Thursday, August 28, 2008


As you can see Brenn has put pink on the bottom of her beautiful hair, well last night I was giving Ken a hair cut and all of the sudden it looked like I cut my hand or something and I realized that the comb I was using had be previously used by my darling daughter when dyeing her hair and she neglected to rinse it off.

I told Ken it probably wasn't a big deal and continued the hair cut - after a few more minutes and realizing how much dye was really in his hair I did, like a good hair stylist, invite him to rinse his hair before going any further. I could not believe how much pink came off of his head!!! He had a big meeting today in Prescott so I hoped it did not take. Of course he has dark hair and probably even if it did do a little we probably couldn't tell so I helped the picture along just a bit!!

Love you Ken!! I just couldn't resist - the idea that something like that could happen so easily was so funny on one hand and (at least for Ken) a little horrifying on the other!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympics are Over!! Are we sad or happy?!

We are alive - I am sure some people are wondering but we survived but after hours of viewing and loving every minute the Olympics are done.

We are exhausted - late nite viewing is killer but who can resist the beach volleyball finals? Logan has decided that will be his chosen profession, hope he gets to be really tall!!

We are really kinda sick in our watching - we will watch any Olympic sport and enjoy the heck out of it. Any other kids watch the dressage? Or the table tennis?

My favorite moments were of course Michael Phelps and his 8 gold medals!! I also loved Dara Torres - who doesn't want to think she can do that at the young age of 41? Can I have her abs with my routine? Probably not possible! I also love the weight lifter who dedicated his gold to his wife who died last year. What about Bella Karolli the gymnastic coach turned commentator - when was the last time you saw Bob Costas speechless? I loved it - he held nothing back and was so charming at the same time.

What about the sport where the horseman or woman gets to ride an unfamiliar horse thru an obstacle course with jumps and all to prove they can ride any horse - some horses have a sense of humor because who else will throw a rider in the most comical way possible?

I did not know how beautiful China was - the countryside was so green and pretty - I thought the buildings were amazing, especially the water cube!! What a building! I hope all of the attention and building is good for China.

Luckily we still have some on the DVR if we go into withdrawal to severely.

Well, we are trying to catch up on our sleep and our life - I can't wait for the winter games in 2010 - Brenn mentioned that Vancouver was not that far away and we went to Salt Lake so....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First day of School!!!

Doesn't the first day of school bring back memories for us old people? I always planned my outfit with care and took extra time with the hair and makeup and sat excited in new classes - some lost the luster but some I really enjoyed! Here are Dallin, Kai and Brenn off to high school - Kai is a sophomore and starting high school - Dallin is a junior - And Brenn is a senior - she is excited to leave campus for lunch (a privilege allotted to only seniors). We have tried to take these pictures every year on the first day - Dallin said it was ok if he could roll his eyes! But I did it anyway - they change so much from the first day to the last.

Dallin is starting the "get in shape" part of wrestling, I love to watch him compete and see how hard he is working. I know he is not looking forward to homework, but he knows he needs to get it done.

Brenn is going to massage therapy school as part of the high school - I am excited to be practiced on! She is doing better headache wise and hopefully will continue to improve.

Logan is off to Junior high - he is in eighth grade and is too tired from football practice to be too excited. It is almost scary how fast these years are going.

Football is exciting we are looking forward to games starting and seeing how much he has improved. He is looking forward to continuing the harp too.