Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ruined a good, righteous anger!!

Ok it's only been about 2.5 hours since we left the Doctor's office.....and they called. Can you believe the nerve?!!

All kidding aside - it's a no go...Brenn's heart is normal, no PFO, no cure for the headache.


I am glad not to have to wait one whole week, but I cannot help but feel a little disappointed. Strange I know, but I would really like to have a concrete cause for Brenn's migraines, and then be able to do something proactive. Instead I have to sit and watch....yes it stinks!

Well on to the next great Idea, what ever that will be.

Do they not understand???

I know Doctors are busy, I know that there are more patients and problems than can possibly be addressed, but 1 whole week to find out if Brenn has a hole in her heart or if she has other problems. Really the echo cardiogram took all of 20 minutes, I know they record it and print some pictures - how long does it take to view? The nurse asked how long we knew Brenn had a heart murmur....does she know something we don't? or did she just assume that was why we were there? I tried to get a peak at the notes on her chart but the nurse lady was to savvy. The technician seemed to know something, she got awful quiet, was she just concentrating or keeping a secret?

Boy do I sound paranoid!! I have been worried all week, didn't sleep last night (cold medicine is supposed to help you sleep, right?) and now another week to see if we can finally get my daughter out of the dark world of migraines and back into her real life.

Now I sound dramatic! I guess I want a reason for the headaches - something they can fix without to much trouble, but a definite "House" ending, with everybody recovering for a normal life.

Now is that too much to ask?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dallin is 17...Whoa!!!!

Dallin is is really hard to believe how fast the time goes. He was such a good baby, really easy going, just hated to be left alone in a room (except his bed). He always loved to push the buttons on any appliance (dishwasher, stove, etc), really liked to play on the computer.

As a kid he was really easy going and well liked by his classmates. He couldn't sit still and think at the same time but had some really good teachers who understood (except for 4th grade, we did not really like her.) He played baseball for a number of years and grew to hate it. I guess the last year we shouldn't have pushed him to play. He was a great swimmer though, he was on the swim team for a few years.

When he hit Jr high, he found out what homework was all about and that not all teachers are nice. But played in the band (cornet) and when he got braces switched to the baritone, which he really liked, too bad the band teacher that year was so mean. He did change the world in 8th grade, he never practiced his instrument (who wants to lug a baritone home?) but had to turn in practice sheets signed by his parents, the year before piano practice counted but the new band teacher did not accept that (I think she hated he was the best one she had and he really didn't need to practice to keep up.) Well he turned in fictitious practice sheets for a little while until his mom (yes, I caught him) figured it out and made him confess and apologize to the teacher. From that day on as long as you turned in a signed practice sheet you got credit, even if it had 0 minutes. I hope that taught him to be honest.

He also discovered wrestling in Jr high, he lost most of his matches in 7th grade but really improved in 8th grade. He was doing well in 9th when he got the shingles. Yes you can get the shingles even when you are young. That made him sit out the rest of the year (ouch!).

In high school he continued to wrestle and must still really like it because he wrestled a tournament all day on his birthday. He went 3-1, they did not finish out the consolation matches because it was getting so late.

See his muscles? He has really gotten strong this year. Isn't he cute?!!

Does Dean look jealous or what?

Dallin has a new strategy for blowing out his candles...really slow, steady air.

Still blowing....did it all in one breath.

Here he is pinning his guy. He did really well on Saturday. It is hard to wrestle that much in one day, he was pretty tired. Logan also had a tournament that day and we sat in the stands for about 12 hours. I would like to think I was as tired as they were but....

It is a good thing I really like to watch wrestling, we have spent a lot of time the last few months watching. On Wed (1/28) Mesa and Red Mountain will be at Mountain View - It should be a really good match to watch. Mesa and Red Mtn will start at 4, then Mtn View will start at 5:30 or so...You should come and watch, these are the most dedicated athletes around.

Happy Birthday Dallin, I sure love you! Mom

Lost and Found!

At my house I seem to be the only one who can find anything. Even Ken will ask for help in finding things he lost, of course he claims I "moved" them so that he needs me..... !RIGHT!

Sunday morning getting ready for church (at 11, YEAH) Brenn was speaking so we were trying to get there early and Dallin could not find his belt.

"Celcee must have put it somewhere, because I had it on the floor." Typical Dallin. That darn Celcee cleaning his room and all.

So everyone else leaves and we are looking and what do you know, right on his shelf.

Then last week Brenn lost her retainer, she really thought it was in her bed because she put it in and when she woke up it was gone. So she figured Celcee (magical person she is) would find it. No such luck. Once again yesterday it is up to me to find it, we looked and looked... finally Logan comes in and starts suggesting looking in other rooms, as Brenn disdainfully (is that a word?) informs him she never leaves it out like the boys, she is careful, she is OCD, I pick up her retainer case and open it...Yep there it is, caught on the side so it doesn't shake.

That's me....SUPER FINDER!!!

PS. I do not know how to post this video on my blog but check it out on my friends... I am still laughing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trying to be a better blogger - but BUGGED

I am inspired by some of my counterparts who blog almost daily, and since this is supposed to chronicle my life (or my families) for future generations (yeah, right) I am trying to post more often. I am a little intimated by not posting pictures, what do I say? Actually talking is never a problem for me, I can talk to a wall, so I am trying to get over it (we'll see.) But I figure if Nie apologized for missing a day (plane crash recovery and all) I could probably step up my posts.

So here goes.... The last few weeks we have had the construction workers outside our house digging up part of our street - it is noisy (trucks, my dogs bark, digging, etc) they keep blocking my driveway, and there are lots of truck, tractors and trailers parked up and down the street which makes it hard to navigate, and strange men watching me take out the trash or get the mail. ITS BUGGING ME!!! I know they are replacing the lines for SRP but still - I am bugged.

Other than that we are getting ready for Dallin to turn 17 on Sat with lots of wrestling in between. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to Page with the Varsity team so Dallin will be wrestling at Mesquite High School (Mesa Dr/Elliot) instead. Logan is at Marcos all day too. I think it will be hard to celebrate a birthday so maybe Sunday will be better. Brenn is doing her Day date that afternoon so maybe we will have some great pictures.

I guess the best news is we went to the cardiologist yesterday for Brenn to see if he would look for a PFO (a whole between the upper chambers of her heart that might cause migraines) and I was prepared to argue, convince, plead, you name it to get the test she needs and he was the nicest, most caring Doctor we have seen in a while. Her test is scheduled for next Thursday and he said he would be happy to help her if it turns out she has a PFO.

Now this must be my Epiphany #2 - Sometimes you pray for the strangest things!

Should you really pray that your daughter has a hole in her heart?!!

Well, apparently, yes you do.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patient and Careful....yep that's me!!

Okay - if you know me personally you know better right? Well apparently Jenny and her sweet husband Brad were talking about how long we have been friends, and Brad commented that he thought I was Careful and Patient....When Jenny got off the floor from laughing her guts out, she asked him if he really believed that.

Well I have known them for a little more that 12 years, in fact the first time I invited them over it was to watch the Super Bowl. So either Brad is dumb as dirt (no, I don't think that) or somehow that is what he sees when we are together (lost at Lake Powell for 6 hours). How great is that! I like that someone sees me as I would like to be but probably won't be until after I die. Long after.

This made me laugh hysterically when Jenny told me but then to really think about perception. We think we present ourselves to the world, but who speaks the same language? Surely my husband and I sometime seem to be confused with each other, or the kids, or what about the ward member who I think I know her name but have never really had a chance to talk to her. Do I choose to think the best of those I think I know? Do they think the best of me? Or is it somewhere in the middle?

Anywho... this has been on my mind of late and I thought maybe it would help to put it on paper, of course no one may understand the ramblings but....

I figure if Jenny is having Epiphanies so can I. So I guess I will list this as #1
See here http:// If you want to see hers.

Except I am not the deep thinker she is so maybe I will only have one.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Cheated!

Ok - you see I have blogged this year I just figured out how to pre-date the entry so it could go in the published book for 2008. So really I am only a slight slacker! (and a little cheating)

As far this year goes we are still having a little trouble with our house - the upstairs bathtub faucet refused (well I do have teenagers) to turn off. So Ken came home and tried to fix it and made it worse. To be honest I think this is the only time he has ever done that, I mean even Jethro turned over the first time and is running well, and that was a whole engine replacement. So I called the plumber and the whole faucet had to be replaced, see the whole in my tile? So now we get to re tile the shower.
But I cannot decide which tile - I was thinking white with a few black ones or a black border because this would be so neutral (we have painted that bath at least 5 times in 5 years so think flexible).
But Ken is not too keen on white so I picked up some travertine to see if I liked it - eventually we will have to replace the counter top and I want it to be easy to pick out.

So what do you all think?