Thursday, April 28, 2011

On another note..

Saw this today and I cannot wait! 

I love the part 1 of the seventh movie!  What a great story!  I will probably have to read all 7 books again (yes, again!) before the premiere!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess my Favorite day will be WEDNESDAY!!

Email from my Elder Smiley Cole:

Well Hello there!

It has been one crazy, crazy week! My companions name is Elder Shaw and he is so cool! he is quiet and usually lets me do all the teaching, but yesterday i focused on having him teach most of the lesson and when we work together and each teach about 50% the spirit is so much stronger! there are four elders in my room Myself, elder shaw, elder day and elder sims. elder sims is the funniest guy! we're always firing jokes back and forth and it makes life here so much more bearable. Elder day is from dundy scottland and is the coolest guy! our room is the best room by far and the guys in it are probably the closest of all the rooms! IM A DISTRICT LEADER!!!! ive been made the leader of the helamen district. which includes the guys in my room, elder snow, elder root elder wilkey, elder goulding, and two sisters. sister Keogh and sister Sebauld. Elder wilkey is from england and he has the coolest accent. sister keogh is from scottland and sister sebauld is from germany. Our district is not only a way fun district but we are still very spiritual. we all get along really well. Our sisters are so cool, but they are having a little trouble, so if you could keep them in your prayers, i would really appreciate it!

I have learned so much already and i can feel my self changing already. ive been praying for the spirit every time i pray and its making such a difference in my life. they aree having us teach mock investigators. ours is named sam and elder shaw and i have taught him once and we are going to teach him tomorrow. so pray for us to be able to teach with the spirit.

during our excercise time weve been playin futbol and it has been sooooo much fun! i am way way way out of shape though! trhe other day i was in goal after one of my lungs callapsed (JK IM OK) and i made 3 awesome saves! im a regular british futbolsmen!

ive just been having a blast and i cant wait to get out into the missionfeild! Thanks all those who have sent letters so far I was the first one in my district to get letters! (thanks to grandparents Naughton and Scottie Glen!) it really means alot to me and will write back later today. hopefully. well after this im off to asda witch is like there walmart to get a sweatshirt to play futbol in! i love you all and expect letters soon! :)

love Elder Cole :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


I was really hoping today was P-day (that is preparation day that missionaries get once a week and that is the day they email home) but apparently


The last week has been absolutely crazy!!  Getting a Missionary ready seems pretty straight forward but really it takes a toll - Ken and I have been so tired since he left!

First, our Bishop took the 3 missionaries in our ward who have their calls, my nephew Kai, Ken and his Son in law Cory to Mexico for 3 days before his farewell - they came back Saturday night and we have 8:30am church.  I had the busiest weekend with them gone!  Track meet concessions, dinner to Ken's home teaching family, irrigation and a Grandma with a cracked rib who is really funny on Vicoden but very wobbly!!

In addition, Dallin's passport and Visa were still in Salt Lake City.  I worried briefly on Thursday when Dallin remembered and was wondering how he would get out of Mexico without a passport but I decided the Lord looks after Missionaries and I had enough to do/worry about, and I left that to Him.  It came on Wednesday about 2:30pm - We really didn't need it until 9:30am the next day at the airport!!

But it was a fun week - Saturday night Ken's brother Mike and his family came from Utah, we had take-out at our house - Ken and Dallin got home before Logan and I (longest wrestling tournament EVER!) then on Sunday Dallin gave a wonderful talk.  When he was finding his scriptures he did it on his phone, but he was just a little embarrassed so he prefaced it, then said, "Deal with it"  we all laughed.  He spoke on developing Christ like attributes, he did great!  I now have to figure out how to get the recording off of my phone and clean it up.

I have to admit to a pet peeve - People who speak before the missionary at a farewell should leave the missionary at least 15 minutes.  All of the people crammed into the chapel and overflow are NOT here to listen to you speak for 25 minutes - I almost made a sign and held it up!!  Funny enough, Ken almost did the same thing!!

Sunday, we hosted a family dinner for 56 people!  BTW - that is alot of people!  It was fun and since I made the dinner the Wednesday before it wasn't too bad.  I wish it would have warmed up in the oven a little faster though.   Then in the evening our ward came by to sing to the missionary - "God Be With You Til We Meet Again" - what a great tradition!

Monday, Ken's cousins wife and 3 kids came in to town from London and we had Ken's parents and sister, and cousins to dinner - it was so much fun!  Brenn and Callan played with nail polish (sorry Kathy) and the boys were a hoot!

Tuesday we had an open house with cinnamon rolls - all 96 were GONE!! Our last person came at MIDNIGHT!! (Love you Chandler!)

Wednesday we finished up the packing and he was set apart- One of my friends in my ward told me that it was extra special and to slow down and enjoy it and she was right!  What a beautiful experience.  My missionary was truly ready!  We got done and he gave me his phone and ipod, saying he didn't want them to be a temptation.  We went to dinner, just the 5 of us and had a lovely night. 

Thursday we got up and finished a few things and headed to the airport.  At the airport we met up with 2 other missionaries going to Preston for the MTC. 

I did pretty well in the crying department - a little at the farewell,  a little on Wednesday when he bore such a beautiful testimony, and some saying goodbye at the airport.  I pretty much cried the whole way home, I just had to look at Kai in the passenger seat and it would start.  We had to stop by Sonic and get an Oreo Blast to make me feel better!  The only other time I got choked up was on Sunday when Nathan Epstein passed me the Sacrament (he leaves in July).

On Friday morning I checked my email and this is what I found:

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm alive and well! The flight to ohare went fine. when we got to ohare we were greeted by a crowd of missionaries!!!! Huzzah for Isreal!!! it was so wonderful to see so many missionaries in one spot! and their all here in england with me :) we have three sisters and they are the coolest. the flight to manchester was really ong and i only got like 2 hours of sleep, but it is so beutiful here! i love you bye

Elder Cole

Is there anything better?

Brenn took his mission pictures - so handsome!!

This one is for his plaque in the hallway of the church:

Maybe P-day will be tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I will be a lot less busy after 11:15am tomorrow.......

and probably a little wet around the eyes!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

14 days and counting...

I am unable to come up with the words on how I feel preparing my missionary (mine opposed to Ken's and mine) to leave for 2 whole years. 

Lists of things to get and do

Today we have been cleaning out his bedroom.  Lots of mysterious underwear, lots of broken toys, tools and various parts to things he has taken apart to see how they work.  Dust in large amounts.  Books, school papers from Jr high and College.  I am waxing a little nostalgic after finding a picture of his first camp out with the boy scouts.  Some of the boys are home from their missions already. 

As we do this I keep thinking, Is he prepared both physically and spiritually?  What have I done?  Could I do different?  Does he know what I know?  It is enough to drive you crazy and yet he is showing a maturity that impresses me. 

He is preparing himself,

and I think that is the most important thing.