling for first or second.

Here he is preparing to wrestle the Mesa Jr. High kid. This kid had a 16-0 record. He wrestled in a varsity tournament and got pinned once. Ken and Bob (the high school coach) were shooting the breeze with the Mesa Jr coach to get the skinny on this kid. Apparently, all of his matches last less than 30 seconds, except one. the coach asked him to let the kid out each time so the coach could watch his wrestling style. This kid teched him in the first period (for those who are not wrestling fans, a tech is when you have 15 more personal points than your opponent.

Scoring goes - 2 pts take down (you get him to the mat and are in control or on top)
- 1 pt escape (when you get away from the other guys control)
- 2-3 pts back points (when you expose your opponents back to the mat for 3 to 5 seconds but don't pin him) a period is 2 minutes).

In other words, this guy is a STUD!
He was super short compared to Logan - he only came up to his shoulder. Look at how much bigger his arms are than Logan!
Too bad the ref was not on the other side - looks like a pin to me (both shoulders must touch the mat for a few seconds.)

Pretty close here too!

Chatting after it is over. This was a nice kid. He told Logan that this was the toughest match of his season! Logan told him 'likewise.' They chatted a little while waiting to be presented with their awards.

Logan was still very proud and so are we! He was really the one to beat and all of the kids in his weight class were worried about wrestling him!

I was a mess starting on Thursday. Friday night I tried to distract myself with Mario and made my thumb so very sore by pushing too hard on the controller. I have never been so nervous before a match! Luckily, Tracy, one of the other mothers, was just as bad as me. The nice thing is she is as loud as me too!!

Yesterday was a much more relaxing day! Logan was soooo sore. But we went to a farewell and all was great. Then just before I went to pick him up to drop him off at tennis try-outs I got a text from the High school coach. He wants Logan to practice with the varsity for state!! Nervous in the pit of my stomach again. The high school only has one 112lber and during state they can wrestle up to 16 matches in a week. It is good to have a back up. Logan was not too happy to put off tennis, but kinda jacked to get to wrestle varsity.

Wednesday is the biggest match of the season - Red Mountain, Mesa High and Mountain View. It is always a big match. We will see what happens.