Friday, July 8, 2011

Stella Sue

I forget how big our Stella is, as I sat on the couch finishing Harry Potter 5 (yes I am reading them again in preparation for the last movie) I looked down at her sleeping and my shoe right by her foot....


I wear a size 7 and so does she!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missionaries are FUN!

I am loving having and missionary.  Each Monday morning at an impossibly early hour I roll over and check my phone for an email from Dallin.  My goal is to catch him at the computer so I can have a back and forth conversation with him.  Unfortunately he is 8 hours ahead and I have yet to be up at 3:15 am. 

Now there have been two Mondays I haven't gotten an email, once while in Pocatello at the wrestling tournament (I worried and then turned it over to the Lord, then repeat) and yesterday. 

The first time I was a little nervous but figured it must be transfers or something and I was right.

This Monday, I knew it was too soon for transfers and wondered if he got carried away having fun on P-day and neglected to email his mother.  Today I got an email with accompanying pictures:

With the explaination

Well im sorry that this is a bit late and i will tell you why at the end. well this week has been great, i dont have much time to email but i will go over the good parts. Well we went over and worked all day on tuesday in a part of our area called bromsgrove. it is about 15-20 mins by car so not much work goes on there. so we went and worked hard there. it was great we were knocking doors and three doors in a row we had good talks and they said we could come back. we had lots of good stuff going on this week. we did alot of finding and we found a lot of good people. For the 4th we had a big party at Gerrys house on sunday. it was great, we had some root beer (which was soooo good, they dont have it here) and some chicken and hot dogs and it was super good. We had a great p day yesterday. our whole zone got together to celebrate the 4th. We meet some missionaries at the bullring in birmingham. i think it is the biggest shooping center in england, most certainly in our mission. we went and wandered around there a bit. Then we took a bus to the church in Harborne. So we got there and met tons of missionaries there. we played soccer, had rootbeer floats, did a football (soccer) tournament, and played some ultimate frisbee. now to the reason i didnt email yesterday. So we were playing frisbee and i was running after the frisbee and i stepped in a massive rut, and rolled my ankle. it was bad i heard it pop and crunch. so i was carried off to the sidelines, and Chunk our investigator who is taking university to be a sports therapist checked out my ankle. it was swelling up lik a balloon. so we got some ice on it. and we drove home and we were looking at it and decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out. so i was seen by a doctor and he said that there was a chance that my ankle was broken. so i got an x ray and it isnt broken! but it is messed up, possibly some ligament dammage, but i will be alright! anyways i love you and promise to write more next week

love elder cole

p.s. here is a pic of my ankle

and me at the hospital

Up until now he has written nice long emails, lots of detail and I have reread them several times.  Each time my heart swells with love and pride for this young man serving and enjoying his service.  He is happy, therefore I am happy!