Friday, September 26, 2008

School - 2 days in a row!!!

I know most of you know how Brenn struggles with migraines and has missed more school in the last few years than she has attended. Today is 2 days in a row she went to school! That is huge right now. She seems to be really struggling with the pain lately. We visited with a new neurologist (for her, he is the one who originally recommended the Botox for me at Mayo) Dr. Eross, he did an occipital nerve block on both sides of her head and a ton more Botox up her neck and into her hair - the nerve block was great, her head was numb for about a day - too bad it made her pass out and then have nausea and be really dizzy for about 2 days. She told be her head was great, too bad she couldn't walk! But it seems like the Botox, which takes 2-3 weeks to take effect, is starting to kick in.

I admire her for her fortitude - she keeps plugging away at make up work and her online class, we signed her up for the ACT yesterday and looked at the requirements for admittance to BYU and figured if she did well on the ACT - no problem - and got a 4.0 this year - no problem - she should easily get in, then I thought "WOW" this girl who makes it to class maybe 2 days a week figures a 4.0 is no problem, and she is right - I do wonder what she could accomplish if we get these headaches under control!

All in all - she impresses me to no end, and I just wanted to write about it for those to come to see what a good attitude will get you, and of course to brag a little....since this is my journal of sorts.

I have been reading 2 other blogs and am impressed by these people at well - first is a family in our stake, the parents were in a plane crash and are recovering from burns (2nd plane crash in our stake this summer - both lived- Wow) and the other is some one I do not know but am impressed by the togetherness of this couple. Here are the links this is the sister of the first family and you can link to several others from there. This link is to the other and I admire the strength of this couple and how they are holding it together. Feel free to donate to either, as we struggle to pay for the medical expenses for Brenn I can only imagine what these families are going thru.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eighteen part II

We had a family party on Sunday and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you.

Two Cakes - Ken had to put 18 candles on both - Scott and Jason kept saying "but she is not 36!" I love getting together and just chatting with the kids running in the backyard playing "Judge" which is a hide and seek game played in the dark with one flashlight. I am not sure all the rules but the kids line up at our house at dark to see if the game is on.

My Mom, Judy and her sister Linda

Brenn and Sonja
Jonny and Dallin

Sonja and Dave

Okay, Dallin was being funny and felt his picture should be taken, being a loving Mom I complied. Just a side note, I am amazed at the power of the media - one 15 - 30 second commercial and all the kids us this pose. Makes you wonder....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eighteen - How is that possible??!!!!

This will wax nostalgic and probably a litte weepy! My baby turned 18 today, and I feel like it is impossible - I was just 18 and not nearly as mature or together as Brenn.

I remember calling my mom and Kathy at 8pm on a Friday night and telling them the contractions where 10 mins apart and we were going to head to the hospital. They jumped in the car and drove all night long from Phoenix to Provo - maybe that is what has cemented their 20 year friendship - They reached Payson and called us to see if they should just go to the hospital. I answered the phone at home and told them it was a false alarm (no cell phones back then!). They proceeded to help me nest and stare at me until my doctor finally started me about noon on September 12th - as soon as I was hooked up and settled into my bed, Ken, Kathy and my mom went to lunch. They left me and about 10 mins later the contractions started and I was alone and a little scared (once again no cell phones) - luckily they were not gone long and 12 short hours later she came into this world and changed Ken and I forever. She was so small, and such a good baby - we had no idea what we were in for, but do we ever?

I will be forever grateful for Shelley's parents Joe and Sandy Anderson for letting us be part of their family in San Francisco while Brenn was treated for her cancer. Really that was not the worst thing in the last 20 years, I do find that amazing but she was so good and we were so blessed that I learned what it means to have Christ carry your burdens and make them truly light.

I am grateful for such good In-laws (all of them) Ed and Kathy have been such a great source of strength and always right on advise - I am grateful Kathy told me not to worry about Brenn going to Kindergarten that first year - she missed the deadline by 13 days and was so ready to go - but the school would not make an exception (now these kids get to try) so she is a senior this year instead of graduating last year. How grateful I am she is home for one more year!!

I am grateful for my parents, Pat and Judy, they are always available and Dad is good for a computer or fun electronics. Gma makes the best cinnamon rolls and brings groceries when I am out of town!! She is a great cook and hopes that some day I will cook too. My parents are a never ending source of gospel light - their testimonies are evident in the way they live and encourage us to learn about our Savior.

Brenn has never been imitated by adults - she always spoke like one and felt she should be listened to like one. Good things most adults treated her that way, she had and still has no patience for those who do not give her credit for her intellect. I never knew how smart kids were until her - She constantly amazed me and still does for that matter. She has had such a hard time with migraines and only went to school last year less than half the time and still got the best of grades. I always try to talk to the teachers and warn them about her attendance, Mr. Bonjour was sure she wouldn't keep up and shouldn't race to graduate (he must be so old as to not remember how exciting it is to get out of High School), by the end of the first 2 weeks - Brenn attending class 4 or 5 times - he was singing her praises. He actually left me a message telling me what a great gal she is - like I didn't already know!!

I am excited to see what the future holds for her. She will be a great wife and mother, photographer, card maker, massage therapist, pianist, daughter of God, and whatever else she can dream up!!

I keep telling her I am ready to be a grandma - but not too soon. I am learning and enjoying my grand nephews once a week and sometimes I get to play with Rylee and Tyce.

Mostly, I am afraid the next 18 will fly by even faster and I will get so caught up in what I "have" to do I will forget to slow down and enjoy the little things and the beauty of family.