Monday, July 20, 2009

Sniff, Sniff - YEAH!!

Can you be both sad and really glad? That is how I am feeling today. I sold the last puppy today. Sweet faced Sam found a good home with Trent - who is buying Sam for his wife's birthday and they are ssooooo excited.

Stella is on her own tonight - I think she should sleep in Brenn's room. That way she can keep Brenn up and not me (oh wait - I have to irrigate at 1:45 am to 3:15 am so I will be up anyway).

Well puppies were both really fun and a lot of work - I really like the extra bucks I made but my house ate all of that up! I wish in 1 year I could see all of the pups in their homes and know they are well cared for and good dogs (whoops, a little too attached I think).

Well on to other things like trying like crazy to buy a house for Brenn.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yellowstone Part 2

Our first full day in Yellowstone we went to see Old Faithful. Little did we know you can, and we did, spend an entire day at the Old Faithful visitors center and watching the geysers. The picture below is called Castle geyser and it erupts constantly (can you see the water shooting out?)

This is the other side of Castle geyser.
The pools look hot but not too inviting since you can see them boiling! Most of the pools had a funny cone shape at the bottom, and were really colorful. The orange you see is algae, the middles are usually really blue or maybe teal due to the heat of the water.

As you walk on the path they have created to keep people safe (the ground is not stable, some of it is so thin you might fall into a thermal area and get burned) you can see thru the trees all kinds of steam and water streaming because of all the activity underground.

This is the Morning Glory pool. My Grandma told me this was her favorite and so we searched it out and hiked (walked up the boardwalk) about a mile to see it - they say is is changing colors from a deep turquoise to green because it is cooling off due to the trash and things people have thrown in over the years. In the 1950's the geologist made it erupt to clear out the garbage and found lots of interesting things (like women's underwear).

The area is full of pools - none quite as spectacular as Morning Glory but very similar in color and the cone at the bottom.

On the path there are about 20- 25 different geysers and they can only predict about 7 or 8 of them. Some within about 10 mins and others within 6 hours either way.

We thought this baby one was cute - notice the orange algae growing as it empties into the river. I really wanted to put my hand in the river and see how much all the run off warms up the water but there was not a good place to do that.

I was fascinated to see if I could catch the bubbling of the water - it was boiling so fast and the smell was nasty.

This is at Shoshone Lake - it was a pull out to see the view and most of those were just beautiful!!

Of course the kids have to ham it up a little bit.....

On our way into the park we were stopped with construction and it started to hail - I loved the weather and have not been able to re-acclimatize to the AZ heat (115 degrees today!)

I will post more on Old Faithful in my next post and find the pictures - I was trying not to have 300 pictures in each post.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puppy post

Being gone for 2 weeks would not have been possible with out by sweet Sister in Law Kirsten! She took care of 5 dogs - 3 of them are puppies!!

Boy did those pups grow!! They are now Fritz size - it is hard to pick them up because they are so long and heavy!!
I had to post some updated pictures - They are sooooo cute - destructive - but cute.

Innocence - I see this and wonder how they can unplug the T.V. and rip up all of the newspapers!

They are actually doing really well - they are going potty outside almost all of the time, only one accident in 3 days - not too shabby for us being on vacation!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yellowstone - Teton National Parks

Here is a start to our vacation. We left our house on Tuesday the 30th and traveled to Montrose Colorado to stay the night with my Aunt and Uncle. I always try to go thru Ouray because I think it is one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

We enjoyed some time with Jan and Dave, the boys fished a little and then we were on our way to Yellowstone. It took the whole next day to drive to our camp ground just below the South entrance called Flagg Ranch. We spent several days exploring Jackson Hole. Fun shops to see and lots of fun things to do. We tried the Alpine slide, river rafting, and shopping.

The Cowboys!

On the 4th my kids were really excited to be in Wyoming where the fireworks laws are favorable. In Arizona even sparklers are outlawed. So when we found out that fireworks were not allowed in the National Park and Jackson was supposed to be really crowded, we (I) decided to try Dubois - Now my Aunt Jan used to live there and when I would spend summers with her we camped and vacationed a few times in Dubois so I hoped it would be as I remembered. Also their parade did not start until 1pm and that allowed us to go horseback riding first.

Logan wanted to ride a white horse - he spooked this poor horse with his sweatshirt but was still able to stay on!!

I took this picture behind me while I was on my horse! Sometimes I am really good!

Brenn and her pink Cowboy hat!

After the parade (great by the way) we went to the local museum. I have to tell you about the lady running the counter - she held a newspaper in front of her mouth because her 8 month old puppy (Great Pyrenees) ate her false teeth! We laughed with her and wondered what our 3 puppies at home were chewing up! What a great museum! Lots of exhibits and fun facts about the settlers and Indians in that area.
Then Ken and the boys dropped Brenn and I at the laundry mat and went to the res to buy fireworks! Luckily it rained really hard that afternoon so we did not catch anything on fire with our inexperience.
We went to the empty lot on main street with the rest of the town and watched the fireworks on a bluff right ahead of us and then everyone around us were lighting them too. What a good time - the only hang up was everyone was at the fireworks and we could not find a bathroom! I finally saw, in a window, a lady I met at the laundry mat and asked her if I could use her restroom, I figured that was better than being arrested for peeing in a bush!
Dallin was amazed that only 962 people live in Dubois...that is not as many as his graduating class. Brenn thought it would be fun to live there.
We wanted to thank Dubois for a memorable 4th and apologize the the gentleman that Logan almost killed with a bottle rocket.

I LOVE MOUNTAINS!! Seriously, can scenery be spectacular with out a mountain? I don't think so. There is nothing as Awesome as the Teton mountains. Really, I think that word 'awesome' was first uttered by someone seeing the Tetons.

Beautiful flowers - I cannot seem to resist that either.

More to come.....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did I fall off the face of the earth??

No - sorry I have been soooo busy - and now I am on Vacation in Yellowstone!! We packed up the camper and sent Grandma to Colorado to stay for a week and we went where it is cooler - really its been COLD!! I will post some pictures as soon as I can. Lucky for us my neighbor (and sister in law) is looking after 3 puppies and 2 dogs and as soon as Grandma gets home, her too. I need some ideas to pay her back, so feel free to comment (you too Kirsten (SIL)).

I am keeping up on your blogs via blackberry (when I have service) but cannot seem to comment, I will catch up when I get home (tho' i am glad Lily came back to live at home instead of outside, I hear its going to be 116 and even between the A/C is not going to be cool enough!)

I do wonder how Kaden is, Julie has not updated lately...keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers said.

Fabulous pictures to come....