Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet 16....

Pretend its then end of May.

Pretend I am not the worst mother in the world for waiting 2+ months before documenting the momentous occasion.

He has to pose!

He is such a great kid!!  Got his license the first time and is enjoying being independent!  Now if we could just get him to go on a date.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First day of School

My next to last, first day of school!  Only one more to go.....

Its nice he can drive and park, no more running to the school for me!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I know its been a busy summer when its been 6 long weeks without a blog post!

Whew!!  I realize I only really have one kid to keep track of this summer but he has taken all of my time!  Not only does he now drive but we have spent the whole summer wrestling.  I know I should say that Logan spent the whole summer wrestling but I have been there too!  We went to Pocatello Idaho for Western Regionals and it was fun.  We got to spend the week with the Masons and we managed to go to the hot springs and the Body World exhibit.

We also went to Fargo, North Dakota for Nationals and we managed to go to Radio Shack and the Mall of America.  Somehow Pocatello was a lot more fun!  Fargo has almost nothing to do for a tourist.

I can hear you asking how Logan did and I am going to tell just because this is supposed to be a journal - he lost - every match - he really only had one or two that he even had a chance and he was so nervous and sick in Pocatello that I am amazed he could still wrestle (bad flu!)  and in Fargo the competition was amazing!!  He had a bad draw too, last years national champ.  But he wrestled really well and feels like he did his best.  I am so very proud of not only the hard work he put in ALL summer but that he was so tough to beat!

I am also switching from a Windows PC to a Mac - quite a change.  Just dippin' my toe in the mac waters to see if that is where I want to go.  So I bought a Mac Mini.  I had a lot on my last computer and I am trying to go thru and purge but with thousand and thousands of pictures it has taken me quite a while.

Elder Cole is doing splendid!!  Here is a picture he sent today:

This is his two investigators Sean and Chuck (I think its Chuck he keeps typing Chunk).

He looks so happy!  I miss that kid but I am so grateful he is serving!

Brenn is working 2 jobs:

Victoria Secret and
Janie and Jack

So one store helps to make the babies and the other clothes the baby once they are here!

More to come.....