Thursday, September 1, 2011

Change is inevitable.


Does that bring dread or comfort to you? 

Right now I am feeling comforted.  

Comforted that someone with lots more experience medically will give us the tools and information to keep Grammie safe and comfortable.

Comforted that the necessary equipment (hospital bed, etc) will be provided and will help keep Grammie comfortable.

Comforted that the nurse will monitor her conditions and if she should fall again, bring the X-ray machince to my house.

Comforted that the Doctor will make house calls.  To be fair, her regular Doctor is wonderful and will let me bug him for things, this will alleviate the guilt I feel taking him away from his family time.

I am sure you wonder, Why now?

The last two weeks have been hard and have kept me on my toes.  Last Friday (Aug 26th) the shower chair leg went down the drain and dumped my Grammie on the shower floor, against the wall and on top of the shampoo bottles  As she hit, she banged into the shower door, it flew open and scared me to my toes!

After a long trip to the ER (Thank Heaven for an Ipad and Angry Birds) she was pronounced bruised and sore but nothing broken.  I am not sure how she didn't break anything but Thank You Fosamax!

 She is a riot on Tylenol 3!  And strangely lucid while she also hallucinates, hmmm.

Regardless, she is still too sore to sit up by herself and is not doing real well.  This is the 3rd time she has fallen in 6 months and I will admit that it worries me.

Now I find my self strapping her in her chair, she cannot remember she is hurt or to ask for help.  After finding her in precarious situations I find myself strangely grateful for that strap.  It makes her mad though,  I don't like that part.

Then I also put the rails on her bed and my mom commented she can't get out unless she goes off the end and sure enough by that evening she shimmied down the bed and got in her chair.  I may or may not have had a mini breakdown before calling my mom and having her go get the third rail.  Grammie doesn't like her 'cage' either but I can at least sleep at night.

She is just not healing this time and I worry that I am missing something. So I am looking forward to the technical help from Hospice and I know they are unfailing kind.

Nothing like a new adventure!


Sue said...

I think hospice is a blessing.

Sorry your grandma is having such a hard time. I will say a prayer for both of you.


julz said...

hospice took such good care of my dad, You are blessed that she can stay with you and be watched and safe.

Jamie said...

Hospice is such a blessing, I don't know how we would have taken care of my mom without them. Those that work for hospice are as close to angels as anyone on the Earth I think.

As life comes to close on this Earth it can be a truly sacred experience. I hope you can find the peace and the sacred as you make your way through this time.