Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue Boy

The tradition at Mountain View High is the wrestlers are the 'Blue Boys' - they paint themselves and help the cheerleaders excite the crowd at the football games.  They also have to do push ups on a board elevated by the cheerleaders as the team scores.

It is a right of passage for my boys.  I think Logan enjoyed it.  He could be as loud as he wants and flirt will all of the girls in the front row!

 Do you wonder what they use to get blue?

Do you see the paint brushes?  I am pretty sure they are the same ones they used last year.

Sadly, the football team is awful!  MVT is usually a power house when it comes to sports but the game on Friday was saaddd!

On another note, Grandma is not doing well.  I am pretty sure the end is near and I am both happy for her and sad for me and my family.  She has been such a great Mother and Grandmother.  Service has been her life, I cannot remember a time she was not taking care of someone, neighbors, friends and even strangers.  I love her and hope I can be like her!


jen said...

Little Lo. Grown up and stuff. When did this happen?

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about Grandma. Even when our loved ones have lived a full life, it is painful to think of losing them.


PS. Fun high school stuff, though. Life must go on, right?

Kat said...

Karen - Logan looks great - thanks for sharing the glimpse. You and your family will be in our prayers. Thinking of you always.